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Baxx wrote:
 AndrewGPaul wrote:
Well, Amazons (and Lizardmen, Norse, and all the other teams from the Living Rulebook edition) have had rules in the current edition of the game since it was released.

Having "unreleased" teams listed on Star Players' cards is part future-proofing, part expanding the "Teams of Legend" until they get a new set of models and Spike! Journal.

Funny about the cards, there are something like 8 official Morg n Thorg cards. The first from the starter box only states Humans as available team. They either didn't care to note the correct teams because they didn't know the new release would be a hit. Or they wanted to keep it in line with the dummy/demo/noob version of the starter box where any teams, positionals or skills not included in the box simply didn't exist.

Later cards have the correct teams, but without the new BB2016 names. So it would mention Undead instead of Shambling Undead, same with Necromantic. The latest card decks have correct teams and new team names for the Morg n Thirg card.

Yeah I just got the halflings cards and morg n thorg is included, it listed Necromantic as Necromantic Horror. So thats a new one to me, wasn't aware of that name change yet.

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Grumpy Longbeard

Does anyone else think necromantic horror teams should have access to mutations (to represent their necromancer’s ‘tinkering’)? There are all sorts of stories from the Old World about necromancers stitching bits of different creatures together to make the “perfect” minion – why not a team?

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— Vala Mal Doran
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Well..technically they already have that. Flesh Golems are the teams Heavy hitters

Age Quod Agis 
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Necron of Munda

Problem with mutations is, best one is claw. So while extra arm would be funny (and also the effect of one of the special play cards with undead fluff/deck), they would use other better ones instead. Maybe some new positionals with a predetermined mutation, but no access to additional mutations.

Btw they alrady start with claw, so would not need any more balance wise. They're already tier 1.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Those elves really were worth waiting for. I would've preferred less clothing on the positionals and such, but I understand that they're going for a more "actual sports team" look with this edition.

If the Lizzies are this good (please be a horde of "plastic Oldblood from Carnosaurus kit") then waiting for them until AFTER plastic gobbos and halflings will be worth it, too. If not, I'll kick myself for not pledging for that recent metal team on KS.
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So everything is up on the new zealand pre order page. Looking at the wood elf sprue I see some concerning things. The catcher/thrower/wardancer all have one tiny contact point where they glue to the base, basically the tip of the foot only. They don't have tabs that go in the slots like the elven union.

So i'm now kind of worried these won't stand up to repeat handling which is so common in blood bowl matches. There's just no way they will stay glued to the base for very long. And I figure GW is going to annoy me again by putting slotta bases in the box with these elves.

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I can see lots of broken hair, fingers, and shoulder pad
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Chopstick wrote:
I can see lots of broken hair, fingers, and shoulder pad

It's Blood Bowl, after all. It can't be any other way!

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