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Made in gb
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

I don't know!

Calling all dakkainens I made this blog so I can show you all of my stuff keep me enthoiusastic about paniting and modling(I often get board of it even if I can have the pacience)and hopefully finsh my armys and get your feedback also spam and contious neglet may have the involvment of the website owners.and without ferver ado here is some of my army !
(if anyone is wandering that the secend post dosent make scence this is because I have edited it since )
You may notice that in terminator squad 2 there is one man missing that is beacuse I can't find him (he has lighting claws) and that my libarian has light bule bits betewen his arms and so on that is because it is bule tac and I have't finshed painting him yet! I an also in the process of production line painting with tactial squads 2,3 and 4this one hasent been uploaded yet)

Anyone that is reading this you have found my old blog the new one is here: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/357188.page
[Thumb - marous adn hounor gaurd.jpg]
marnous and hounor guard

[Thumb - my first 2 hounor gaurd 2.jpg]
my first 2 hounor guard

[Thumb - hounor gaurd 2.jpg]
my second 2 hounor guard

[Thumb - banner bearar close up.jpg]
banner bearar close up

[Thumb - marnous calgar close up front.jpg]
marnous calgar close up front

[Thumb - marnous calgar close up back.jpg]
marnous calgar close up back

[Thumb - tactical squad 1.jpg]
tactial squad 1

[Thumb - tactical squad 2.jpg]
tactial squad 2

[Thumb - tactical squad 3.jpg]
tactial squad 3

[Thumb - termintor squad 1.jpg]
terminator squad 1

[Thumb - termintor squad 2.jpg]
terminator squad 2

[Thumb - libarain in termintoer armor close up front.jpg]
libarain in termintoer armor close up front

[Thumb - libarain in termintoer armor close up back 2.jpg]
libarain in termintoer armor close up back

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Made in us
Legendary Master of the Chapter

Chicago, Illinois

Okay go to Your profile and go to images up above in the left hand area should be upload pictures.
Click it and you will see a bunch of empty spaces. Then click browse and go through your folders to get the pictures.
also you can also do this [img /img] to get to work.
Made in gb
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

I don't know!

No there isent I will try and upload them to my computer first(what i ment by they are ready to go I ment they were on my camera)it now says that on my orangainal post because I edied it!!!Sorry. Anyone want to know how I painted them more to come soon (won't update untill responce)............

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