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Made in gb

Here is a model I done for my gf Do have the rest of the crew to go.
[Thumb - Stuff 023.JPG]

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Made in au
Long-Range Black Templar Land Speeder Pilot


Well done man looks great, liking the red

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Made in us
Nigel Stillman

Seattle WA

Though justice is blind she is remarkably easy on the eyes...

See more on Know Your Meme 
Made in us
Lustful Cultist of Slaanesh


Looking Great!

Made in gb

Thank you all. More pics hopefully be up soon!
Made in gb
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

Falkirk, Scotland

This looks great, can't wait to get new pics, great looking base by the way.

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Made in gb
Rogue Grot Kannon Gunna

Da Mekshop

That's the first one i've seen (other than mine) that didn't just copy Demaonherald's studio job. Nice one.

Crit wise, you could do with thinning your paint more, and also getting some highlights on it would really help bring it up a notch for a minimal amount of extra effort.

How did you find her hair btw? It's everywhere isn't it?!

Made in gb

Unfortunately my camera hates highlights or me or maybe both lol.
In the flesh there is extensive amounts of highlighting but my camera just washes it right out and makes the red on her bit pvc clothing come out blotchy. Either that I used too much red ink to get it that way. Thats probably it actually.
I do see what you mean about thinning the paints though. I need to get a handle on that. Hopefully the next lot should with any luck look better. maybe I should invest in a better camera instead of models.... No, no crazy talk.

Her hair lol don`t even go there. That took so long to figure out what I was going to do then I wanted to change it then I wanted it back. There is just too much!
Made in gb
Rogue Grot Kannon Gunna

Da Mekshop

If you've got a cheap compact point and shoot cam like me, you should try a different backdrop other than the white one. Using white makes your cam darken everything as it tries to compensate for the amount of light it's recieving.

For this model I would recommend a neutral cloud, with a hint of a warm colour in it (as shes predominately red). Experiment with different lightness and tones of backdrop first, and you will find your images improving drastically.

Oh, and deffo get some crisper, brighter fine highlights on her. I can see where you're coming from, but don't be afraid to push the contrast with the painting!

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Made in gb

Cheers for the info man. I did have a cloud style back ground somewhere though Ive not seen it for a while but ill see if i can find it again.

Yeah I may come back to ger and re highlight. I think ill finish the box to that standard and coemback and do all the touch ups
Made in gb

Some more bits:

Made in eu
Hacking Shang Jí

Bournemouth, England

Ressurrectionists for the win!

Big boo's for the guild, hate 'em!

Great painting though!

Need more 's in my life!  
Made in au
Lady of the Lake

I agree, Res for the win.

Nice to see some more Malifaux and the skin tone on those Gaki looks nice.

Made in gb

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