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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Here's a go at chaos marine
[Thumb - IMAG2600.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG2602.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG2589.jpg]

Made in gb
Jovial Plaguebearer of Nurgle

Good pink, he looks very nice indeed.
Made in gb
Blood Angel Terminator with Lightning Claws


excellent my friend

Made in gb
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

Falkirk, Scotland

What's the colour scheme of this? It's looking really awesome

If you will not Serve on the battlefield, you will serve on the firing line

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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Sevenups wrote:What's the colour scheme of this? It's looking really awesome
think its a noise marine bud i was just asked to paint it in the colours ;o)
Made in gb
Khorne Veteran Marine with Chain-Axe


Nice Noise marine, I really like your Space Wolves as well. You are very good at getting nice consistency and blends in your paintwork.

'You can be my steed, galloping into battle and bitchslapping the enemy.'

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2000pts The Blood Lords
The Scions of Change 2000pts
1500pts Kabal of the Laughing Oni

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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Killmaimburnkillmaimburn wrote:Nice Noise marine, I really like your Space Wolves as well. You are very good at getting nice consistency and blends in your paintwork.
thanks mate thats really nice of you to say
Made in us
Chalice-Wielding Sanguinary High Priest

Arlington TX, but want to be back in Seattle WA

The armor color turned out well and I really like the depth youve added by washing and highlighting it. Also, the skin tone is fantastic and a perfect fit for a warrior of chaos, nice work!

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675 points of Commoraghs finest!

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Made in gb
Kabalite Conscript

I like the effect.

"War is my master, Death my mistress."
75-(Ec)Gun. Johnson Catachan 222nd
Brother Spookman Baal Predator gunner of the 4th Blood Angel Company  
Made in za
Possessed Khorne Marine Covered in Spikes

Looks awesome. how did you get the pink?

I dont put a lot of thought into the things I say. So forgive me if i say something idiotic or offensive, its not intended. i blame the moon monkeys.
Made in fi
Utilizing Careful Highlighting

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I like the pink very much. Not too reddish and not too feminine.
You could improve the skulls on the base though...

Sweet Jesus, Nurgle and Slaanesh in the same box!?
No, just Nurgle and Slaanesh, Jesus will be sold seperately in a blister.

Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Obsidian Raven wrote:Looks awesome. how did you get the pink?
was a mix of warlock purple and bleached bone with baal red wash
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