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Made in us
Resourceful Gutterscum

I was wondering on a opinion what i should work on and general look i have yet to get around to buying the highlight for them suggestions?
[Thumb - SM 002.JPG]

All is Dust
Made in us
Shrieking Guardian Jetbiker

The Void

I'm liking the scheme already. Could you give some closer up pics for easier viewing?
Made in us
GW Public Relations Manager (Privateer Press Mole)

Hey Arihiman,

I think you have a good scheme going---and I like the way you put it on different areas to break up the model.

Some humble suggestions; I would definitely hit that with a highlight---I think it would bring out the colors a bit more. Maybe darken the eyes a bit----a watered down wash is good at giving the eye some depth. Also, I would start considering a base that would make the model pop (A contrasting base). Good work!

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Made in us
Slippery Scout Biker

looks good and does any body ever wonder why there arent any sm chapter close to cadia

Kill the mutant.
Burn the heretic.
Purge the unclean.
Also purge justin beiber  
Made in us
Resourceful Gutterscum

Thanks I have another picture (close up) as requested by susejo239 and AgeOfEgos Thanks for the advice ill try it out.
[Thumb - sm 001.JPG]
Close up

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All is Dust
Made in us
Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Gathering the Informations.

Your close-up gives a better look at the guy behind him than the guy in the foreground

Experiment a little with the camera until you find the 'sweet spot' for the macro function. And a sheet of white paper behind him can't go wrong either.
Made in us
Resourceful Gutterscum

Thanks for the advice here is my next pic i think that i have to put my terminators up next (incomplete)
[Thumb - sm 005.JPG]
My SM closeup

All is Dust
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