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Made in it
Regular Dakkanaut

Bastia U. (PG)

Ooook, after long time i'm following this forum, finally i post some wip i'm planning from around 1 year (veeeeeery lazy!)

First, the ork light transport:

The idea is to realize a transport for an ork squad, but this is not a WH 40k universe, this is a different world whit 3 faction (or sort of....): 2 human reign and a sort of mutant tribe. Yes, here demon and ork (and more) are a sort of mutated human after a nuclear war. I'm planning to realize more diorama of this universe in future!
[Thumb - 08.JPG]
Ork transport wip 1

[Thumb - 09.JPG]
Ork transport wip 2

[Thumb - 04.JPG]
Ork transport boss 1

[Thumb - 06.JPG]
Ork transport crew 1

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


Sweet conversions.

Mary Sue wrote: Perkustin is even more awesome than me!

Made in de
Shroomin Brain Boy

Berlin Germany

this screw weapon is a nice idea.. i always thought would someone get away with using screws on that scale... will follow this closely as i wamt to see this painted...

nice looted barque by the way!


Made in se
Dakka Veteran


Cool, looks kind of like steampunk Orc's!

Always outnumbered, never outgunned. 
Made in it
Regular Dakkanaut

Bastia U. (PG)

At the moment, the platform are made whit paper just to see if the proportion fit on it.

Well, now i can upload some shoot of the head hunter! Here we go!
[Thumb - 27.JPG]
Head hunter 1

[Thumb - 29.JPG]
Head hunter 2

[Thumb - 33.JPG]
Head hunter 3

[Thumb - 32.JPG]
Head hunter 4

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