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Made in us
Sagitarius with a Big F'in Gun

New Hampshire, USA

Hi Everyone, back again! My last thread seems to have run it's course, so I'm onto another Idea I had kicking around!

While working on rules for the Airship (if you missed that thread you can find it HERE) I was also looking around the interwebz for characters to crew it! I managed to find three that really inspired me, and I just had to make rules for them!
I imagine them to be three up and coming engineers, all recently expelled from the Guild of Engineers!
Why expelled you ask? Some background:It is a time honored tradition among the guild that when an upstart inventors ideas become too 'radical', (they cease to use approved and well-tested concepts) they are expelled from the guild... until such a time as their ideas begin to show some merit! However it is in the nature of a Dwarven engineer to want to create the invention that will secure his name in the annals of history. As such, nearly every engineer has been expelled from the guild at least once in their careers!

And here are three of the finest examples of Dwrven ingenuity alive today!

Oh yes... did I mention they're all brothers?

The first:
Rötor Fateforge

(this is of course the White Dwarf Subscription Model)

He may be deployed either on foot or in his own customized Gyrocopter:

On Foot:
M3 /WS4 /BS5 /S4 /T4 /W2 /I2 /A2 /Ld10
Special Rules:
Artillery Master, Extra Crewman:
-(as Master Engineer)
Gromril Armor, Great Weapon

M- /WS4 /BS- /S4 /T7 /W3 /I2 /A2 /Ld10
Exactly the same as a Regular Gyrocopter with the following exceptions:
-Armor Save: 3+
-Steam Gun: Range- Template / S5 / ArmourSv -1

Regardless of how he is deployed, he has the following Special Rules:
Take to the Skies!:
-Your army must include at least one Gyrocopter.
-Gyrocopters become a Special choice.
-Ironbreakers become a rare choice.
-No unit may be upgraded to Longbeards.
Standardization of Parts:
-Any Gyrocopter within 6" of this Hero gains Regeneration (6+).

On Foot: 150 Points
Gyrocopter: 270 Points


Number 2!
Skjota Fateforge

(This guy is from Scibor's 28mm Fantasy Figure line. I would want to model some more alchemical equipment on him of course, as well as possibly some range-finding equipment... Oh! And more pistols!)
Skjota means 'to shoot' in Old Norse, and he is essentially the gunman of gunmen, booted from the guild for his modifications to the handgun design and crazy black powder recipes! You can always find him by following the smell of singed beard hair...

M3 /WS4 /BS5 /S4 /T4 /W2 /I2 /A2 /Ld10

Special Rules:
-Artillery Master, Extra Crewman:

(as Master Engineer)
-Alchemical Brilliance:
If he joins a Flame Cannon or Organ Gun crew, treat the Strength of the War Machine as 3+D3. Roll to determine Strength every time the weapon is fired.
-On My Mark!:
Any Unit this hero joins is treated as having +1 BS as long as he is with the unit. This includes war machine crew.

Hand Weapon, Gromril Armor, Brace of Pistols, Dwarf Handgun, Rune of Luck

175 Points


Numbah 3!!
Varoi Fateforge

(yes I know he's an ornament... but he's just so awesome! I would probably put some beefed up sentinel legs on that, and some kind of mechanical arms as well...)

This Gent is essentially the brother obsessed with improving the dwarf's already formidable defensive capabilities. He was supposedly banished from the guild of Engineers for tampering with the making of sacred Gromril armor, however creating for himself a great armored suit, who's defensive capabilities are legendary, probably had something to do with it as well!

M3 /WS4 /BS5 /S4 /T5 /W2 /I2 /A2 /Ld10

Special Rules:
-Artillery Master, Extra Crewman:

(as Master Engineer)
-Master of Fortification:
Any number of War Machines (not Gyrocopters!) in the army may be Entrenched. An Entrenched war machine is treated as being in hard cover when being shot at, and as protected by a defended on obstacle if attacked in close combat. An Entrenched war machine may be pivoted to fire, but if it is moved in any other wan, the entrenchment is lost. If the war machine is destroyed, the Entrenchment is lost at the same time.
-Shore it Up!:
Any war machine that can be inscribed with Runes from the engineering list (Dwarf Cannons, Grudge Throwers, and Bolt Throwers) May also be inscribed with up to 25 points of Runes from the Armor list.

Great Weapon,
The Armor of Weiland: The wearer of this large armored carapace is treated as having Master Rune of Gromril, Master Rune of Steel, Rune of Preservation, and the Master Rune of Spite, despite these Runes normally being unable to be combined in this fashion. (1+ Armor Sv that cannon be improved, 4+ Ward Save, Immunity to Killing Blow and Poisoned Weapons, and any attacks greater than Strength 5 are treated as Strength 5)

400 Points

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There's just something about a woman in armor...


Introducing the Nezumi- Ratmen of the Grimdark!

Josh's Dwarven Engineering!!
Creating a Dwarven Airship! and Engineers of Renown! 
Made in us
Sagitarius with a Big F'in Gun

New Hampshire, USA

Heh, anyone have any questions, comments, cc? I understand if it's kinda long...

There's just something about a woman in armor...


Introducing the Nezumi- Ratmen of the Grimdark!

Josh's Dwarven Engineering!!
Creating a Dwarven Airship! and Engineers of Renown! 
Made in us
Evasive Eshin Assassin

Looks great. I was a little unsure of your background info. at first, but after I finished reading it I realized you'd captured the Dwarfen mood perfectly.

I really only have a few suggestions:

Rotor: a 'Copter with Regen? I'm interested in the explanation there. Also, I noticed that it only costs 120pts to give him a Gyrocopter? shouldn't it be 140, at the least, since it's, you know, a Gyrocopter, and better? Also, S5 is insane. I'd knock it down to S4, or maybe S3 that can march and shoot or somethin'.

Skjota: doesn't seem up to snuff, really. I like the alchemy thing, but it makes things worse as often as it makes them better, and generally does nothing. I think it'd be cool if it made stuff significantly better, but also a tad dangerous (like Skaven, but less pronounced). And a bonus to Handgunners' S would be super cool. +2 S, +12" range, but have the Jezzail misfire thing (roll a d6 for each 1 to hit, a 1 results in a hit resolved against the unit).

Varoi: so...tough. He's everything everyone wanted their Lord to be. But beyond that...I'd expect him to do a bit more. So his "armour" is really a steam-powered robot, right? +2 S, +2 A, Always Strikes Last (no weapon, of course), would feel right. I mean, you're paying a lot of points for a tough dude who shouldn't be on the front lines anyway...so a little extra offensive punch shouldn't hurt.

Like I said though, cool stuff.

Also, love that ornament.

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