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I have been playing 40K for awhile , and we are quite happy , but someone showed me WM and I am hooked , BUT I have a huge collection of 40K models , has there been a conversion thread?

I have the base book so can sort of equate some models , but if anyone has any ideas, most welcome

Please note , I still will play WM with factions , there great new models , but I dont want the old stuff to go to waste


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I can't help you in general on that, but I've been told that Nids make really great Legion warbeast conversions.

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I 'converted' much of my old gw stuff to PP on bartertown and another trading site. The most sensible thing for a tournament-minded player would be to just proxy units until you get the real things then sell the 40k stuff.
If you donn't care about tournament legality then you can use what you want regardless of the game. For khador some fantasy chaos knights and imperial guardsmen with some minor weapon swaps might look even better than pp doomreavers and winterguard. Cygnar Is mostly the same; IG trenchers or long gunners and fantasy knights for storm knight units. Cryx has some units like mechanithralls that could be fun to make from plastic zombies and space marines and banes that could be chaos knights with skeleton heads.
There are 2 big things to consider when trying a conversion. 1: if a stranger was to play against you be sure he could tell whet each unit represents (usually an underlying stylistic theme and certain weapon) 2: have them based on 30, 40, and 50mm bases not the 40k 25,40, and 60mm bases. base size matters more than model in many ways.

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For Khador, GW has the Vostroyan Infantry Line - I use a vostroyan sniper as widowmaker marksman.

You can use a mass of Necron & tyranid parts for Cryx and Legion - Hell I've seen GW Terminators with old-school epic warlord titan chainsaws as Khador ManOWar.

What 40k Armies do you own?

Besides, there are fan-codices on the Internet to convert 40k armies to WarmaHordes... or write your own.

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I shall make the ruleset conversion work! Otherwise, my 2 decades of 40k collection is worthless ... sad really ...

Why doth 5th blowth so hard? So hard ...
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That's what she said...

Oh, as to the OT its great for a closed gaming group that's all for fun, though it will get flak from purists from both groups of play.

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It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.
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Newcastle, Aus

Yeh, as Sanctjud said you would be able to play at home with any form of conversion or "count-as" and possibly at a gaming group, if the count-as is not too wild.

A list of what models you have and what WM factions you would want to play would be quite helpful but as a start:

Guard = Cygnar/Khador
Space Marines = Cygnar/Khador
Sister = Protectorate of Menoth
Necrons - Cryx

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Hey gang, its been a month but the Team has a site up. Come check us out, leave some sensational comments, and maybe a few ideas.


So far we have major conversion notes on the process (transparency!), stats for nearly every model/codex we have a current book for, weapons, and a nice interactive area for posts/forums.

You like the 40k fluff? Have a ton of 40k models? Are you a gaming voyeur? Prefer the WarMachine and Hords rule set? Then come join us!
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I took a look through a couple of army lists and the weapon list and, while most things seem mostly balanced, some seem way WAY over the top.
Ranged weapons in particular seem to cap out significantly higher than in normal warmachine or hordes, pow 22 guns are pretty ridiculous at any range. The lance strike weapon is basically a game winner by itself.
Don't get me wrong, I like the direction your headed and I really respect the work you guys have put in, but 40k isn't exactly a balanced game and it certainly wasn't built with warcaster death in mind as a win condition. More changes are needed than direct conversion.

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Trigger-Happy Baal Predator Pilot

mesa, az

Just keep you warhammer army's Just because your getting into a new game doesn't mean you need to get rid of your other stuff. I haven't really seen any conversions from 40k to Warmachine/hordes. A lot of people would not care about proxying but then again if you can afford the models you might as well buy them. Also a warmachine faction can run you around 150 dollars which is A LOT better than spending 500 bucks and still needing other things to play.

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Damn! I thought this thread would be about giving Dreadnoughts power attacks.

I know someone who built an entire Trollblood army out of his old Ogre Kingdoms army. My Bloodgorgers are made from GW plastic Black Orks.

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Thanks for taking a look, Dais. A good deal of 40k is unbalanced. But to move forward you have to figure out where you are. I would agree that many of the weapons are out of balance with the current armies in Warmachine and Hordes. WarMachine 40,000 is about the fluff and minis of 40k and the rules of WarMachine. But feedback is always welcome and a round or three of cleansing and play testing will shake balance and fluff along nicely.

With that in mind an00bis, I'd like to keep my 20 year collections of 40k AND play them. I dislike 5th greatly and 6th ed rumors are not much more promising.

But to answer George's question ... yes, dreads will have power attacks!
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Fresh-Faced New User

We've had some nice progress and feedback from a lot of sources. We have the vast majority of 40k converted to WarMachine rules. But, there is a sticky question; How would you represent power weapons using WarMachine and Hordes rules?


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Wicked Warp Spider

South Carolina

They would be counted as magical...thats it I would imagine.

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I don't think you can use a blanket effect for power weapons, in 40k they are used to ignore armor, but you still have the hit, wound, and invulnerable rolls to deal with, not to mention the difficulties of making it into melee with their longer gun ranges.
I think anatomical precision would be great for units meant to fight infantry, but brutal charge, or maybe even weaponmaster would be more fitting for more elite units. Certain units might need re-purposing since the addition of more monstrous creatures/walkers and reductions in big gun ranges (not to mention how the big guns can be singled out and will be less abundant). It's a heck of a task ahead of you guys but I don't know how much direct converion can be done(or should considering poor codex balance).

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Fresh-Faced New User

Those are some good points. I think Magic weapon could be one of the options to replace power weapon on some units. But once again, Dais has a good point. I think I'll have to comb through the abilities list to generate some options. Perhaps there should be a one to many conversion pallet such as one of the ideas for invulnerable save conversion

Invulnerable saves would best be converted using mechanics already included in the WM/H playbook. While Force Fields may be an obvious choice, the mechanic is way over-powered when applied in place of 40k 'X' fields. The one exception would be void fields and similar 40k devices.

I would suggest a review of some of the available spells and abilities. A few comparable rules;

House Shyeel Artificer Force Barrier – Bonus to DEF and Girded
Krielstone Bearer Protective Aura – Bonus to ARM
Siege’s FoxHole – Bonus Cover and Girded
pHaley Arcane Shield – Bonus to ARM
eHaley Acceleration – Bonus to DEF and ARM
pMadrak’s Sure Foot – Bonus to DEF and Knockdown resistance

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