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Not surprised really. The dark prince only wants to watch games in its different forms. Really enjoyed the chapters!


"Some times you feel like a diick, some times you don't.
Slaneesh army's have dicks, Sisters of battle don't,
Because sometimes you want to play the dick,
Sometimes you don't " 
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lliu wrote:
Not surprised really. The dark prince only wants to watch games in its different forms. Really enjoyed the chapters!

Glad you like it, the next chapter will be up some point today.
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Really enjoyed the chapter, here's to hoping the warband starts growing again and asriel and adelram makeup! Also wondering if Vincent is still alive?
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 Dayknight wrote:
Really enjoyed the chapter, here's to hoping the warband starts growing again and asriel and adelram makeup! Also wondering if Vincent is still alive?

The current chapter is delayed but yes they are still alive. We will get to that in the next part. Glad you enjoyed it.
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Entry 4
It’s been some time since I last wrote something, my time has been consumed in getting everyone working again. The experience Asriel put everyone through was harrowing for the mortals, some refused to work terrified of the shadows. But things needed to be done, Adelram killing a few got the point across. Steadily we are recovering, but I wanted to talk about something. Sitri and Izel, this would have never happened if they did not work together. Since I did not want to destabilize the warband further I kept my mouth shut to the sorcerer's relief, in return I asked for a debt. A favour in the future, he readily agreed.

Now to talk about Ivan? Largely since he controls the cult he had Asriel stripped of all rank and titles. I even hear Astartes and cult members make attempts to kill him but due to the kakophoni they never return. Adelram merely asks that they avoid killing Astartes but if it occurs they return their prognoids intact. Silas agreed to such a term, but what puzzles me is what he aims to do with my old disgraced friend.

I tried to approach Noxus on the subject to make use of his sight. But did not work to talk due to nightmares. I suspect that Asriel was holding the helbrute in his chambers when he began taking people on the ship. In the end he lost everything, but this dark life goes on….people will hate Asriel forevermore…Asriel is merely another person crushed by the cycle.

Chapter 6
The room was dimly lit, he wondered how long he has been doing this for watching after the one who almost devoured the ship. He had him seated on the chair with two of his Kakophoni standing behind him. He had to wait for the right point to convince the one seated in front of him. Silas smiled “so tell me Asriel...how are you?” his distorted form shifted slightly, his one eye narrowed. “Why haven’t you killed me? You always wanted it...what changed?” the question caused him to chuckle, staring at the human now he is dripping with despair, regret and anguish. If he did not have to do this a part of him would enjoy seeing Asriel stuck in this state forever, but what he has to do now may cause something better to come out and that is enticing. “The song wishes you to live...for now…” “I don’t want to live!” he trembled with fury. “Well too bad, today I want to talk with you.” Asriel raised his eyebrow slightly in confusion, the past few weeks he has been merely guarding him, as each day goes by Asriel almost begs for death. “So, Asriel you view this warband a family correct?” he nodded slowly “right, but you should be aware that many do not care for what you want.” Silas watched him grind his teeth slightly. “It would been better…” he hissed. “For you, it would be but not for everyone else. That is what I want to talk about.” “I won’t change my mind..” he said firmly. Silas shook his head. “Well you have to change your thinking. You should be glad you have not been reduced to a spawn for your failure to get what you want.” “I was trying to make the warband better…” “as I said “better” in your mind. But let’s get to my main point. I can get Adelram to accept you again.” at the mention of Adelram’s name Asriel looked at him in shock.

He shook his head “i-it’s impossible….also the warband will wish to kill me if I step even an inch out of this room.” “that’s why you must make yourself desirable by everyone.” “how? They all hate me. They scream for my death I can feel it.” at the mention of feeling people’s anger that information caused him to grin. He can easily sense the emotions of others, so all the power he gained has not been lost. “As I said you must make yourself desirable. We Astartes are weapons of war but...we of the third have a...finer taste to it.” his charge shifted in his seat again he clenched his hands “I want to go back…” Silas nodded “good, but in order to get there. You must become more selfish.” “what do you mean more selfish?” Silas rose from his seat he gestured to the torture room “you can increase your power through pain. You have a great gift in your hands. Instead of thinking of us, think of yourself. Think how can I make myself more deadly? How can I be more beautiful? What will get their attention? Adelram thinks that Difillia has the traits that makes a good servant. But she is merely his pet, the dark prince has no interest in such things. In your case to truly capture his heart you can’t just be a servant anymore.” Asriel looked down “I am his servant…” “that is no longer the case. You are not his personal serf, you are chattel.” He walked over to the human who is trembling fear.

Looking down at him he could see that thinking in such a manner is alien to him. Silas grabbed his hair and looked into his eye. “You can care for those you are close to but everyone else must be a stepping stone for your growth. Your mania should be improving yourself for your own joy, to reach a perfect state that will cause my brothers to clammer to claim you. If you follow what I say…” he leaned down closer “you would have the strength to deny them…” at the mention of denying his brothers he could see Asriel is interested. “My brothers don’t want your dream. What just happened a few weeks ago shows they have no interest. Adelram has no interest. All you have to do is chase perfection...it’s ingrained in all of the third, to appreciate the beauty of war, to revel in pain to reach that height. Walk that path and all you have lost will return to you.” He let go of his head, Asriel shook it “b-but where am I supposed to start?” “first start with something simple.” he gestured to Asriel’s twisted and ugly form. “Fix that, you have the power to do it. All the tools are here…” he then turned his chair to the iron maiden. Asriel’s breathing started to become harsh looking at the torture device. “Don’t think of what Adelram wants in your form, pick things that will be please you…” “what will be please me…” Silas nodded “exactly...I will help. Our Kakophoni will sing to you to aid you in the process. We will share our pain and anguish with you through our song. In turn form yourself into a perfect weapon that none of my brothers can deny…”

Marthas stood in his lord’s chambers equipment has been checked and they are steadily recruiting. But there is a problem, his lord appears happy but his mood is dark. He is watering the flowers at the moment but he could tell he is thinking. “Is something wrong my lord?” he looked at him for a moment he frowned just for a split second. Marthas watched him force a smile. “I am fine.” he could see Adelram is lying. “My lord you wish to kill him?” his mouth twitched slightly that was enough to see he wants to. “He should be dead but Silas has other ideas….” “what do you think of his...change?” “I think...he is better. At the end of the day I don’t care for Asriel’s life anymore. His form matches how I feel for him. No-” the chambers opened cutting Adelram off the person who strode in held both of their attention. “My lord, Marthas….” Marthas could see it is Ivan. The apostle appearing has even surprised Adelram. His lord placed the watering can on the ground. “Ivan...what is it?” The apostle smiled “I have an idea.” Marthas raised his eyebrow “I think the warband has had enough of “ideas”.” Adelram nodded “agreed, speak quickly.” Ivan gave a small bow “I was thinking of merely hosting...a tournament. The cult calls it the blot or great sacrifice but I think it will cheer up the warband.” the mention of tournament did grab his curiosity, he looked at Adelram who is stroking his chin. “Cult members would fight and kill each to prove who is best I take it?” “Indeed you are correct. No matter the rank a person holds in the cult they can enter, even slaves if they wish. I imagine the warband would enjoy the spectacle of combat to take their minds off...his blunder.” Marthas could not help but grow interested in the prospect of a tournament. People dying, inflicting pain and proving themselves as followers of the dark prince, in the end it’s Adelram’s decision.

His lord then nodded “very well, I think it would be a good idea.” at his confirmation Ivan clapped his hands together. “It will be done I think the cult will be happy with this decision.” “Ivan how long will it take to set up?” “It will take a few weeks my lord, we have to prepare the arena, spread the word, prepare those who enter…” “I see, I imagine our brothers will be happy with the news.” Marthas watched Ivan smile. “I am sure they will be...now I have work to do.” he turned and left the chambers. Once alone with Adelram, Marthas looked at his lord, he is now at ease he could tell he is also looking forward to it. It almost looks like he has forgotten about Asriel. “I think this tournament will be interesting.” said Marthas. “I agree, I am quite eager to see how far the cult will go to improve themselves…” at the mentioning of improving themselves Marthas gave a curt nod of agreement. “Yes, new people can rise and those who are comfortable with what they have could fall…”

Salvador began sorting and cleaning Asriel’s room again, he likes to keep everything clean for him just in case he comes back. He has to believe that, something might of went wrong that’s why he did what he did. So he keeps his room clean just in case Master forgives him. He looked at the skull on his desk, Asriel used to wear it a lot but now he wears the mask of the cult but he always kept in good condition for some reason. He did not know why. Walking over it, he picked it up and bought the cloth to the skull and began cleaning it. “I will clean it for him…he would like that I think..” he moved the cloth over it once done he set on the table.

He then went through the drawers, he found Asriel’s gauntlet, his cloak that is now in tatters. He cleaned those as well, the cloak was strange always when he dusts it the fabric feels like it’s a alive in his hands. Once done he folded it and placed it into the draw. Now the final part the sword. Salvador walked over to Asriel’s bed and looked under it he pulled out a case. Salvador flicked the lock and opened it revealing a rusty blade. He wondered how his brother used such a thing. Picking it up in the past caused a strange pain, his hearts would twist and he would see flashes of her. But he bared it. Now as he holds the weapon he feels nothing, he grinned knowing that it was not painful to touch anymore. Once Salvador was done he placed the weapon back in it’s case and pushed it under the bed.

He then nodded “it’s done...now…” then he heard the door opening “Salvador you are still cleaning his room?” Salvador turned to the door it’s Difillia but since after Asriel took the warband she changed. He wasn’t sure how to deal with it but he knows his brother will embrace it and help those he cares for. He has to do the same. “Now tell me my dear brother what are you doing?” And this is the change, is that she calls him his sibling. He is not upset about it, Salvador just decided this is how things are now. Plus she does act somewhat like Fatima. “I am cleaning my brother’s room...he might come back…” “he won’t.” Difillia said firmly “he attacked everyone, some of the other serfs are still reeling from the effects. I am surprised our lord did not kill him.” “They are still trying to kill him Difillia…” Salvador heard how some of the human crew are plotting to kill him. Even the masters whisper of ways to get past Lord Silas’ noise marines. “Lord Silas is protecting him for now so there is a chance. I want his room to be ready when he comes back.” his sister then sighed she walked over and rubbed his arm. “He won’t come back. The hate is far too strong for him to return. It’s better if you move on Salvador. Now come our lord needs us.” Salvador slowly nodded “okay, I am coming.” Difillia then walked away and left the room, Salvador followed after a moment, he gave Asriel’s room one more look he sighed and switched off the light and made his way to Adelram’s chambers with Difillia.

“Stop, that is enough.” his noise marines stopped singing, Silas could hear bone shifting and the squishing of flesh from the iron maiden. As the Kakophoni stopped singing so did the sounds from the iron maiden. “Why did you stop?” said Asriel. “To talk, you are fixing your physical body but what of your mind?” Silas smiled “it does no good to change your body if what’s within your head is still weak.” “I am working on that” Asriel intoned. As he spoke Silas could tell he is recovering well but he has to make sure. “So how are you working on it? Tell me.” “do you know why I have one eye?” a part of him did wonder that, he found it strange that it suddenly went missing. “No, I assume you are going to explain why?” Silas heard a bone clicking from the iron maiden. “I shall, the angel of despair desired it when I asked for wisdom. The wisdom I recieved is the knowledge of my people. I based the cult off that.” Silas frowned, his people were weak unless he is talking of the past. “I am talking of the past.” Asriel said firmly. He then heard a muffled sigh from the iron maiden. “I based the cult off the culture before your father came to the planet. But….in hindsight now that I am thinking on it….I feel it was a mistake.” “mistake?” asked Silas “The cult appears quite successful.” “it could be better.” at Asriel mentioning improvement it shows he is heading in the right direction. “You see Silas, I chose the culture before your father came because it was the most “stable” and they could be easily controlled by Adelram.” “Controlled? What do you mean?” “I mean it’s through the priesthood that the tribes were ruled. In the past gothi and prelates were merely advisors and seers to the rulers of the tribe. But in chaos the desire for more is always there. The ruling priesthood came into power when all the tribes priests got together with an...idea…” “I guess the idea to rule since they wield the power of the warp.” “exactly. In a manner of speaking the tribe that followed the blood god were the closest to the old ways but they were outnumbered.”

All of this information that Asriel was telling him was quite interesting, he desired to know more. “I see, so I assume you are going to follow the old culture?” “yes, I am. There was less order but it bred better champions and followers. In the gothi and Prelate’s taking control the religion was also changed.” Silas suddenly felt the air change in the middle of the room energy began forming, it twisted and came together forming a snake with a daemonic like maw. “I assume the snake represents slaanesh?” “yes it does, hence the iconography but there were other associated animals and images that respresnted the dark prince in my old culture. The priesthood pushed forward the snake while getting rid of the others. One interesting fact the last king your father killed wanted to return to the old ways…” “I see, tell me of the other aspects then.” “Very well...the one before you the great sea snake. It is the highest aspect. It is the serpent of the great seas, ruler of all. He also represents the mark of kings, to obey the most beautiful, the champion of excess.” “sounds dull, I can guess that means that the lower must obey their betters in all things.” “exactly, nothing new was explored because everything moved by the whims of the priesthood. Now the second aspect. The great shark” as Asriel spoke another image was conjured, it was a large fish with a ravenous maw it snapped and moved through the noise marines, Some trembled with pleasure. “As I said this is the great shark. His appetite is endless, he teaches to never hold back, face all challenges, eat and devour forever to grow strong and…” “perfect.” “exactly, now the next the skittering crab.” the next image was manifested a crab like creature with a shell bearing spikes skittered around the room in random directions. “This aspect is the one that represents to consider all paths in front of you. Sometimes you must isolate yourself to know which path to take. Sometimes when alone you can explore different challenges and experiences.” “sounds like your current situation.” “Indeed it does, I thought of the crab first actually. Fits my current situation as you said. I have lost everything, yet you made me consider different paths..now finally.” the face of a feminine horned daemon appeared, with long flowing hair, she was roaring showing fangs. “The lady of the deep, the relentlessness to drag people to the depths. They must know the endless darkness of the dark prince you should show others whenever you are able…” seeing all the conjured shapes together Silas could not help but frown. It would of been nice to see the old culture of Asriel’s people. They may of made good servants. “So you are basing your thinking on these things?” “yes. Is there a problem?” “no, I am satisfied with your answer.”

Silas nodded in approval “so I imagine your people were a sea fearing people? Considering the highest aspect the serpent of the great seas” “yes, until the imperium largely took or used up all the water and built a hive city upon the land. The images I see in my mind... it was quite beautiful along with the giant sea snakes.” Silas chuckled “the imperium has no appreciation for beauty. Also your planet had giant sea snakes?” “well yes, hence slaanesh chief representation being the snake. The snakes were a life form mutated and directed by the dark prince. The tribe my ancestors were linked to were saved by one when the followers of the blood god attacked and from that event was when they first started worshipping the dark prince.” “I see I wish to raise a point.” “what?” “maybe the dark prince did that so you will come here. To us.” as Silas mentioned such a fact his noise marines began murmuring. Noticing this he chuckled “it’s just a guess, don’t get bent out of shape everyone.” “perhaps it’s not a guess..” the voice came from the door the one who entered was an Astartes. It was Faust, he strolled into the room. “The song is far reaching, never ending. Who knows when it started? Gods don’t move for no reason.” “who is that Silas?” asked Asriel.

He gestured to the one who shown him the true fruit of misery and the wine of pain and the gloriousness of singing it. “This is Faust.” “that can’t be his real name.” “well it is Asriel, now as you were saying Faust?” he nodded “all the gods even the true one the dark prince move events in their favour. Imagine if this supposed sea serpent did nothing? You would have never been born, your ancestors slaughtered by the followers of the blood god or converted. Back then I assume you tribe did not worship slaanesh?” “no, they worshipped all four.” “so they were worshippers of all favoured by none.” said Silas. “In a manner of speaking yes.” Asriel responded.

They stood in silence for a moment Silas shrugged “well enough of that, let’s get back to what we were doing.” Faust bowed slightly “shall I aid you?” “yes, your voice will be of help.” He looked at the iron maiden the conjured aspects vanished. “Brothers it seems he is ready, continue the song.” they all did as he ordered, they began singing from the iron maiden he heard grunts of pain and what surprised him pleasure. At first it was screams, but slowly in time something good will come of this. He knows it, he can feel it and hear it. This has to happen.
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Chapter 7
He stabbed another attacker, he flicked his wrist and lashed the second with his whip sending him to the ground. Vincent panted, it’s harder it’s been so much harder. After the disgraced high prelate’s stunt the pain came back. He had to work so hard to get it to vanish again, it took killing these two to finally bring back the joy. Looking at his work he smiled, it’s about time he got back to Nelhuayotl, Carita has told him that high prelate Ivan is preparing for a tournament. He removed his mask from his face, it’s gold at the moment. A tournament would excite him if he was not of prelate rank. Most people below it are easy to kill so he has no interest. He guessed the tournament is more for the demi-gods than themselves.

Vincent placed his mask back on, he made his way back home. Nelhuayotl is one with the ship so the ritual does not have to be done with the doors, the closer you get to it the more you see of the cult. The chattel, the slaves steer clear of them unless they seek to join them. If a prospect is promising they are given a wooden mask. They serve their betters in all things until they are ready for bronze.

Moving through the corridors brutalized slaves huddled in fear not wanting to draw his gaze, for to gain the attention of a prelate would be death. For slaves exist merely to aid them in feeling joy. That is their whole existence and prelates know ways to ensure that they use their lives well.

He smiled as he passed them. He felt in control, he felt joy and the heat of approval from the dark prince. Eventually he reached a crossroad, but something was happening. He saw Alma along with some gothi’s torturing slaves. As he approached she looked up to him, her golden mask shining slightly. “Hello Vincent.” “Torturing the trash again Alma?” “You say it like you disapprove of what I am doing.” “I don’t.” he yawned “there is no fun in it if they can’t fight back.” “Exactly…” said a voice, right away it set him on guard. Out of the darkness a robed figure darted out he could barely see them. They charged towards the gothi, they turned and before they could react two fists flicked out, the sheer strength of the blows caved one’s mask into their face. The figure then did a roundhouse kick to another breaking their neck and the third he punched them in the gut and made several quick blows to their chest. Vincent could hear the breaking of bones with each strike, the final gothi dropped to the ground, now dead. The slaves that were being tortured scrambled away using the chance to escape.

Alma shouted at the myerious attacker “w-who are you! You dare!” The robed figure began walking away ignoring Alma. She gave him a look “what are you doing Vincent!? We have to stop him! He attacked the priesthood!” she pulled out her blade. She was about to take a step but he shouted at her. “Stop of Alma!” she froze in her tracks “why are you stopping me!?” Vincent took a deep breath he tightened his grip on his weapons, his heart was beating rapidly he found himself trembling, sweat was dripping down the side of his face. As the attacker continued walking he called out. “Why did you kill them!? What rank are you!? Gothi!? Prelate!?” to his surprise they stopped. His head turned slightly “I have no rank, I care not for it. I killed them because...why not? I felt like it.” Vincent did not recognise the voice. But it was smooth, serene even but at the edge of it he could sense a predator. The sort that will devour you. He was not a glutton like Kadir, this is something else. He watched his fingers moving slightly Vincent heard the clicking of bones. “Tell me are both of you interested in me?” Alma took a step back in fear “I-I…” he turned towards them. As he faced them Vincent felt a sort of wave emitting from him, a heat telling him to move is to die, to speak is to die and to fight back will only end in torture. The kind one will not enjoy. “That’s enough!” out of the darkness Vincent saw an Astartes, their armour covered in tubes. The figure chuckled and shook his head “Faust, he sent you after me already?” the demi-god named Faust took a step forward. “Not yet...it’s too early. There is more that you can do.” “I don’t want to be coped up anymore…” “bare it for now.” “I can’t bare it….tell me Faust, can I take you on now?” the cloaked figure got into a battle stance. Faust then released a strange sound from his helmet that caused the attacker to shout at him “don’t you dare use that! Coward!” he charged towards the Astartes, before he could get close the figure fell to the ground like a stone. The demi-gold walked over to the unmoving figure, he picked him up and flipped the attacker over his shoulder. Faust then faced them “sometimes it’s better to walk away. If you antagonised this one further he would of killed you or worse….”

Alma bowed “my lord, I am confident we could handle him.” the demi-god looked down upon Alma “no you couldn’t. This one eats the weak and the meek. All you will end up as is broken bones and ruptured organs.” he then walked away vanishing into the darkness. Vincent raised his eyebrow wondering who the robed figure was “Who was he?” “I don’t know.” said Alma “whoever he was he killed gothi. My gothi.” he looked at the corpses as she mentioned them. They were all killed in but a few seconds, the sheer killing power was frightening but it interested him. He wanted to know more about that unknown figure. He sheathed his blade “Alma we should at least report this to Carita and Apostle Ivan.” she slowly nodded in agreement “yes, I don’t think he is part of the cult…” he watched her sheathe her blade, he then looked upon the dead again. A thought passed his mind that whoever that person was he might be a threat, it’s their duty to ensure the prosperity of the cult.

Faust gripped their charge, he was slung over his shoulder. Silas knew he would make a runner but doing it this soon surprised him. He could hear him grumbling in annoyance “cheater…” he hissed. “You will overcome that sound I know you can.” “I will, but don’t you ever feel the need to fight me Faust? Don’t you ever wish for it? I do…” he stopped he is doing it again. He feels both his hearts pumping rapidly. His body trembled slightly. “See your are trembling...put me down and we can do it right here.” he felt his arms moving to lower him but he stopped. He kept walking which caused their charge to grumble again.

He kicked his feet slightly as he held him “some of the cult members I killed mentioned a tournament. Do you know anything about that Faust?” “Yes I do, Ivan is spreading the word. cult members and slaves battle and you can rise in rank. Slaves would not back down from such a chance and many gothi and prelates have been training for this.” “I wish to fight in it.” “to get Adelram’s attention?” “no, to prove I am the best. My fists wish to tear organs and break bones…” he cooed. “Why not just use a sword?” he heavily sighed in return. “It’s too detaching to use a sword, with your fist you can feel the impact, the red hot blood on your hands and…” “I get it, but you can’t tear through ceramite despite your strength.” “I know, that needs to be worked on hence I need a favour.” “a favour?” he could hear him going into his pocket and pulling out a pen and scrap of paper, Faust could tell was writing something. He then moved his hand so he could reach it “here are some instructions.” with his free hand Faust took the piece of paper he read it and raised his eyebrow. “I...see..I think this will be interesting.” he placed the note into his pouch. “I am glad you agree!” he then started humming a tune, It’s clear enough he is tired of speaking. Faust then thought on Silas he would be happy that none have discovered his identity yet, it has to be a surprise that will shock everyone.

Silas waited in Asriel’s room, the reason why is because he sent Faust to retrieve the one they are looking after. Also he is likely to kill anyone else he sends save him. “He is so interesting now…” he chuckled to himself, he wondered how his brothers would react, they are most likely more concerned with the tournament and the fact he joined the noise marines than a human. He then heard the door open and close, he turned to see Faust holding the one he sent to retrieve. He placed him on the ground, he brushed the robe and right away he charged him, delivering quick strikes he dodged every single blow that came his way. As his charge drew back his fist to strike again, Silas caught it the attack in his hand. His auto-senses chimed displaying minor damage to the gauntlet. He blinked it way. “Asriel are you that bored?” “Yes, I am bored Silas. I tried to prick at Faust but he won’t bite.” “That’s why I sent him to get you. If it was me it would be too obvious, people would be aware that you are almost well again.” he gripped his hand and threw him across the room Asriel twisted in the air and landed on his feet. He then shrugged shrugged “let them know. I am ready.” “No you are not, there is more that can be done. Also what of your tail? Aren’t you going to restore it?” “No, I merely used to control weaponry, my hands and feet are my weapons now.” he moved to attack him again, Silas sighed. Asriel ran towards him and delivered a roundhouse kick, like his last attack he caught it. Asriel stood on one foot “aren’t you going to do anything Silas?” he grunted “why? I ha-” before he could say anything, he used is one foot the leap up, he twisted in the air the foot he is holding began breaking, but Asriel kept going and with his other foot he delivered a heavy strike to his head.

His helmet rattled slightly, as his power armour went to work stabilizing from the force of the attack. Silas released his twisted leg, Asriel fell to the ground he laughed “see...I got you!” “are you done?” “for now yes.” he watched Asriel’s leg twist and distort popping back into place. He stood upright and brushed himself again. “Well...that’s until I get bored again.”

Silas stared at him, he could not fully see his form, but one thing he knew for sure Asriel’s appetite to test himself is ravenous. All boundaries are largely gone, this is to be expected and it’s an exciting change. Faust came forward “Silas, I must handle something for our charge.” “what is it?” “well, he needs weapons.” Silas shook his head “Asriel why don’t you just get a sword?” he turned away “I am not explaining it again. Faust knows what I need.” Silas walked over and held his shoulder “but blades are elegant, at least use a pistol considering the age we live in.” he turned his head to him, his hood obscuring his face. “Tell me how many Astartes in the warband uses their bolters? In age of tanks, guns, plasma rifles you Astartes seem content to run at each other screaming with swords and shields.” as he bought up the use of weapons he had to recall many in the third disliked using bolters, they are clunky and look poor as well. His point stands though.“I used a stormbolter, there is nothing wrong with using one.” “where is it now then? You prefer singing and screaming people to death along with slicing them to pieces with your fancy new power sword. Or am I wrong?” Silas grumbled slightly, he has to admit it was true in the end this is the fighting style he chose. He looked over to the iron maiden, “well that’s enough arguing get into the iron maiden.” Asriel sighed and walked towards it.

He turned to Faust “I assume they will be no problems?” he gave a curt nod “do not worry it will be done.” his second then left, Silas then bought his eyes to the iron maiden. Asriel has already entered. “Silas, are you going to use the blades this time?” at the mention of blades he looked at the table. The iron-maiden has slots were you can insert various blades. He approached a table and picked one up. He tapped it on his hand “are you going to skive? The last time I used them you were not changing your shape but merely enjoying what I was doing to you.” Asriel did not speak for a moment, that means he has caught him out. “Well are you?” “No, I am not skiving. I need to get ready.” At the mention of getting ready he smiled “for the tournament?” “yes, are you going to sing this time as well?” as the subject moved to song he looked at the blade. “Yes, will you be able to take it?” so far he has not sang with the others is because he does not want to destroy the one he is working on. “Don’t worry Silas you won’t.” at Asriel’s confirmation he gripped the blade and walked towards the iron maiden.

Vincent stood with Alma in Apostle Ivan’s chambers, the room was scented with a mix of honey and blood. Prayer scrolls also hanged from every crevice. Carita was also present in the room she stood next to high prelate Ivan. The head of the cult stroked his chin at the information they gave him. “I see, the killing power of this attacker is quite extraordinary. He might be one of ours. Perhaps he might be a lower ranking member who went under the radar?” Carita shook her head “no, I don’t know anyone in the cult with strength like that or fights with their fists either.” “should we hunt for this individual?” asked Alma. Ivan looked down to her “considering the size of the battleship it would be hard but keep ear to the ground. If you see or hear anything come to me.” the dark apostle then looked to him. “By the way Vincent are you going to enter the tournament?” he shook his head “I have no interest in killing slaves and lower ranking members.” at the mention of lower ranking members he chuckled “prelates will be entering also…” “My mind remains unchanged, all those entering are just fighting for scraps.” his lord chuckled “that response was expected. Tell me how have your studies been progressing?” the demi-god mentioning studies caused him to start thinking for a moment. He remembered as a gothi he started to learn minor sorcery and daemon summoning. Once he earned his gold mask more doors became opened to him. “It’s going well my lord.” “I see...don’t you want to put those skills to the test?” Alma elbowed him slightly. He grumbled “I will enter my lord.” Apostle Ivan gave him a small grin. “Good, you should start preparing yourself. Kadir is gathering the slaves for the opening ceremony. It won’t be long now.” he then gestured to the door “both of you are dismissed.” Vincent bowed with Alma, they both left the room once they were in the hallway Alma sighed. “Vincent, you have to be more proactive. Think of it this way if you win you might become a head prelate or even better.” he merely shrugged in return. The only reason why he largely agreed because it might be interesting, nothing more. Alma began walking, he followed “titles don’t mean all that much to me. It’s nice but it’s dealing with boredom that is troublesome.” “fighting in a tournament which is being even attended by the Astartes should be exciting. Or don’t you care for their attention?” at the mention of getting the attention of those above he smiled slightly. “That is actually nice…” “See! I am sure that the tournament will be easy for you. It will be filled with mainly those who are lacking as you said.” he nodded in agreement. “I see your point Alma, it seems I do have to get ready…”

Faust stood in front of Asriel’s door he had to get the items requested. He entered and looked around and to his surprise the room seems...plain. He expected more from Asriel, he bought his eyes to the desk the first item is there the helmet. He walked over and grabbed it, he clipped the helmet to his belt. After that he went to the drawer and he saw the gauntlet, it would cover one’s entire arm. Next to it he also spotted a tattered cloak. He picked both items up. Right away as he held the fabric it twisted slightly in his grip, like a predator sensing prey, it wrapped around his hand squeezing his hand tightly. “I have come to take you back to your master.” mentioning Asriel the cloak relaxed and returned to normal.

Faust then walked over to the bed and pulled out a case, luckily it had a handle. He hefted the case up and walked out of the room. As he exited he heard a voice. “What are you doing?” he turned to see the lord of sin, Lord Adelram. The head of the warband was staring at him in confusion. “Your servant asked for his things.” “It’s not my servant, that thing is chattel so I wonder why are you doing the bidding of trash?” Faust smiled slightly he could not see it. Such a fact pleased him more. “I see, tell me my lord don’t you hear the song?” “Song? I sometimes wonder what Marius has instilled in those heads of yours. I assume you converted Silas also?” “Silas accepted the song in his heart and leads us through each verse.” Adelram frowned “no good will come with treating with that...thing. Silas said he will give me a weapon. I expect one, is it still thinking that it knows best? Does that object think he he knows what’s best for this warband?” he is questioning him, he is curious he could sense it. “With all do respect my lord, if you don’t care for him why the questions? What I tell you is that he reaps the weak and meek with glee.” “that’s good but can it be controlled?” “control is not of the dark prince, you of all people should know that.” his words struck a chord, he strode to him, Faust could tell he was looking down on him. “What is your name?” “Faust.” his name caused the lord of sin to raise his eyebrow. “What kind of name is that?” “it belonged to a human.” “I see, so why are you using the name of a...human?” he stared at Adelram in silence. If he told that story they would be here all day so he decided to give a short version. “It belonged to a….human I owe.” The head of the warband looked at him in confusion “you owe a human for what?” “for showing me the love of song…” “oh really? That’s it?” he could see he really wanted to know, he won’t be satisfied until he speaks of it Faust sighed slightly. “well yes, he was a human I personally tortured in an old warband. Well all my brothers tortured him for fun. But there was one thing about him that annoyed my brothers at the time.” “what was that?” “he kept singing.” “that’s it?” “Well yes, that’s it. No matter what we did to him he kept singing, we would return the next day and he would be absolutely fine. So many in the warband took it as a challenge to break him.” Adelram chuckled “I don’t see what’s so impressive about him.”

Faust clenched the handle of his case in annoyance “don’t insult him.” he said firmly. In reaction the lord of sin gave him a look. “Why? Is a human that important to you?” “he taught me a valuable lesson.” “what lesson is that? What can a frail human teach you?” Faust dropped the case on the ground. He then spoke in the dark tongue, causing the lights to flicker, wires to flair and passing mortals to vomit. The lord of sin frowned. “Pain and misery is equal for all?” “yes, the dark prince wants us to suffer to express ourselves how else can we speak to him?” “when I tortured the human I was just thinking of breaking him to prove that I can instead of thinking about what the pain meant to him. I gave him the means to cry his worship, he in turn sang praises to the dark prince for the position the one who thirsts placed him in. He thought what was happening to him was a gift. In our hubris we thought of him as fodder, chattel, to be used and replaced. But in the end...” “what happened?” “we received divine punishment…” he tried to not think back to that moment. When he was the chattel, when he was the trash to be used and discarded. “When it was my turn to torture our captive I found our slave dead in his chains. As with all slaves we either skin them or throw them out of the airlock. As I approached his body began it began to distort and change. What do you think happened next?” “I guess he rose from the dead? How else would he survive the torture?” “He did rise from the dead but as something else….” Adelram shook his head “a daemon prince? Seriously what did he do to earn that?” “I thought the same thing. I didn't even get the chance to reach for my weapons but he snatched me up. His dark sockets that were his eyes bore into me. In that single moment I feared for my life, I thrashed in his grip, I tried to free myself to no avail.” “So what happened next? You did live through it.” “I did, but the shame and lesson is forever with me. It hurts every waking moment. He tore away my pride, my hubris and left only misery and pain….” “how did he do that Faust? What could he have done?” Faust chuckled “ This is what happened...the newly elevated prince rose his head upwards and cried out these words….oh dark prince your wayward children do not know what they do! They lost their way! Forgive them for their transgressions and sins! At the time I had no idea what he was talking about. I was far more concerned with releasing myself.”

He watched the lord of the warband shift slightly, his reaction was expected it’s the same with everyone he told this story to, even Silas. “So the daemon prince cried out those words, he fell silent like he was listening to someone. I assumed it was the dark prince himself, after a moment the daemon smiled. He told me that the warband’s punishment was decided…afterwards he opened his mouth and did this.” Faust looked at a passing mortal. He sang that note, whoever he directs it to it will disable someone, even an Astartes. Since he is no daemon it’s tiring to use. As the note hit the ears of the human he stared at he trembled and collapsed to the floor. The lord of sin stared at the human “that is...interesting.” “well yes if it’s not done to you. After the daemon disabled me to stop my movements he visited every single member of the warband and humiliated them. Once he was satisfied he killed them. Throughout all of that he kept singing, he kept singing that same song...so...I watched him mutilate my brothers and all the slaves on the ship until only I was left…” Faust sighed “being unable to move, watching what he was doing to everyone...fear consumed me. I did not want to die like that. I wanted to die on my feet but he offered me no luxury. He kept singing while he began tearing off my armour once it was all gone he told me his name. His name was Faust and then….the humiliation began.” “What did he do to you?” “He did enough. The daemon did enough...” his hearts grow heavy every time he recalls the torment. There was no pleasure in it. None at all. “So once the daemon was satisfied he left me on the ground, no gear, pride stripped away...I layed there hoping someone will kill me. Perhaps a slave that wanted revenge. I did not want to live for another moment. Until Marius found me, wandering the ship in a daze after they raided it for supplies. When he took me into the kakophoni he said that was meant to happen, that torment was a lesson. The daemon prince gave me a great gift...When I think of those painful moments I strangely feel approval swelling in my chest along with a sense of euphoria. So I keep plunging in, holding that memory close and singing of it to others. The approval keeps building, higher and higher. And...in the end? A part of me is glad that it happened. I feel a small measure of joy visiting the memory of the...defilement.” Faust clenched his free hand “so in honour of my teacher I took his name. Hence Faust.” He then pointed at the lord of sin. “I have seen you wallow in failure from a distance. I hear it in the song. You think you know of torment? Failure? Humiliation? You know nothing…nothing at all...all you have experienced is so….small.” Adelram shook his head “I have met di-” “yet you don’t act like it! You assume you know what’s best! You think that now you can do no wrong! Or do you think you are already perfect!?” The lord sin placed his hand to his blade he narrowed his eyes. “Watch what you say noise marine.” Faust picked up the case “Marius saw something in you. The song dances around you then leaves but it keeps coming back hence why we have never moved on. What kind of game or possibly lesson is the dark prince preparing you for?” He watched the lord of sin relax his stance, he turned away. “Go back to the slave in the lower levels. I grow tired of talking.” as he walked away Faust could tell he does not like confronting uncomfortable topics. He dodges or leaves not addressing the problem, Faust decided to make his way back. Pushing the conversation away and focusing on his task.

He looked at the gear wondering what Asriel is going to do with it.

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So yeah we learned a bit more about a certain Noise marine.
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I'm digging the Faust character already! Btw have you slowed down on the chapter releases or is it just me? You got me fiending over here!
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 Dayknight wrote:

I'm digging the Faust character already! Btw have you slowed down on the chapter releases or is it just me? You got me fiending over here!

They seem to come in cycles; slow for a bit, then faster, then it slows down a bit, and then the cycle goes on and on. Kinda like adelram and Adriel. Same though, nice to see the theee demesional slaanesh instead of just like porn 24/7.


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lliu wrote:
 Dayknight wrote:

I'm digging the Faust character already! Btw have you slowed down on the chapter releases or is it just me? You got me fiending over here!

They seem to come in cycles; slow for a bit, then faster, then it slows down a bit, and then the cycle goes on and on. Kinda like adelram and Adriel. Same though, nice to see the theee demesional slaanesh instead of just like porn 24/7.

Well it's more whether I have a day off. That one time I was pumping out loads of chapters was when I had a week off.

I normally write late into the night espically if a chapter is really long. I will try and get chapters up more frequently.

On the porn front I agree people think slaanesh focuses on the vulgar stuff but forget he is the god of excess. You are not going to get favour by having sex all day what is most likely going to happen is that you will get spawned because thr dark prince will get bored of you. I tried to educate myself on slaanesh by reading as many books and rpg supplements I could get my hands on.

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Chapter 8
Silas sat in the chair and watched Asriel kicking his feet as he sat in a chair across from him. They are waiting for Faust to return. At the moment Asriel has responded well to the process but the time will come soon to let him loose. As he stared he oddly found himself reflecting, he was the one that first found him. A frail human throwing rocks and bottles at him, Silas wondered why he did not kill him then. No one would care or know, he could of disoybed Adelram’s orders but he kept Asriel alive. He did not even notice him during the sorting. “Why did I let you live?” Silas said out loud. Asriel looked up to him, his hood shifting slightly “What do you mean?” “I mean why did I not gut you when I found you on Athor.” His charge tipped his head slightly he could sense he is also reflecting. “I wonder that myself...thinking about everything I have been through. Out of all the people that have died I still live.” Silas nodded “perhaps the song wanted us to reach this point?” Silas could see a small frown under the hood. “I felt approval with what I was doing before. If this was predetermined how come what I was feeling before...felt…” he touched his chest. “It felt so right…” “yet it was wrong to everyone else…” Asriel clenched his hands, he is still annoyed. In his mind he was looking out for Adelram’s best interests, a warband that is obedient, one that jumps at his every word.

The only problem is that they would largely be Asriel’s marionnettes that he manipulates for Adelram. “Were you aware that you were changing into a daemon prince Asriel?” He shook his head. “I was just focused on making myself perfect Adelram and changing the warband.” “You mean changing the warband into your family?” Asriel looked away “yes, but...it was a mistake as you said. I have to focus on other things.” He rose from the chair and walked around the room. “To be honest I feel better. More alert, aware and..” he clenched his hand “strong. I am strong. In a manner of speaking I was brittle before, I kept hammering myself on the anvil breaking piece by piece, bending myself…. Just for him, but...I realise if we wish to succeed that can’t happen anymore...” Silas nodded “you are learning.” “I have to learn, the truth of the galaxy is the strong devour the weak. The weak exists to be used by the strong. Just how you Astartes torture and maim slaves to feel. It’s your right because you are stronger. If the slaves no longer want to happen then they must rise.” Silas smiled, he then chuckled “vae victus…” “What does that mean?” “It mean’s woe to the conquered, it’s an ancient Terran saying. Those who are defeated there is only woe and torment because now you are at the whims of the conqueror...know this once you are ready Asriel he can no longer control you. Are you ready for that?” “I am aware..it’s quite exciting actually. Do you think he will try and kill me?” Silas frowned hearing that, the one thing he is not sure on is the reaction. The song moves then stops at times it becomes hard to determine which way it will lead. Right now, if he focuses he can hear the words guiding him, looking further the song merely trails off at the meeting. He rose from his chair, “well you merely must defend yourself. Knowing him if you are capable he will take you back.” Asriel scratched his cheek slightly. “Don’t worry, if it comes to that I will be ready.” Silas felt odd, he was not sure to trust him or not. Ever since he joined the noise marines he has found himself treating humans differently. Whether it was a bad or good thing remains to be seen. “I see, I trust that you can handle what comes.” as he spoke the door opened. Silas turned his head to see it’s Faust.

He walked into the room and placed several items on the table, Silas recognised them. “Asriel I have bought them.” said Faust. At his word Asriel ran over, Silas followed. He folded his arms and looked down at Asriel “so what are you going to do with all of this?” Faust gave a curt nod. “I agree, I am quite interested to see what you are planning.” His charge bought his fingers down the case, he then moved his hand to the cloak as he touched it the fabric it began roaring and howling. Asriel raised his hand as the cloak began floating into the air. The fabric started breaking down into small balls, after a moment it no longer looked like cloth but black ink. The droplets then hovered towards Asriel’s sleeve, one by one as each droplet entered Silas could see Asriel grunting in pain. Once all the droplets have entered Asriel lowered his arm and tapped his chest slightly. “There we go…” Faust walked up to him “what did you do?” “you will see.” Silas nodded “right, so what are you going to do with the next items?” he stared at the gauntlet and case. Asriel grinned as he opened the case revealing a rusty sword, he nodded and began chanting in the dark tongue. Dark energy began lashing from the weapon as it started to rise into the air, he then hovered his hand over the gauntlet and gestured upwards. The gauntlet also began hovering, Asriel’s chant slowly became louder and louder until he clapped his hands together ending it. The gauntlet and blade clashed together, producing a orb of darkness. Silas could hear the bending of metal and the screams of mortal emitting from it, in each scream he could sense centuries of suffering and agony it almost bought a smile to his face. After a few minutes the orb slowly began floating down to the table, the screams and the sounds of bending metal dying away. As it touched the table the darkness evaporated revealing two gold gauntlets along with two gold bangles.

Asriel smiled and picked up the gauntlets “so what do you think?” Silas guessed those were Asriel’s new weapons, one gauntlet bore motifs of the snake slithering around the arm and the other had motifs of a shark. The design overall looked beautiful, he was impressed. “I like them, what of the bangles?” “Those will go on my ankles.” Faust picked both of them up. “I can etched work displaying the lady of the deep and the crab. What do these do exactly?” Asriel grinned “wait and see. As I said” Faust sighed and placed both bangles on the desk. Silas folded his arms “so what is with the skull helmet?” Asriel placed the gauntlets on the desk he picked up the skull helmet. “This...this is…” Silas watched him moved his fingers over the skull. “Tell me did the skull belong to someone?” “It did belong to someone…” “your heart is heavy.” said Faust. Asriel nodded “it is that is why…” he grasped the skull, cracks started to appear while eldritch energy rippled from it until Asriel crushed the helmet shattering it. Silas stared as he dropped the pieces onto the ground as they left his fingers they slowly turned to dust. Asriel rubbed his hands together “I feel...better.” “Why?” said Silas “because I don’t have to keep my promise.” “to whom?” “It doesn’t matter Silas.” “very well, how about we use the iron maiden one more time? Faust will help.” he gave him a look, Faust gave a curt nod of agreement. “One last time.” Asriel faced the torture device “then I will be ready…” Silas smiled, he will be ready once the tournament arrives Asriel will steal the show.

Vincent practiced his blade movements in his room, he made sure it’s spacious enough, he is not like others who fill it with wines, food and other distractions. He moved passed that ages ago unlike Kadir. He needs to focus. The tournament is in a few days.

He twirled the blade and made several quick strokes, he then sheathed the blade and breathed in and out. “It’s just a few days…” he said out loud. He readied his whip and made several controlled lashes, he had to keep sharp. He has to win, the demi-gods are watching. Moving his whip around the room he heard a knock on his chamber doors. He relaxed the hand wielding the whip, he pulled it back and wrapped it around his arm. Vincent frowned he wondered who it was. Approaching the door he sighed as he opened it, the one who was at the door was head prelate Carita. He gave a small bow “Carita…” “you don’t need to be formal.” she slithered into his room. Looking around she chuckled “you’re room is boring as always Vincent.” he frowned “I have to make sure there is enough space to train. I am not a glutton like Kadir and I don’t experiment with concoctions like Alma.” His door slid close he approached the head prelate and folded his arms. “So tell me head prelate why are you here?” “Do I need a reason to visit Vincent?” she faced him and slithered over, she brought her finger down his gold mask. The gesture did not move him. “We don’t do that anymore.” Carita chuckled “true you burned through everything quite quickly. My surprise that you wanted to end our relationship.” “so why are you here? I assume you are not here to try and restart things are you?” the head prelate removed her mask. “I shall be serious. Be careful during the tournament.” “I am not worried.” “You should be, there are those among the slaves who are dangerous. The only reason why they are not part of the cult is because they have no interest but none dare to go near their abodes. It seems Apostle Ivan has lured many of them to the tournament…” going by her face Vincent could see disapproval, but he cared not he will kill them.

He rested his hand on his blade. “They will die Carita, even if they are slaves they don’t have the training I have. Plus they have not drank from the well either.” thinking on the well the only time he ever feels good is when he ingests the liquid. Carita placed her mask back on. “I know you will kill many but some of the slaves are “marked” which drew Ivan’s interest.” the news caused him to raise his eyebrow. “Marked? Are you serious?” Vincent frowned he has not received the mark of the dark prince yet. The fact that slaves have been touched by the dark prince is troubling, even Kadir and Alma do not bare marks yet. “I see...thank you for the information.” “As I said be careful, even if we don’t see each other I would not like to see a warrior such as yourself die against slaves.” Carita began slithering towards the door but stopped “I think you should be easily able to handle the prelates and gothi’s all of them assume they are going to win. None of them are training.” “Then they are fools.” “Exactly. So win dear Vincent...” The head prelate then left his room without speaking further.

She does not need to say anything more, with a swift motion he unsheathed his blade and kept practicing.

Adelram looked up to the grand arena, Ivan has outdone himself, the dome arena is open topped, snake iconography is laced through the whole building along with shimmering jewels. Salvador smiled “it looks so nice!” he nodded they “they do.” He looked down to Difillia who is not making a comment. She merely sighed “how long will they take? They should know better…” Adelram smiled as she said that, the tournament is starting soon at the moment he is waiting for everyone else. He liked to be early because he wants to take in everyone’s excitement for the bloodletting, he doesn't like to agree with Ivan but he was right. Everyone is happy, everyone has forgotten that slave’s stunt from the past.

After waiting for a few minutes Marthas arrived with Izel. The sorcerer looked up at the arena as they approached “this actually looks impressive…” Marthas nodded “it does.” Adelram grinned “so you arrived.” Marthas hefted his weapon over his shoulder “I would not want to miss this Ivan has constantly been reminding everyone” as Marthas mentioned Ivan, he heard heavy footsteps coming from the entrance. “Indeed I have and I think everyone will be happy with the show.” Adelram turned with everyone, he saw Ivan surrounded by prelates, Carita was among them. He strode towards them. “Of course for the champions of the warband I have prepared a space just for us. If you will follow m-” “Wait!” Adelram turned his head slightly he saw Silas running towards them with Faust. Both of them stopped as they reached the group. “So you were just going to escort them in without us Ivan?” The Apostle sneered slightly “tell me aren’t you meant to be looking after it?” Adelram nodded in agreement “I thought you are watching over it?” Silas folded his arms “I am, I have several noise marines watching him now let’s go.” Ivan sighed “let us go then.” he began walking, compared to the last time there was only one entrance. As they entered the dome the whole interior looked to be changed there were various doors which had directions leading to seats for cult members and Astartes.

Adelram could see a group of people with wooden masks being escorted by prelates to iron gates “who are they?” “They are the opening ceremony.” intoned Ivan. “We must have a good show to start off the tournament. Now follow me.” Ivan lead them to a side corridor with steps as they walked up they entered a familiar box but it looked far more lavish and bigger, servants were also at hand serving all manner of food and wine. What caught Adelram’s interest were the runes carved on the walls. Ivan noticed this and smiled “the runes can transmit sound from the arena grounds, so you will be able to hear every scream and gasp of death. If the fighters are cursing each other you will hear it. Also the sounds from the crowd have also been blocked through the runes.” Adelram folded his arms as he walked around the box “you really thought this through haven’t you?” “Hence why I said it would take a few weeks to prepare..” “perhaps we could make this annual?” at the mention of annual Ivan bowed slightly “I would be honoured to arrange it...perhaps we should talk more afterwards? How about we take our seats?” everyone sat down on familiar cushions. Silas and Faust sat at the far right, Defillia and Salvador on the left and Marthas and Ivan sat next to him at his right and left. Finally Izel took a cushion and placed it next to Marthas and sat down. The prelates stood over them.

Adelram looked down towards the arena its also larger as well. He also spotted familiar runes carved onto the walls of the arena along with two iron gates at both ends, at the current moment he could also see all the seats have been filled. The Astartes have front row seats while the humans sit behind them.

Adelram smiled seeing all of this, he relaxed and called over a cult member to serve him wine, the bronze masked cultist walked over and lowered the pantry. He picked off a glass and sipped it. “So when is it starting Ivan?” The apostle took a glass from the dish as well. “At any moment….”

As he spoke after a few seconds one of the gates opened, A large and obese man on a gold throne came into view, the throne was carried by chained and abused slaves. They stood in the middle of the arena and announced. “Demi-gods! Mortals! The great blot begins! I Kadir shall be your announcer! But first! A decision must be made! Slaves have the right to enter but there are few spots in the tournament itself! So we have prepared something! The slaves will engage in a battle royale until only six are left!” Adelram could hear his voice clearly, he could also see the crowd cheering, their mouths are moving but no sound is entering his ears. Izel grunted “these runes are not all that special, it’s quite simple.” Marthas frowned “enough posturing sorcerer just enjoy the show!” Izel grumbled slightly, Adelram could not help smile, Izel is endearing in his own way. “Marthas is right, enjoy the show relax dear brother.” Izel sighed and relaxed “fine.” Adelram looked over to Silas and Faust they were utterly focused on what was going on before them. He nodded and did the same, he can’t even miss a second.

He could see Kadir is leaving the arena, the gate closed behind him and the one at the other side opened. Out came to what he assumed to be the slaves, they are wearing wooden masks, some look mutated and others seemed plain. They all took a space in the arena. Ivan raised his hand “oh I forgot to mention the runes will make a chime sound, that means to begin fighting. Now before we start how about we take a look?” “Why?” asked Adelram. “Because many of the slaves are marked. Look at them.” Adelram looked down to the arena, to his surprise a few of the slaves caught his eye. There as an extremely large man wielding a blade who wore little clothing, what was interesting was his skin was shimmering, it looked like marble. On his back he could see a brand, the mark of the dark prince. “Who is he?” “My lord that is Gidius, I have sent many to recruit him to the cult but they come back in pieces. When I told him of the tournament he was eager to enter to show his splendor to us.” Marthas frowned “he will die.” Adelram raised his eyebrow “why do you say that?” “he should focus on his martial ability not whether he looks shiny or not.” Silas chuckled “look at Marthas being him, but I agree he might get far but he will die.” Faust nodded “how about we make a bet?” “A bet?” said Adelram. “Yes, we each choose a slave and bet on how far they will go.” Adelram nodded “right I will go first.” he scanned the arena, someone that will catch his eye.

Then he saw one, a man with somewhat light pinkish skin and ridged horns, his hair was also white and braided. A part of the braided hair was tied into a ponytail.

They also wore no clothes save black baggy three quarter length trousers. The sleeve of the trousers was tight around their leg. He also wore a belt with a buckle that is shaped into a sliver skull, the mouth was shaped like a snake and parchment was flowing out of it. Also attached at the back of the belt was a flowing black fabric.

But the most eye catching thing about this person is the strange tattoo’s that is somewhat covering is arm and right bicep. Along with the gold gauntlets and bangles. “Who is he?” Ivan frowned “from what I understand a late entrance. Some slaves get their hands on gold but don’t do much with it. He does not have a weapon so I wonder how he will fight.” Adelram licked his lips. “He will get to the finals.” Marthas raised his eyebrow “are you sure? He is still a slave.” “He will get to the finals I know it. So how about everyone else take your bets? Salvador? Defillia? You may bet as well.” Silas nodded “I will go with Adelram’s choice.” Marthas pointed “her. She will at least get past the second round.” Adelram looked over to the person he is pointing at. He saw a woman with six arms, blades were held in each. She was a picture of beauty despite being a slave but Adelram could tell she is deadly. “So you are picking that one?” “Yes.” Izel folded his arms “I will pick the shiny one. He will get to the finals.” Ivan grinned “I agree with the sorcerer.” Adelram looked over to Salvador he narrowed his eyes and nodded. “I will go with masters choice!” Difillia stroked her chin “Lord Marthas seems right on the money, the woman is a fighter.” Adelram found their choices satisfactory. He relaxed in the cushion as he looked at Faust “so tell me this is your idea who are you betting on?” Faust looked down at the arena “Only three will survive this opening ceremony and the one you chose will be one of them.” “that’s not really a bet Faust.” “I am betting that the one you chose will survive this.” Adelram shrugged, the noise marine is strange anyway.

He sipped some of his wine as he heard a chime. Ivan smiled “it’s starting!” Adelram focused on the arena. Soon as the chime sounded a bedlam of violence erupted in the arena. The six-armed woman began slicing and dancing through people. Gidius was like a juggernaut, blades and knives bounced off his shining skin as he hacked people apart while swinging his blade is great arcs. The carnage unfolding in the arena, he could hear the dying screams, the breaking of bone, the slicing of limbs all of it was wonderful. He searched for the one he chosen in the melee and to his annoyance he was just standing there. His hands placed around his back. “Why isn’t he fighting?” Adelram hissed. Marthas stroked his chin and looked as well. “I think….they are afraid.” “what? Why did he enter!?” “No, he is not afraid it’s everyone else. All the slaves are avoiding entering a few paces of him.” “Good eye.” said Silas. “I imagine if anyone gets close to him they will die.” Adelram frowned, he wondered what both Silas and Marthas saw. In the end the bloodletting is pleasing, just by the faces displaying on the members of the crowd.

The melee went on for several minutes until only those that can actually fight remained. There were twelve left. Six decided to surround the one he betted on. Finally they got into battle stance, they flexed their fingers and charged. Adelram barely could see it, as he approached the first opponent he kicked them breaking their neck in one blow. He then flipped back and roundhouse kicked another. It’s clear enough his skull was shattered from the blow.

Adelram drained his glass and placed it to the side he began clapping. “He is amazing!” he was darting through the remaining four. Fists and feet flicked out breaking bones and rupturing organs. Those he killed dropped to the ground like stone. Right away Adelram could see it everyone’s eyes were on him. His chosen slave then darted to three more, even though there was six remaining. Even if all were relaxing he kept fighting. The first he punched in the face tearing away the skin, the second he punched through the gut and the third he jumped towards them and landed a flying kick sending them to the ground. Adelram could hear the crunching and breaking of bone.

It just took several short seconds until the chime played. Leaving only three in the arena, Gidius and the six limbed woman did not even realize what happened. Adelram sat back impressed. “Ivan who is he?” he scratched his head “I don’t know my lord.” “what do you mean you don’t know? How could you miss someone like that?” “I don’t keep track of all the slaves!” Silas nodded “I think this tournament will be interesting.” he looked over to Cartia “I think some of the prelates will be dying today.” The head prelate gripped the handle of her weapon “the prelates will not be bested by slaves my lord.” “we shall see..” Adelram frowned at Silas “stop antagonizing her.” The noise marine shrugged “anyway it seems Faust was right there is only three left.” He looked again, Faust was correct there are only three. “How did you know Faust?” he cocked his head slightly “I know, because it seems the one with the horns dislikes weaklings moving on.” as Faust spoke the gate opened and the announcer came into the arena followed by several bronze masked cultists who began cleaning up the bodies.

Kadir gestured the slaves over “Please come over!” all three of them walked over. He approached Gidius “Can you spare any words?” Gidius flexed his muscles “my splendor will carry me to victory! I Gidius given this wonderful body will show what I can do with it!” The crowd seemed excited to see more of Gidius going by their reaction. The six limbed woman stepped forward and raised his blades. “I blade dancer Kishi shall show you art!” Marthas smiled “there is a warrior…” Silas chuckled “how about you acquire her if she survives?” Adelram could see Marthas is in deep thought like he is actually considering it. Finally Kadir approached the one he chose. “You stole the show tell me why did you kill three extra before the chime?” The horned slave scratched his head “because I wanted to?” Kadir frowned “well there are rules…” “what are rules though? Tell me are there Astartes in this tournament?” The question threw everyone in the arena off guard. Adelram raised his eyebrow “he wants to fight Astartes? With his bare hands?” Izel shook his head “we have an idiot among them.” Kadir continued speaking in clear confusion. “You can’t kill the demi-gods...” “why not? They die like everyone else. Honestly the battle royale was quite boring will the actual tournament be interesting?” Marthas grinned “I like him.” “Marthas you chose a slave already.”Alderam said flatly.

The slave speaking in such a manner has caused the crowd to begin murmuring among each other especially the Astartes, no one is cheering also. Kadir sighed “do you at least have a name? Title?” The horned slave stroked his chin. “Hmmm, call me George.” “Are you sure?” “Is that a problem?” “It’s just...quite plain. Is that really your name?” “It’s George that is is my name.” Kadir sighed heavily “very well George. Do you think you have a chance to win?” “Yes, because everyone else is weak.” George’s answer is causing Carita to grind her teeth, Adelram could hear it. But he could not help but smile slightly “I like him.” “he is insulting the cult. My cult.” hissed Ivan. “Calm yourself Ivan let’s see how far George can go. Perhaps if he survives and I acquire him I will change his name to something better.” Ivan shook his head “he won’t survive.” “We shall see.” looking at the arena he could see the announcer is at his ropes end with George. He dismissed the slaves as the gate they used to enter the arena opened all of them left in silence.

The bronze masked servants were still at work cleaning, Adelram looked over to Salvador he is grinning ear to ear. “He is amazing!” Difillia frowned “he is rude, and he is mocks the Astartes. I don’t like him.” Adelram smiled at her “if he wins you have to get along with him.” “if that’s the case I will tolerate him my lord.” He inclined his head to her “very well.” he the relaxed in the cushion he picked up his glass. “Another refill!” a cultist came over and refilled his glass. As he drank his hearts were beating rapidly, deep down he had a feeling this tournament will be interesting.
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Noise Marine Terminator with Sonic Blaster

Chapter 9
Vincent took a deep breath, standing in front of the iron gate bought a sense of ease to him. Looking down to his ceremonial wargear he smiled. “I can finally use this…” before on Vestos he wore makeshift armour but since becoming a prelate he was given this gear by apostle Ivan. While waiting for the gates to open his mind drifted, it’s clear Ivan expects more from him. He wants to see more and he is in the position to deliver that. The gates began to open, breaking his train of thought. Vincent unsheathed his blade and gripped the handle tightly as he walked forward into the arena soon as he entered, looking up to the crowd their cheers roared into his ears. Some were screaming for his victory, others for his death. He could also see the demi-gods are watching with clear interest.

Normally he does not care for praise, but having everyone’s eyes on him. Hearing all their cheers he raised his weapon as he walked to the centre of the arena. He released a bellow. A shout to let everyone know to look at him and him only. At the other side of the arena the gate opened, out of the darkness he spotted a sliver masked gothi who’s belt contains various concoctions. Vincent guessed that she is under Alma. Knowing that it’s clear he is the better fighter.

The gothi approached and gave a small bow “prelate Vincent I a-” Vincent readied his blade “I don’t care for your name. You are going to die.” the gothi sighed “Very well…” she unsheathed her blade and got into battle stance. Vincent waited for the chime, his heart was not beating rapidly, he felt calm and confident. He felt his heart beat one more time and then he heard the chime. He charged towards the gothi, they stood in place instead of readying their guard she went to her belt and pulled out a vial and threw it towards his feet. Vincent stopped and covered his eyes as a pink mist consumed him along with the sound of the crowd. He grunted “I knew this was going to happen….” he calmed himself and put up his defence. What he knew of Alma and how she developed herself she has a large following. She poured herself into studying sorcery and the alchemic arts, the sort that can bring out your greatest desires or fears. He heard that she developed drugs that could send one into a state of bliss. The only thing he had to determine is what kind concontion the gothi has thrown at him.

Vincent looked around until he heard a voice “Leonard.” the voice was familiar, it’s someone he hoped to forget. After a few seconds someone approached him, her form coalcsing together from the pink mist. She held a blade and wore the same dress, the one that he killed her in. “Are you happy here?” “Yes I am. You are a dead memory.” staring at her he searched his heart it pricked slightly but it did not hurt like before. A smirk lined his lips “I can easily kill you..” he charged, the one impersonating the woman he killed readied their blade and cursed. “I tried to find out more about you...it seems you are unmoved by this…” even if the gothi had her face the prick was still there. Staring at his opponent wearing her visage merely annoyed him. They clashed together, right away he could clearly see he was better. As his opponent moved their blade to strike, Vincent parried opening them up, he impaled them with his blade.

She gagged, he twisted the blade and kicked her back. As his opponent crashed to the ground the mist dissipated. The form of the one he killed changed into that of the gothi, her blood now pooling on the ground. The cheers of the crowd came crashing back into his ears, no one wished for his death. They were cheering for his victory, even the demi-gods were clapping with approval. The gate he entered the arena from opened up, Kadir on his throne came towards him. The slaves panting and crying as they held the golden throne, at times Vincent wonders how Kadir became a prelate. At most he understands he is good at sorcery but that’s it. The obese man chuckled “so prelate Vincent. You won. How do you feel?” Vincent looked at his bloodied blade. The prickling feeling that gripped his heart is gone in a rare moment he felt elation.

It’s a long time since he has ever felt it since coming to the ship. “I feel good at first I thought this tournament would be boring but I want more.” as he spoke the crowd cheered even louder. Kadir nodded “it seems there is favourite. I do hope you continue to impress everyone...now I assume you want to get ready for your next match?” “Yes, I have to keep myself sharp. To let your guard down could mean death.” “Agreed now I assume you wish to prepare yourself I won’t keep you. Please you can leave the way I came.” Vincent gave a curt nod, he sheathed his blade and began walking to the exit. Each step the crowd cheers became louder, a part of him wanted them to praise him even more. He will give them something to cheer for once he wins the whole tournament.

Several rounds have passed, Adelarm sipped at his glass, the bloodletting the humans have displayed so far has impressed him. Going by the faces of his brothers all of them are impressed. The skill that has been displayed so far has gripped him as well. Yet there have been problems. Right now the semi finals are coming up, there are four fighters to left. “So the next match is George vs Gidius…” Marthas grumbled “the crowd will cheer for that shiny fool over the one who can fight.” “Stop being upset, the one you chose is going up against a favourite.” Ivan smirked “Vincent, at first he was not going to enter the tournament but with some convincing he changed his mind.” Adelram inclined his head to Ivan “he has displayed great skill. He is a crowd favourite unlike George.” “My lord it’s because he ends the matches too quickly.” At the mention of ending matches too quickly he had to admit Ivan was right. Barely any weapon play occurs. He merely charges towards the opponent at high speed then it will only take one to two blows to destroy them. His opponents could not even strike back. Even sorcerer's stood no chance.

Adelram relaxed in his cushion “still we shall see if I am right. Gidius should be able to take his blows. Perhaps we will get an actual match.” “He will die.” said Faust. Everyone looked over to him. “Are you referring to George?” “No Gidius, he knows nothing of true hardship, pain or sacrifice to get what he wants. So he will lose.” Izel scoffed “tell me noise marine is this part of your song? Gidius is marked, it’s clear George is not. The one who is favoured is clear.” Silas relaxed in his cushion “Humour me Izel how do you think favour with a god works?” “Look at his body, it’s been shaped and changed. Plus the increased strength.” Adelram had to agree with Izel. He could sense the favour bleeding off Gidius, compared to George he does not radiate as much energy. “I think Izel is correct, but you never know Gidius could make a mistake.” Silas sighed “fine, let’s watch the match. The large announcer is entering the arena.” At Silas’ word Adelram looked down to the arena Kadir is stood in the middle gesturing upwards to the crowd. “The time is upon us! The semi-finals! So many have spilled their blood! Screamed their dying breaths in this arena! Now the first of the semi-finals! George vs Gidius!” Both gates opened, out came both fighters. They stood face to face, Kadir’s throne was in between them.

Adelram watched Gidius flex, in reaction the crowd looked to be crying their lungs out. With how Gidius conducts himself he captures the hearts and minds of the crowd. That is clear enough. Marthas sighed “I hate him.” Adelram smiled at his champion “Because he is not plain like you am right?” Marthas narrowed his one eye. “I won’t speak further. George will kill him and I can stop being frustrated.” Izel laughed “It might be George that dies.” Adelram sighed slightly “alright enough arguing let’s watch.” Everyone brought their eyes to the arena again. Kadir has left, Gidius pointed his large blade at George. “You are such an ugly thing compared to me you know that?” George wiggled his toes slightly on the ground, he looked down to them and then upwards to Gidius “why do you fight? Do you enjoy this?” Adelram could see the confusion lining Gidius face. He released a great laugh “I care not for killing people. I only do so to show how lowly they are for standing up to me. I kill because I look my best when doing so. The euphoria as people praise me…” George got into battle stance. “I see. I fight because it’s fun, I kill to improve myself. Let’s hope you are not boring.” The chime sounded and George shot forward and landed several quick blows to Gidus’ chest. There was no sign of damage from Asriel’s strikes. Gidius merely took them and laughed “it tickles. Stop that. Your dirty hands can’t harm me!” He swung his blade in the middle of George’s attack.

George bought his arm up, blocking the sword strike, Izel whistled “the material of those gauntlets is actually pretty interesting…” Everyone placed their eyes on the sorcerer. “How so?” asked Adelram. “Well you see psychic energy is being charged through them. It’s why he could block that strike.” “It’s a force weapon?” “Well...yes.” Adelram looked at George with more interest. The one before him is a psyker, which also explains his strength.

Gidius and George clashed again and again, the sword clanging on the golden gauntlets and George making quick strikes and kicks. The issue is no damage is being dealt. “Now considering his gauntlets are force weapons it should easily tear through Gidius’ body. How come that is not the case Izel?” The sorcerer shrugged “I...don’t know. Unless Gidius’ body holds properties we don’t know about.” “It does.” Ivan folded his arms. “From what I understand Gidius’ body can even block power weapons. I discovered that a few months ago. Who knows what blessings have been piled upon him since then. So this George might be in trouble he is on the defence.” as Ivan spoke George leapt back. “See? Gidius will kill him.”

He frowned seeing this, Adelram hoped George will get to the finals but that does not seem likely. Even the crowd is against him, due to him leaping back everyone is booing and jeering at him. George’s stance relaxed he pointed at Gidius “It seems that I was wrong about you.” Gidus lowered his stance “you are panicking...aren’t you?” “No, because unlike you I know what it means to go further beyond my confines. I thought you would be interesting to fight but I was wrong...I give you...an F. It’s time to end this.” George clenched his fists and got into battle stance and finally Adelram sensed it. The psychic energy building, dark energy and purple lighting was threading through his gauntlets and bangles. Like a bullet he charged forward, Gidius could barely even react he tried to swing his blade but George with one hand knocked the strike back. His weapon went flying from his hands.

He took one more quick step forward, as his arm moved at the back of his mind Adelram heard the sound of a snarling beast. Second by second, his fist went forward leaving traces of dark energy until his fist smashed into the side of Gidius’ body. Then he saw it, everyone saw it the cracks. Gidius howled in pain, he tried to stagger back but George would not let him. Kicks and punches crashed into his body, as his arms and feet moved the energy traces that were left behind strangely captivated him.

Gidius was crying in agony. “Please stop! I give up!” George ignored him he readied both his hands and made several quick unrelenting punches. “Shatter! Break under my onslaught!” shouted George. He kept punching, his speed increasing as the seconds ticked by. Bits of Gidius’ body were falling to the ground, George drew back his fist and punched Gidus in the face. As the fist impacted his shining his face, as it cracked black energy began rippling from all the cracks in his body until Gidius burst in a shower of dark energy. What remained of Gidius shattered into small pieces that danced through the air. The glittering lights of the ore along with the energy was capturing all even the Astartes. No one was cheering and perhaps this is what George wanted. He captured everyone with the artistry of Gidius’ death.

It took a few moments for everyone to start clapping and cheering. His brothers were even clapping. Adelram grinned “looks like he made the finals!” He gave Silas and Salvador a look. “So we were right!” Ivan frowned “who is he? Perhaps...” Adelram looked over to Ivan. “What is it?” “It’s just that an individual who killed gothi’s with their fists has been reported to me. I think George is the culprit.” He gave a casual shrug to the apostle “then your cultists need to be better Ivan. Now from what I have seen the one before us has no reason to join the cult if he could easily kill them.” “He is attacking people he has no right to. Let me put it this way, how sure are you that he won’t start killing Astartes? He just shattered Gidius into a thousand tiny pieces. If you do take him under your wing he must be controlled.” “Control has no place under the dark prince.” Said Silas. “Control is an antithesis to everything we do.” “He is only a human” Ivan said firmly. “And? What does it matter? If his skill is impressive then it is. Does not matter if one is an Astartes or not. I recall the Phoenician was deeply saddened when the painter of his favourite portrait died. Even when he ascended he still kept it. It would not surprise me if it’s still on the pride of the emperor.” Adelram could see Silas’ point. “His skill is real Ivan. If he survives I will talk with him. In the end if it comes to that I will have him make sure to keep the prognoids intact.” His word stopped the argument. The apostle sighed heavily and took a sip from his wine glass. “Well Kadir is in the arena let’s see what George has to say.” said Ivan. Adelram placed his eyes on the arena the interview is already starting. “So tell me George. That was spectacular! How did you come up with it?” “With what?” To Adelram George looked confused going by his body language. Kadir shook his head “shattering Gidius into tiny pieces!” “Oh! Well...I just wanted to break him to honest...to test myself.” “Test yourself?” “Yes, to go further beyond my limits. I wonder what it will be like to reach the highest point? Plus he was boring to fight I had to find some way to improve myself. Tell me are the one’s in the final’s strong?” Kadir nodded “well the next semi-final is between Kishi and Vincent. If you have to choose who would you rather fight?” “Vincent.” “May I ask why?” “Because he is stronger.” “I am quite sure people would rather fight a weaker opponent in the arena.” “What would be the point of that? Without the threat of pain. The heat of fighting a possibly stronger opponent how can you become better? There is no joy in avoiding pain.” Marthas turned and gave him a look. “Can we trade?” “What?” said Adelram. “I am asking can you bet on Kishi and I can have George.” “No. He is mine.” “He is not yours yet. How about we give him the choice of who he wants to go with?” “No, because I have decided to claim him for myself. As leader of the warband that is my decision.” As he pulled the leader card, Marthas grumbled slightly in annoyance.

Adelram smiled as he looked at George his conversation with Kadir ending, as he walked away his hearts were beating rapidly. To acquire such a fighter with that mindset. The prospect was pleasing to him. Now he has decided if George survives he will be his servant he will make it happen. Adelram then heard chuckling, he looked over to see it’s Silas. “You like that one that much?” “I do is that a problem?” “No. It’s just interesting that’s it.” Adelram frowned wondering what he is talking about. He looked at the arena again. A part of him did not care for the next match. He wanted to see George again, the prospect of seeing him in the finals bought a smile to his face.
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Noise Marine Terminator with Sonic Blaster

Chapter 10
He felt on edge as he walked to the tunnel leading to the iron gates, he is so close to the finals he can taste it. Just one more round, just one more victory and he will be there. Vincent nodded “the one I am facing should not be too hard to defeat…” what is knows of the slave Kishi is that she cares more about being flashy than being practical with her techniques. Putting on a show has its place but this is a life and death struggle for the title of champion. As he became lost in thought a heard a voice. “Vincent!” He recognised the voice it belonged to Alma he turned and he could see her running towards him. As she approached Vincent could clearly see she was out breath. “What is it Alma?” She crossed her arms. “Goodness I have been looking for you. I need to talk with you.” “About what?” “The finals. Have you considered who you are actually facing?” As Alma mentioned the final’s he stroked his chin. This George fellow had an interesting fighting style but it’s clear enough that he is arrogant. He has also considered the possibility that George is the robed fighter they saw in the hallway it’s clear that he is deadly but everyone has a weakness. There is always a strategy to beating any opponent. “I have thought about it.” “Well what are you going to do?” “Well first he is arrogant that is clear enough I have to use that against him. If he thinks an opponent is strong he feels them out first that is clear enough going by the semi-final match. I have to use that moment to kill him.” Alma gave a small sigh of relief “I am glad you actually thought of a strategy…” “Don’t worry Alma I will win. Unlike everyone else I have been preparing. Now I have to get going my match is starting.” Vincent turned away and continued his journey to the tunnel. He could hear Alma shouting “You will become the champion! I know it!” Vincent smiled hearing that. Titles weren’t really his thing but since the tournament started he craved for one.

Walking down the dark tunnel he reached the gates, he could hear Kadir announcing them. As he finished the gate slowly slid open. He slowly walked into the arena, the cheers of the crowd greeted him. As he reached the center the shouts and bellows of the crowd reached a crescendo, they want him to win. They want to see more of him. Vincent raised his hand to their cheers as his opponent approached him. Once he was face to face with his enemy Kadir was hefted away. Now it’s just him and Kishi.

She twirled the blades in each of her hands. “Going by your body language you look confident…” “I am confident slave.” he pointed his finger at her “this is not a game to me! I am aim to win!” the six limbed maiden chuckled “I see...please don’t die quickly I hate when my dance partners do that…” Vincent unsheathed his blade. “You are the one that is going to die.” after a moment he heard the chime. Kishi charged forward, Vincent unfurled his whip and made rapid lashes halting her charge. Right now he has her where he wants her. Kishi focuses on offense, her skill at defence is poor, Vincent could see it right away.

As he continued to lash her with his whip he could see the frustration as she tried to dodge or swipe away at it with her blades. He had to wait for the right moment, when she does not have time to ready her guard or set her off balance. And to his luck it only took one more lash from his whip. Kishi took a step back, Vincent charged forward and began slashing away with his blade.The six limbed slave tried to parry his attacks but due to being off guard she has trouble doing so. He was able to get a few shallow cuts in, Kishi hissed “Damn you!” In silence Vincent continued his assault. Just a bit more and he will have his opportunity.

Their blades clashes again and again, despite holding six blades he could easily keep up with each. He has trained with Cartia, compared to her the slave is slow. In frustration Kishi ignored her defence and tried to attack. Vincent parried the blows opening her up for an attack. He then plunged his blade into her stomach and twisted. Kishi gagged as blood spilled from his lips. Vincent quickly removed his blade and with a swift blade movement removed her head in one clean cut. Kishi’s body stood up right for a few moments before toppling to the ground. Staring at the now severed head Vincent smiled. “So your dance ends.” He looked up to the crowd and all of them began yelling his name, shouting for his victory in the finals. He heard the gate opening as familiar announcer entered the arena. “Bravo! Bravo!” Kadir approached he was clapping with uncontrollable joy. “Such a clean cut! How did you do it!?” Vincent shrugged “I practice. To be honest I keep winning because I spend most of my time practising.” “I see! So you are going to be facing George in the finals! Are you confident!?” “I am. He is just another slave. An arrogant one at that.” “I see, well I won’t keep you. The finals are going to be in a few hours.” Vincent nodded “then I must prepare.” he made his way out of the arena.

As he entered the tunnel he smirked “I can win this...I know I can…”

Adelram relaxed in his cushion, it’s been about an hour or so and he spent most of it with idle banter and wine. After watching the last match a part of him hoped he could stop the finals and acquire both George and Vincent. Adelram ran through Vincent’s qualities in his head, He appears dependable, obedient and is willing to go at lengths to improve his skill. Every quality he desired. “So do you wish to have him my lord?” Adelram looked over to Ivan. “I assume you guessed what I was thinking?” “Indeed I have, I do think Vincent will be a good match for you. He knows his place and his pursuit of excess is wonderful to see.” “I agree. Part of me wants to stop the final’s but I have to remember this tournament is for the warband. No matter how the final’s play out I will have a new servant.” Marthas sighed “are you sure Vincent is a good match?” “What do you mean Marthas?” asked Adelram. “I mean, it’s clear enough that you will get bored of him in time.” Silas echoed his champion. “You will, he does not let his heart run free that will cost him in the next round.” “How do you know? Vincent has clear skill in his blade work and he is focused. How sure are you that I will get bored of him?” The noise marine leaned back into the cushion “he is rejecting his pain and it stifiles his growth...what he does is mere distractions to alleviate the pain in his heart…” “What are you talking about?” Silas folded his arms “just wait for the finals and you will see.” Adelram could not help get annoyed with how Silas has become so cryptic after joining the Kakophoni. It’s a plus that he does not second guess him anymore but he gets the feeling he is acting like he knows and understands far more than he does. He was not sure whether he liked that or not.

Adelram frowned “guess I just have to wait and see…”

Vincent gripped the handle of his blade, it’s almost time just a few minutes. The finals are coming, he sat on a bench running strategies through his head. He wants to win this, he has to win. The drive to win was consuming him, it was an odd sensation. Heat was welling up in his chest as he thought of victory. Then he heard the chime for fighters to go to the iron gates, he got up from the bench and began walking to the tunnel.

As he reached it, he took in a deep breath and continued walking, approaching the iron gates. He saw Kadir yelling as usual trying to increase the hype generated by the crowd. Even standing here he could hear the muffled screaming and cheers. Right away he knows they are screaming for him to win and that’s what he will do.

He waited for a few more seconds as the gates finally opened, Vincent walked into the arena and the cheers of the crowd was almost deafening. He could tell all of them were looking forward to this. But he had to concentrate on what was in front of him, the gate at the other side of the arena was opening. At the corner of his vision he could tell Kadir is giving him a look. He wants him to win also, the drive to win consumed him utterly.

He tapped his cheeks with his hands and looked ahead of him, then he saw him, George. The robed figure who has been killing the priesthood.

He casually walked to the center of the arena, Kadir was taken away on his throne, the slaves crying and grunting. Now alone, Vincent smiled. “You are arrogant you know that?” George shrugged back “if it helps you fight better I can be even more arrogant.” what his opponent just said caused him to raise his eyebrow. “What are you talking about?” “You are strong prelate but you can be even better.” his serene voice made him want to believe him but at most he is trying to throw him off. He can’t get distracted at the start of the fight.

Vincent unsheathed his blade and got into battle stance. He need to prick at him, make him angry. “You are aware your fighting style is ugly? There is no precision, no technique. From what I hear you are just using brute force..” in response George got into battle stance, purple electricity tracing through his gold gauntlets. “I fight this way because it feels better. You should try it.” He frowned hearing that, it seems that he is not the type to be thrown off by trash talk. Gripping his blade he waited for the chime, his heart was beating rapidly until he heard it. The sound to start combat.

Vincent used this opportunity to strike first he lashed his whip forward, instead of dodging George stood in place and took the attack. His pinkish skin bled slightly “this is not enough...you can do more…I barely felt it..” he ground his teeth hearing that, George must be mocking him. He attacked again with his whip but this time George caught it to his shock. Then suddenly he was pulled towards his opponent, the sheer strength on display almost frightened him. But he has been through worse.

Soon as he got into a few paces, he felt a thundering pain in his face and after a split second he found himself tumbling to the ground.

His vision was a daze, his face hurt at the current moment he could tell that his nose is broken. But something is strange, he felt his nose tingling and realigning into place. The pain quickly vanished, in confusion he got up and looked at George. “W-what have you done!?” “Nothing. As I said you can do more.” George beconked with one finger. “Or can you only use your whip?” Vincent ground his teeth in annoyance he charged towards George, he readied his blade. As he reached close combat he began to slash at his opponent again and again, but George was merely making simple movements causing him to hit air. It was frustrating, even the crowd began shouting. “Hit each other! Stop dancing!” the crowd bellowed. “Ignore them.” George said flatly. “Blind fools who can’t understand true pain...but you are almost there…” Vincent narrowed his eyes as he grasped his blade in both hands and made a sideways slash. To his horror George caught his blade with his fingers, just with one hand he stopped his attack. “What can I do to make you fight? To make you grow? Out of everyone in this tournament you caught my interest. Even before this bout you were different compared to everyone else.” Vincent furrowed his brow he had no idea what he was talking about.

George released his grip on his blade, Vincent staggered back. “Who are you!?” “It doesn't matter who I am. Perhaps I need to push you?” He flexed his fingers slightly, dark energy began building in his hands. Vincent got ready to dodge a psychic attack but instead what happened is the energy dissipated and the tattoo’s on his body began moving. The brand that looked like a snake slithered off his body. It was a small thing but in a few seconds it began growing, until it towered over him. The shadowy snake had pink eyes it was also taller than an Astartes, just looking at it such a creature could eat them whole.

He took a step back “you were hiding this the whole time!?” “Well yes, I had no reason to use it before. If this can help you I don’t mind using it.” “I don’t need your help slave!” “But you do. Ivan wishes you to win and then spy on him. I wish to help you become your own person. Plus this tournament was meant to help with my boredom but it’s not exactly working. Please do entertain me at the same time Vincent.” He gestured with one finger, the snake shot forward maw opened wide, but to his surprise it diverted slightly. It crashed to the side of him. The snake then reared upwards slithering back, but it had something in its mouth.

He stared and it and he could spot a hand peeping out of his maw, Vincent looked to his arm that wields the whip, it was gone, torn off. He dropped to his knees and screamed, blood was pooling on the ground. He began hyperventilating, George shook his head. “You are not going to die. Not yet.” Vincent then felt a sharp pain, he felt his bones moving, he looked to his missing arm and it was rebuilding itself. First the bone, then the muscle and the skin.

The pain vanished as his arm was reformed, he flexed it and looked up to George “w-what are you doing?” “Making you better, but the pain has not ended yet. My dear snake has another function. You should feel it about now.” as George spoke, the arena bled away. He was in a room, it was dimly lit but it had a strange smell. Looking around he saw two bloodied operating tables. But what drew his vision was the people on it. Two boys, thrashing and crying for help. They cried for their mother, they screamed for their father. Vincent dropped his blade and gripped his head, tears falling down his cheeks. “Stop it! Don’t!” The two boys kept crying screaming for help. Until the door opened revealing a doctor in dirty clothes wheeling in a tray. All the tools were rather rusty and dirty. The doctor who entered the room picked up a scalpel and stood over one of the boys.

Vincent picked up his blade and got his feet he roared in agony and charged towards the doctor, his heart was bleeding. It screamed in pain “Stop it! Stop!” he slashed the doctor but he faded away into pink mist. He blinked and suddenly he was in front of George who just blocked his attack with is gauntlet. “I barely saw that…” Vincent blinked trying to clear his misty eyes. Then he felt anger, his heart hurt. “You...will pay…” “It doesn’t end there Vincent…” George pushed away his strike and punched him in the gut, he then landed a blow on his face sending him flying.

Crashing on the ground, Vincent grunted trying to rise, he saw the black snake darting towards him. Instead of aiming for his arm, it tore off his leg. Again he screamed, but the arena bled away again. The pain vanished and his leg was still there, but he was in another dark room. He got to his feet and looked around, it looked like a hotel of sorts, he then heard the sound of a woman. For some reason his hearts twisted, it came from the bed. He looked towards it and saw her sleeping with a man he does not recognise.

Tears trailed down his face, he can’t handle the pain he is feeling right now. It’s too much, far too much. He gripped his blade and walked over to the bed. He panted and began slashing away at the two figures. He did not care he wanted them gone, if he kills them the pain will stop. The surroundings bled away again and he found himself in front of George slashing relentlessly at him. His attacks were getting through, but the pain in his heart has distracted him, he pulled back his attack. “Why did you stop Vincent?” asked George. He looked down to his blade his hands were trembling. “Why are you doing this?” “To make you better. But it seems that is not enough.” his opponent sighed. “Perhaps this will help?

He coughed slightly, “is this better?” right away he recognised the voice. As the person before him spoke a deafening silence held the arena. It just lasted for a moment until all the cultists and Astartes started screaming to kill the person in front of him. To brutalize him, to shred him to pieces. But deep down he knew, soon as he heard that voice he had no chance of winning. “Don’t listen to them. Ignore them.” said Asriel. Vincent shook his head “I-I have no chance…” “you do, you are strong but Iv- no in my foolishness held your development. So I shall be truthful. This will help you.” Asriel removed his wooden mask and dropped it on the ground. As Vincent looked upon the disgraced high prelate’s visage, it terrified him, but it was beautiful at the same time. To him it would be a crime to harm it.

Asriel flexed his fingers as the shadowy snake slithered behind and him. “Tell me Vincent how do you feel now?” He clenched his heart as Asriel spoke, his heart won’t stop hurting this is what Asriel does. This is how he tortured him before when he took the warband. “I was wrong.” Asriel said firmly. Vincent looked at him in surprise “trying to change you into my family was wrong but the pain you felt wasn’t.” he looked up towards the box. “The rejection still pains me...some part of me hates that he rejected my gift. Yet being a cripple, being tortured and frightened thinking about it now? It was wonderful. I forgive you sorceror for it was not for you I would not become this.” Asriel leveled his gaze at him. “That’s why Vincent I will tell you this. I manipulated your emotions so you drown in excess. I cared nothing for your children, some part of me actually enjoyed your reaction to seeing your kids in a box. Crying over it like a child, I searched the past and what I saw were your children screaming as they died on those tables. Plus when you killed your wife? It was amazing, it’s a shame that she was having relations with another man. Or perhaps she left you because you are weak willed? Oh and I should add Laura was planning to take your children to live with the man she was cheating with. Your children would of been better off without you.” As Asriel unloaded all that information onto him, something inside him broke.

It was like his heart burst, the agony in his heart won’t stop but at the same time it felt right but mixed in those emotions was anger. He charged towards Asriel, his mind felt more clear, he needed to make Asriel feel the pain he does. It’s all because of him, he made rapid attacks with his blade. Vincent did not care anymore, he gripped the emotion in his heart and held it, the misery, the agony he kept those feelings close as he attacked.

Right away he saw it, Asriel was having trouble dodging his attacks, as he kept up his assault he felt his right eye burning. His movements second by second were becoming faster and instead of dodging his strikes, Asriel was taking grazes, he roared at him. “I will make you suffer!” his right eye kept hurting it almost felt like it was bleeding. He drew back his blade and went to imaple Asriel, but to his shock he dropped his guard. Vincent found his blade plunging into Asriel’s gut. He held the blade and twisted, Asriel coughed blood flaking his lips “that’s it…” Asriel reached over and grabbed his head pulling him close. Their foreheads touched “just like that Vincent...how do you feel?” He found his hand trembling slightly as Asriel spoke. The pain in his right eye has ebbed away but the pain in his heart was still there, but something felt different. It felt good for some reason. It felt right.

Asriel chuckled“now...I am getting bored. You have to work on yourself from now on…” he moved his hand away from his head and placed it on his shoulder. With great force Asriel pushed him back sending him flying with his blade. On the ground Vincent looked at Asriel, the wound on his gut was closing. He turned away from him, the black snake also shrinking and slithering up his leg. As Asriel reached the iron gates, eldritch energy pulsed from his gauntlets as he tore a large chunk out of the gate, making a hole for him to walk through. He then walked forward and vanished into the darkness.

Vincent stared at the hole, the crowd was oddly silent but that did not last long. People were roaring at him to chase Asriel, to butcher him. Vincent got to his feet and looked at the crowd he shouted at the top of his voice “Shut up! If you want to kill him do it yourself!” the crowd began grumbling at his exclamation. For some reason shouting at his fellows and the demi-gods felt good, for once in a long time since he has embraced the dark prince he felt good. Even with his heart pulsing with pain, the stinging sensation felt wonderful.

He sheathed his blade, now he was done with the tournament he did not care for it. He walked towards the hole Asriel made with a big grin on his face.

Adelram sat on the cushion, he did not know how to feel at the current moment. He was not sure whether to feel angry or happy. Should he be angry at the fact that Ivan tried to place a spy in his midst? Should he be upset that Asriel clearly can’t be controlled? Plus his words for Izel confused him. His mind drifted, he wondered if he should feel happy with how Asriel now looks and fights. How he handled Vincent, as the prelate left the arena he could feel it, the favour bleeding off him. He rose from the cushion and looked at Silas and Faust. “You knew. Yet you said nothing.” Silas shrugged “yes, the end was quite a surprise though.” Faust nodded “Asriel has grown well.” “Grown!?” spat Ivan “he made a moc-” Adelram gave him a look to silence him. Ivan clearly annoyed looked away, Adelram is not in the mood for his feelings of being slighted. Marthas chuckled “so I guess I have no chance of taking him then?” Izel sighed “who would want him? This tournament proves he is dangerous.”Adelram scratched his head at the moment he felt annoyed, he could feel his heart's already moving to forgiving him like always.

He can’t allow that, he has to be sure. “I want to see brother!” he looked over to Salvador who is standing upright, he had tears in his eyes “Master I want to see him!” Difillia sighed “you are not going to forgive him are you?” at the mention of forgiveness he shook his head. He narrowed his eyes at Silas “he is in that room isn’t he?” “do you want to see him?” Adelram closed his eyes for a moment and opened them. “I do.”
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So that's the tournament done.
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Very nice! I really enjoyed that chapter! Good job portraying the way that Vincent and Asriel fight, and the differences between current Asriel and the one from before. Really like where this story is heading right now!


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I just want you to know your stories give me life, I look forward to them after work and will be deeply saddened if/when the story ever ends. Judging by your view count it seems alot of others feel the same way, we fiend for the excess!

BTW can you explain the symbolism behind asriel destroying th helmet? I only vaguely recall the promise asriel made too the dude stuck in the cage.
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 Dayknight wrote:

I just want you to know your stories give me life, I look forward to them after work and will be deeply saddened if/when the story ever ends. Judging by your view count it seems alot of others feel the same way, we fiend for the excess!

BTW can you explain the symbolism behind asriel destroying th helmet? I only vaguely recall the promise asriel made too the dude stuck in the cage.

You know that means a lot to me. Thanks!

On the skull helmet, Charlie said not to change, he is different from the warband etc. But in this instance Asriel feels he has to after you know the whole being a cripple event and the fortress exploding. He can't keep his word to Charlie, he kept his head this whole time to symbolise that moment.

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Chapter 11

As he walked to that room he felt odd, he wondered what he will find there. In front of him Silas and Faust were escorting him to the chambers where Asriel was kept. “Master do you think my brother will be okay?” Adelram turned his head back slightly, Salvador and Difillia were walking behind him. “Why do you ask?” Salvador tapped his fingers together slightly, he was clearly worried. “No one likes him that’s why…everyone will try and kill him...” at the mention of the warband making attempts on his life he frowned. He allowed that to happen, to hopefully erase a bad memory, to wipe away a mistake. But since the tournament he felt conflicted. He liked what he saw but the issue remains, which is control. Perhaps his wayward has learned something? He stared at Faust and Silas, “it’s impossible…” he whispered to himself. With those two filling his head there is no way he can be controlled.

“Control is not our thing Adelram.” he folded his arms in annoyance, Silas heard him he should of guessed that would happen considering he is a noise marine now. “You knew what I was thinking?” “Yes, as I said trying to control someone is wrong.” As they walked he sighed. “So what if his stunt from before? Should he have been free to lobotomize my warband?” “Yes, just as we were free to stop him.” Adelram could see he is not going to win this argument, it’s just going to go in circles. They continued walking until he heard a crunch, he looked down to see bodies clogging the hallway, all of them half-eaten. “He has been busy.” Faust intoned. “I should of suspected this will happen when the warband found out his identity they would seek to kill him.” “We prepared him to defend himself Faust.” said Silas. Adelram stared at the corpses they are mutilated beyond recognition. He even noticed a few Astartes corpses, but their gene-seed was torn out, nothing is there. Not even the prognoids. He clenched his hands and ground his teeth. “He did not leave them…” “Well he is a predator.” said Faust. “He devours them taking in their strength. Plus for the joy of eating.” he pointed at an Astartes corpse “He ate everything! Even the prognoids! I ca-” “they were devoured because they were weak and the strong should make use of the weak to grow. Plus part of their weakness might of been transferred to the next one you make.” Adelram wiped his hands down his face in annoyance. This scene shows he has learned nothing. Maybe he has to discipline him? “You can’t.” Silas said flaty. “There you are again knowing what I was thinking. Why can’t I discipline him?” “You're defending the meek and the weak. He might eat you for that.” “Eat me!? What!?” Silas sighed “Faust isn’t it the whole shark thing?” “I believe so it’s an interesting practice. His old people would of made good servants.” Adelram had know idea what they were talking about. What’s clear enough is that Asriel eats more than Salvador. He looked backed to his bestial servant, as they walked he was drooling. “Master do you think Asriel will share?” he sighed heavily. “Your brother hasn’t learned his lesson so I might have to punish him.” Silas began laughing hard. “What is so funny Silas?” the noise marine coughed slightly it sounded like he choked on his Saliva slightly. “Yes Adelram please do punish him I want to see what happens!”

He found his eyebrow twitching slightly, Silas is mocking him. He was about to say something until both noise marines stopped at a door. “We are here” said Silas. He pushed the button to open the door. As the door slid open the smell of blood and perfume slammed into his nose. Both Astartes walked in, he followed after them with his servants. Soon as he entered he saw him sitting on a table, also a beaten man was on his knees in front of him.

Adelram could see Asriel’s mouth looked unhinged as he opened it wide. Looking at his teeth all of them were shaped like fangs. Asriel held a piece of meat and stuffed it into his mouth and started to chew. He could hear the crunching of bone. “Asriel he is here.” His eye one moved to the door, right away he saw the change. His eye was no longer black like his, the scelera was still black but the iris was pink with a black slit. It moved slightly, Adelram could not tell whether it was in happiness or annoyance. Asriel kept chewing and eventually swallowed. “So you bought him Silas?” as Asriel spoke his teeth were slowly returning to normal. “Well yes he wanted to see you.” Said Silas. Adelram took a step forward “so you haven’t learned a thing then?” Asriel shrugged “learned what?” he pointed to the door “the Astartes outside, their prognoids are gone! Do you have any idea what that means!?” Asriel still looked clearly disinterested. “They were weak so why do you care? Plus they were boring to. Just like this one here.” He pointed at the beaten man, “such people are only meat to be eaten and savoured.” Adelram stared at the man “so you are going to eat him then?” “well not me, he is going to. After watching Ormir in the arena, Fiske got agitated.” “Fiske? Who is that?” asked Adelram. Asriel pointed up “he is above us.” Adelram looked up he saw a strange shadowy fish like creature circling above them it looked like it was swimming in the air. It’s eyes were exactly like Asriel’s. Soon as their eyes met it shot towards him it’s huge ravening maw opened wide showing a set of teeth similar to Asriel’s. “Stop!” the creature stopped and swam next to Asriel, he petted it. “We can’t eat him. Not yet..” Adelram’s eyes went wide “Yet!? What are you talking about!?” “I mean what I say.” Asriel said firmly. He tapped the head of the creature it short towards the beaten man and began devouring him.

Asriel hopped of the desk and narrowed his eye at him. “Have you given some thought about Vestos?” as Asriel mentioned the hive city he sighed “there was nothing we co-” he blinked and Asriel was now before him his hand moved back and shot into his chest. His hand penetrated his armour, he felt his skin tearing and then he felt something on his secondary heart. Adelram coughed up blood. In shock he stared at Asriel who looked absolutely calm, he tried to reach for him and then he felt a tight constriction on his heart. He stopped the movement. “W-what are you doing!?” Adelram gasped. Difillia then shouted “how dare you!” before she could move the creature moved away from it’s meal and began circling Difillia. “Don’t move Difillia, this is between me and him.” his servant kissed her teeth and Salvador looked to be in tears. “Brother why are you hurting master again!?” Asriel sighed “I have to hurt him to show he must do more. Pain is wine for the soul, in pain there is understanding.” Adelram narrowed his eyes “I am yo-” “At this moment you are not my lord, you….are meat.” Adelram then felt a tug, blood began pouring down his lips as he felt his secondary heart leaving his body. He screamed in pain, he sagged to his knee as Asriel held his beating heart.

He turned his head to Silas and Faust who were standing like stones. “W-what are you doing! Kill him!” he felt anger. The one before him can’t be used or controlled. Salvador began charging towards Asriel “stop it!” he yelled. Asriel gave him a look, his tattoo’s began moving and the snake emerged. It launched towards Salvador and wrapped itself around him, holding him in place. “Don’t interrupt dear brother.” Asriel then bought his gaze to him, he opened his mouth wide and consumed his secondary heart. He chewed moving the piece of meat around his mouth, Adelram could not help but stare in horror and despair. How he is casually eating his heart, the thought that he died on Urum came back. That Asriel was reduced to that state because of him.

He then heard a gulp, Asriel tapped his belly “so you are not entirely a lost cause.” Adelram blinked in confusion “what are you talking about?” Asriel smiled “fight Adelram. If you don’t you are going to die.” Asriel got into battle stance. He watched his disgraced servant pull his fist back, psychic energy thrummed through the gauntlets. What was happening before him it was like time was slowing down. The thought that Asriel would kill him, his remaining heart twisted in agony for some reason. His mind began charting through all the memories but it always returns to Urum and the bargain he made with the dark prince. Then he told himself one thing. He died on Urum. Then time returned to normal, he moved his head slightly dodging the blow. He roared “you died on the Urum!” he grabbed his arm and rose with all his might he threw Asriel across the room. He crashed onto the iron-maiden, he heard several bones breaking. Asriel fell to the ground he got to his knees and coughed blood, Adelram at this moment could hear his bones mending.

Seeing him in such a state hurt him, truly it did he thought something like this would never happen. Adelram drew his blade, even if it hurts he will mend his mistake. He gripped it in both hands as Asriel rose, a big fat grin was playing across his face. “That’s it! That’s the face you should be making!” he ground his teeth, he wondered what he found so joyous. He narrowed his eyes and charged towards him. Asriel also ran onwards as they got into close combat. He swinged his blade, but surprisingly Asriel dodged. He kept dodging.

As he kept up his onslaught of attacks he asked “why are you doing this?” “Why not?” Asriel caught a strike on his gauntlet, a bone broke but to someone like him a broken bone is nothing. He used his other hand to punch his knee joint. Adelram hissed in pain, they kept clashing again and again. As the fight went on his heart hurt even more, cold winds wept up around them. He has to kill him, then it will end. He raised his hand and unleashed his sorcery but instead of normal eldritch fire, icy winds shot towards Asriel. He put up his hand in response and a wave of dark energy blocked the attack. As Asriel lowered his shield, Adelram looked to his hand. He wondered how he did that. He bought his eyes to Asriel who is quickly moving to attack him again he was still grinning ear to ear. Like he was enjoying this.

He brought up his guard and they continued fighting, the icy winds kept building and building. Asriel was about to attack but stopped, he looked down to see half his body frozen in ice. He chuckled “so this is how you are responding?” In silence Adelram raised his blade. “You died on Urum.” Adelram said firmly. Before he could bring his blade down he heard an ear splitting shout “that’s enough!” Adelram clenched his head slightly, he looked back to Silas who is striding towards them. “That is enough...” Adelram shook his head “he has to die!” “Why?” “He is a mistake! He would never attack me! He-” “He would if he felt it could help you.” “Shut up Silas!” shouted Asriel. Silas wagged his finger “if you kept going you would actually kill him.” Asriel looked away, Suddenly he felt confused he lowered his blade. “W-what is going on?” Silas gestured to the room “Look around you.” Adelram looked around what he saw is the whole room is covered in rime and ice. Difillia is almost hugging herself to keep warm. As he saw this the confusion got even worse. “I don’t understand…” Faust finally came forward “how do you feel Adelram?” His arms sagged slightly as Faust spoke. His heart hurts, his body hurts and mixed in that is the weight of his choices. But strangely enough it felt good as he thought about it. He then bought his eyes to Asriel who is looking away slightly. “You are doing it again aren’t you?” Asriel kept his silence for a moment and then sighed. “Imagine if you could of freeze everyone in the room? The loyalists would of not had the chance to use their bomb..” Faust nodded “he was trying to help your development.” At the mention of development he wiped his hand down his face. He could not even feel the sting from the wound inflicted on him.

He walked towards Asriel and stood before him, the ice was melting away “why do you do this?” he asked. Asriel rubbed his neck “I want you to be better….” “To me it seemed like you wanted to kill me!?” Adelram shouted. Asriel shrugged back “maybe...it was fun though…can we keep going?” he sighed, suddenly he did not exactly feel angry. Just weary, deep down he knew if he slipped up at one moment he would of killed him. Staring at him now he looked like a predator. His servant is not exactly obedient anymore, or could be controlled but he is like a ravenous animal, a playful one at that. But there is one thing he wanted to ask. “Do you know? What you are?” Asriel cocked his head slightly “you mean..” “yes, are you aware of how you recovered?” he simply gave a curt nod in response. As he nodded the outburst felt more embarrassing, and then a thought crossed his mind. If he knew he most likely does not care, he is like that. Even if he thought such a thing it still hurt the fact that he might not be…”I am real. I am standing right here.” Asriel said firmly.

Adelram dropped his blade and held his wound, he walked towards Asriel. “I see...you would say that...still...you can’t keep doing this….” “I will keep doing this you have survived so far. The warband has survived. Pain and terror is a joy that should be shared by all.” He shook his head slowly “I might not forgive you next time.” “You always have so far.” Right now, mixed in all the pain he already could feel it. The toxin which is forgiveness. This always happens again and again. Most chaos lords or warband leaders would of killed someone like Asriel by now. He gave a heavy sigh “can you fix my wound? You ate my heart.” Asriel nodded, he walked towards him “move your hand Adelram.” he did as he bade and moved his hand away. Asriel pressed his hand to the wound and slowly it started to close, he could feel the veins in his body reconnecting and after moment he felt his secondary heart beating again.
Standing up right he flexed his hands “release Difillia and Salvador.” Asriel gestured his hand the shadowy creatures released both his servants and moved towards Asriel. Soon as the fish like creature left Difllia shouted “why are you forgiving him!? He tried to kill you!” Adelram stared at her, he understands why she is upset. He should be upset but he wasn’t thinking on their battle it was oddly fun. “Well...I have. Plus it seems I have something new to experiment with..” he flexed his hand rime built for a moment and melted away. As he spoke Difllia merely sagged her arms in defeat.

Salvador charged towards them he ran right past him and hugged Asriel. He squeezed him tightly he wept “I am so happy! We are together again!” Asriel grunted “p-please... s-stop...” Salvador grinned at Asriel, he released him. “Brother you have horns just like me! But they are ridged…” Asriel tapped his horns “well we are meant to brothers but we did not look similar at all so I decided to mold myself some horns.” Salvador touched it “I like it!”

Seeing all of this Salvador is acting like nothing happened at all, but he is also acting the same way. He looked over to Silas “you delivered what you have promised.” The noise marine chuckled “well honestly I was not sure what was going to happen.” Adelram’s eyes went wide. “So you had no idea that Asriel was going to do this!?” Silas nodded “Indeed. But it turned out for the best. The dark prince has to keep some surprises up his sleeve.” At the mention of the dark prince he could not help but shake his head, the possibility this whole event was predetermined.

Adelram folded his arms as Salvador and Asriel talked, he knew after this he can’t exactly treat Asriel the same anymore. He has the capacity to kill him, the thought caused his hearts to twist but it was not a sad fact, but an interesting one. “Asriel.” he looked over to him. “Yes?” “How would you like to spar me in the future?” At the mention of sparring him he beamed at the prospect. Looking at him now he did not turn out how he expected but he has to admit Asriel has come out far better than he imagined.
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To give a visual to what his eyes look like.


Also the tattoo's I want to talk about this. For the visuals I was inspired by Tatau's since it had the tribal look I wanted. Visual example, some people might know where this is from. Yes I am also a fan of that series writing perhaps that also adds to why I murder characters and make their stories so depressing?


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Entry 5
They say time heal’s wounds, but for us we like to keep our wounds fresh, to let it scab will cause us to forget the joy of pain. Through these tribulations it seems Adelram looks to be well again. Well enough to find a new “hobby” whatever happened when he visited Asriel he came out better. He has no interest in my philosophy still but he is following it all the same. He has forgiven Asriel despite the grievances of the Anguis cult and the Astartes of the warband. They all called for his death and guess what happened? Adelram allowed them to attempt to kill Asriel. Those who try never return, instead what has happened is humans have started to flock around him. Now in the bowels of the ship we have two warring factions.

The Anguis cult who views Asriel’s group as heretics and lowely dogs. They are staining the pride of the third and the other faction is called...well Asriel hasn’t named it. Now the reason why they fight? Per Asriel’s words “it’s fun” The Anguis view what they are doing as some sort of holy duty. Asriel’s cult merely views the “war” as a distraction. Now Asriel’s new cult largely ignore orders until Adelram or Silas says something. To my surprise they are also willing to do as I ask as well. I doubt this is Asriel’s influence their view on people is an interesting one. Those they consider boring and or weak are meat to be played with. They corrupt, devour and defile because the joy of doing it. They believe it to be their “right” Astartes also fall under this as well. Now many of my brothers seek to “discipline” them but they don’t come back.

Said Astartes goes into the bowels of the ship and Asriel returns a suit of armour and prognoids to Adelram. My lord largely does not care for their fate as long as he gets the prognoids. Looking at all of this, I am happy. I am happy for the warband, I am happy for Asriel and Adelram. N-

Chapter 12
“Marthas I want to spar with you!” He looked up from his journal he wondered how Asriel got into the room without him noticing. He was about to finish an entry, the interruption annoyed him slightly. “No, I have already sparred with you five times. Ask someone else.” Asriel pulled over a chair and sat at the front of his desk. “Stop being boring! I know you want to fight me.” He sighed and closed the book. He placed the quill in the ink bottle. “I shall ask again have you asked anyone else?” Asriel nodded “Adelram spends all his time messing around with his new hobby, Salvador is too scared and Difillia? I beat her too quickly.” “What of Silas?” “I can’t find him.” “Izel?” “Nope, he is more interested in his research.” Marthas shook his head “don’t you have Anguis cult members to kill?” “I already killed some, I think it was a few hours ago. Plus I asked Noxus after our game of Regicide. He just fell asleep ignoring me.” “Don’t you have any other hobbies Asriel?” “Save killing, torturing and corrupting people? No I don’t.” Marthas picked up his journal “I started writing because of you. How about you start writing again?” “I have, trying to sort out the teachings of my new group. I got bored and now I am here.” He smiled at him.

Marthas could not help but sigh heavily “fine…” Asriel started to clap “yes!” he hopped off his chair and walked over to the door. “Come on let’s go!” Marthas rose from his chair and grabbed Eligos. He walked over to the door and opened it. “I assume it’s the same room?” said Marthas. Asriel nodded, at the confirmation both of them left his chambers and made their way to the training room. As they walked all the mortal serf’s gave Asriel looks of contempt. His friend paid no mind, for he knows that’s all they can do. They are the lambs and he is the wolf, a savage one at that. He hummed as they made their journey. “So how is your dealings with the Anguis cult?” “Asriel stopped humming he stroked his chin. “Weak, Ivan made them weak. A part of me regrets bringing him back.” “He is keeping the cult in order though.” “True, but what is order to us? Order is a simple chain that collars us to keep us from doing what we want.” Marthas could not help but agree, the freedom to do what they want when they want. The dark prince has given them the tools and playground it’s up to them to enjoy it. They stopped walking after a moment and stood in front of a door. He wondered how many times he has been here now. “This is the last time Asriel.” He looked up to him. “Fine. This is the last time.” Marthas pressed the button to open the door. They walked into the the training room, he saw all the weapons on the racks and the servitors in their cages but they are not here for them.

Marthas took his spot in the room, Asriel stood in front of him. He held Eligos tightly as he said “Is it to fir-” Asriel charged before he could finish he made several quick strikes with his fists. He smoothly dodged each one but he has to be careful. Asriel says he wants to spar but knowing him he might decide to bring this spar past first blood like always. “Why are you dodging Marthas!? I thought you enjoyed pain!?” Asriel laughed he kept up his onslaught of attacks, each strike was getting faster. His fists were clipping against his armour, chipping away the ceramite. Then he felt it, a fist brushed against his skin as it tore through his armour.

It burned, feeling that searing touch bought a smile to his face, Asriel got first blood but he kept going. The possibility that he is also aiming to go to death filled his mind, Marthas grinned. He opened his other eye right away he felt it, time slowing down. Second by second he took a deep breath and dodged Asriel’s strike, tightening his grip on Eligos he swept it into Asriel’s body knocking him upwards. Then in a quick motion he struck him again sending him to the ground.

Marthas closed his eye and looked at Asriel’s ruined body, two large chunks were missing and he was twitching on the ground. Blood was running down from his mouth as he began coughing harshly. Marthas sighed “fix yourself first. Then speak.” Asriel’s body began to move in unnatural directions as bones and flesh began to mend. He kept coughing, but the cough soon turned into joyful laughter. “That was fun!” “Don’t you get bored of fighting me?” His friend sat up right shaking his head now fully healed. “No because you are strong Marthas so you are not boring to fight.” “Well Adelram did make me the exalted champion.” “I think you are suited to the role.” As Asriel spoke he thought about his title, he did not care all that much for it. But he had to admit he did find some joy in fighting Asriel, at the current moment he knows how all the Astartes fight and each time they spar Asriel is not using all the tools he has at his disposal. In the end he wondered if Asriel did kill him what would happen afterwards? Adelram will forgive him as usual and he would move on. In the end that’s the way of it, he will merely enjoy this life until it’s time to go. “Don’t say that.” Asriel said firmly. He smiled at him “You knew what I was thinking?” “Yes, I don’t want you to leave ever.” He is not exactly moved by his words but it surprised him. “So you care that much? It seems spending a century fighting together would do that…” “Well it was hard before I found you. It was maddening not knowing when any of you will pop up on Zatos. So if you die who else will I have fun with? So don’t think like that. Enjoy the galaxy with me and Adelram.” Marthas gave a sad smile hearing that. “what is it?” Asked Asriel. “At times I wish you were an Astartes.” said Marthas. Asriel looked away “if I was I would not be the same. Who says that I would get along with you if I was? Perhaps in your cycle nonsense that the dark prince prefers me as a human.” He could not help but agree, in a manner of speaking the dark prince most likely has more use in Asriel being a human. If he was an Astartes his relationship with Adelram will most likely be entirely different. “Good point.” He clicked his neck “I feel for another round...don’t hold back..” Asriel hopped to his feet grinning ear to ear “Are you sure? You might die this time…” “I know for sure that you will most likely tear me to pieces and put me back together again. Don’t worry I can take it…” He smiled as he charged towards Asriel starting the second round.

He stretched his mind, gazing at the threads of fate. As he moved through each one he could hear it the hissing of a snake. The closer he gets to the sound the louder it becomes and if he reaches and grasps the snake as it comes into view he sees a pool. A pool of blood and gazing at said pool one word rings through his mind. Damnation… It will destroy the legions. The core of who they are will be warped into a servant of the dark prince. He held his vision and looked for splinter points, who owns this pool. Where is it located? He searched and searched until he saw a name. “The Harbingers of sin…” He opened all nine of his eyes, sweat creasing his brow. He sat cross legged in his chamber. He was about to ready himself to dive again until he heard a knock on his door.

He rose and called out “Enter!” The door slid open revealing one of his apprentices one of the nine lesser sorcerer's under him. His backpack has mutated into rainbow coloured wings that thrummed with eldritch power and his armour bore engraved runes, wards and other sorcerous texts. The sorcerer bowed “Magister Arash…” “What is it? Why did you disturb me Farhad?” “You have been in your chambers for days the others….” He could tell he wishes to be careful with his words. For one he does not wish to incur his wrath, but he is not a brute or fool like other warband leaders. The Thousand sons are above such things. “Speak Fahad.” He nodded “The thrallband grows...weary. They are eager to spread change and seek hidden knowledge.” Arash shook his head “Tell me Fahad which cult are we a part of? Are we of the vult of change?” “No..my lord.” “Are we of the cult of knowledge?” He bowed “No we are not.” “Then what are we my apprentice?” “We are of the cult of prophecy…” “Yes the cult of prophecy we left the planet of the sorcerers for I sensed the doom of our legion. No...the doom of all legions. We do not hoard knowledge, we do not seek to enact change on misguided fools but to see the strands of fate and move them in our favour. To bend and control them for our legion...now I have found the source of our doom.” Fahad perked up in surprise “Have you? What is it?” “It is a pool that can twist the gene-seed within us. Convert an Astartes to a member of the third.” “T-That’s…” “Impossible? Nothing is impossible when it comes to chaos. Especially when it comes to the degenerates of the third, they have no concept of danger or limit. But this pool is a threat to us, a threat that must be ended.”

Arash turned away “Inform the other eight we are calling in some favours. As with all things our lessers will do the work for us.” “Yes my lord it will be done..” Arash then heard the door close. He clenched his hands as his apprentices footsteps turned distant, as always they all seek power but none of them truly understand the gravity of what he is dealing with. Truly he feels if this is left alone it would mean the doom of them.

Difilla sat in front of him holding tight to keep warm as he ate. Salvador did not mind this, if he could be some help for his sister something like this does not bother him. She looked up her teeth chattering “t-thanks…” “It’s fine! Even wearing a coat you are still cold.” He looked over to his master who was examining one of the statues he made with his sorcery. Whenever he uses them the temperature would drop rapidly, now how he makes the statues? He would call in slaves threaten to murder them and then freeze them in ice capturing the moment of their terror. He did not exactly understand why his lord enjoyed it so much but as long as he is happy so is he. Salvador then picked up a piece of meat and stuffed it into his mouth. He chewed for a moment and swallowed. “Master when are we going to attack a world again?” To Salvador it seemed he was finding it difficult to tear his eyes away from the ice statue as he regarded him. “Soon, but I am planning something big hence why I haven’t chose a planet yet.” “Big what do you mean?” “I mean... we can’t keep wandering we need a place to stay. A place where we can go back to and rest.” Difilla looked over “you mean…” “Yes, I aim to take a world for us. Since the great rift many chaos warbands are taking planets for themselves. From there they can easily refuel and go back to raiding. Plus we spend most of our time raiding a planet and then leaving. This will be something different at least. But keep this a secret from everyone, even Asriel I want it to be a surprise.” Salvador smiled “Alright! I won’t say anything!” Difillia gave a small salute “Y-yes my lord I won’t say a word!” At the moment he forgot about the food, the prospect that they will have a home. A planet for themselves consumed him with happiness. “Master if we have our own planet can I have more food?” Adelram smiled at him “Of course! You will be able to have far more than what I normally give you. Plus we could make the warband larger as well, we are barely using the space on the battleship. If we can secure a planet...the things we could do…” As his master finished speaking the doors to his chamber suddenly opened.

Salvador stared at the doors, a human in robes came forward rubbing himself to keep warm. “M-my lord? You called...w-what do you wish of me?” The serf looked around the room he spotted the statues of people whose faces are stuck in pure and utter terror. Salvador then looked at his food and kept eating, he cared not for the man. Just for the meat in front of him. As he ate his lord spoke “Please come forward…” with the sound of his chewing he could hear the serf walking to his lord. Then the footsteps stopped, “Now I am going to kill you. Tear you apart piece by piece….” The serf yelped “W-wait m-my lord p-please!” Then came the screams, Salvador gulped and turned his head to see a new statue. His lord is now rubbing the face of the man he just froze. He grinned “that’s a new one...I like this expression.” Salvador smiled, he hopes his lord keeps doing this. He has never seen him smile this much before. He looked to his pantry dish and it was now empty he frowned. “I want more…” He tapped Difillia to leave his body “I need to ask master for more food.” His sister gave a curt nod, she got up rubbing her arms to keep herself warm.

Salvador picked up his pantry dish and walked over to his master. He had to be careful since the chamber floors are covered in rime, he does not want to lose his footing. As he got close he took a step forward and suddenly his hoove slipped to one side he tumbled forward onto the new statue, shattering it due to his weight. It only took a moment for him to realise the gravity of what he just did. He trembled on the ground and looked up his lord who was frowning. “My statue…” a mix of sadness and anger played across his face. “M-master I-I...” his black eyes looked down on him. He was going to hit him for sure, his lord squatted and raised his fist in silence. Salvador closed his eyes waiting for it, after a few seconds it never came. He opened his eyes to see his master picking up the red ice shards with his other hand. “How interesting…” Salvador blinked “y-you are not mad?” Adelram smiled at him “I could put this in my wine….or...” Instead of a fist his lord opened his hand and stroked his head “your blunder spawned something wonderful. Thank you Salvador.” his bovine ears perked slightly he could tell his lord is now happy again. For some reason he was not afraid to ask for more food. “My lord...can I have more food?” His master stopped stroking him and looked at the red ice shards. “Eat this, tell me how it tastes.” Salvador opened his mouth, his master poured the ice shards in. Soon as it hit his tongue there was a strange zing of flavour he sucked on the ice melting it quickly. “It tastes good!” Adelram scooped up more of the red shards and place it into his mouth. He moved it around and nodded “we are in agreement and now I have an idea…” Salvador cocked his head slightly wondering what sort of idea is spawning in his lord’s head.

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Just wanted to mention partly the reason why the updates were kinda slowing down these past few days because I read up on Gav-thorpe's advice on the black library submission and he said it's actually a good idea to develop your own thing. Since Black library has a different method of recruiting for already published authors. So a lot of my time was spent putting together a new setting. This is just an addition with the work explanation.

I hope people enjoy the chapter big things are coming
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Chapter 13
Vincent stuffed the last piece of meat into his mouth, he chewed slowly savouring it, he looked around the hallway he can’t hear any footsteps coming in his direction. So for the moment he can relax. He stared at the corpse, all that’s left is the golden mask, and small pieces of meat on the bone. He swallowed and frowned “I want more…” scratching his head he looked down the hallway into the darkness. He wondered if he should keep hunting until he heard a footstep. His mind began to sharpen he focused all his senses just like how Asriel taught him, since their battle he sought him out, many actually went out to seek the beast of depravity for in him they saw a means to end their boring lives. A life without no chains, a life where you don’t have to worry about scripture and ranks. You just focus on one thing pain, pleasure and corruption.

Such a life suited him, Carita has tried several times to convince him to come back but he refuses each time. Funny enough he has also tried to make his case to the head prelate. She could be so much better, more deadly and even more beautiful. But she seeks to remain a dog of Apostle Ivan. When he left the cult he did not tell the apostle for he would kill him for trying such a thing or bringing the subject up. What was most amusing is that a Astartes views a human like Asriel as a threat to his hold over the cult, in the weeks following the tournament it’s been almost constant war between their two groups. Asriel hasn’t exactly gave them a name or called their group a cult but it’s one all the same. It’s a far more interesting and lively cult compared to the Anguis.

He then licked his lips as the footsteps got closer and closer until out of the darkness he saw a golden masked prelate with two gothi. Vincent looked at his “hand” or in other words claw. He snapped it slightly. It muated a few days ago, Asriel told him it’s a claw of a daemonette and oddly enough he can feel the sensation of his claw moving through skin and meat of those he slices which had lead to killing being more enjoyable.

The members of the Anguis cult stopped and looked at the corpse he was standing over. The prelate and ghothi’s drew their blades. The prelate shouted “a slave like you defiling a prelate! Devouring their heart!?” As he mentioned slave he frowned, the Anguis considers them all to be slaves but they soon change their tune when the fighting starts. Vincent shrugged “What’s wrong with eating him? I am quite sure that you lot eat each other’s hearts.” The prelate hissed “Be silent slave! You wi-” Vincent snapped his claw at him interrupting the prelate “you are the one who is going to die. Look carefully at who you are pointing your sword at.” He could tell the prelate and even the two gothi were scrutinizing him. The prelate shook his head “you are one of the traitors….” “Traitor? I just found another place where I can find joy..” his heart pulsed and began ravishing him in fresh pain he grinned as he bound down the hall. Right away by their body language he saw it, the fear. He closed into close combat stabbing a gothi in the throat with his claw, he twisted around removing the claw and clutched the throat of the second. Just by squeezing slightly he removed the head, all of this happened in just a brief few seconds. As the gothi’s head rolled to the floor he looked over to the prelate who was taking a few steps back in terror. “I wonder was the cult stronger or weaker when Asriel was in charge?” he charged towards the prelate who willed himself to attack him, Vincent parried his strike leaving him open, he drew his claw back and impaled in the prelate in the gut. He twisted his claw tearing up the organs within his body. The sensation almost caused him to lose focus just for a brief moment he thought of letting go and enjoying himself but changed his mind with the thought he could easily get ambushed while distracted. So he decided to merely decided to bring his claw upward towards his neck tearing his body apart. The prelate screamed as he flopped back to the ground with a splat. Staring at the corpses, Vincent found himself drooling slightly he looked at his claw and licked it. His face screwed into disgust he spat the blood on the ground. “He barely has any of the great primach’s blood...they must be letting anyone become a prelate these days…” He looked at the corpses for a moment more he did not feel like eating them.

These lot are worse than lambs, they are like insects disgusting ones at that he sighed and made his way back home. Walking the lower levels he could see their war is burning through the slaves, with both cults taking slaves for their personal needs and dying in the middle of their battles. They desperately need more, the lord of the warband is most likely aware but at times he wonders when they will go on a raid. Sooner or later killing Anguis will get boring. He sighed in frustration as he continued walking eventually he reached the area of the ship they controlled. Pink mist consumes the hallway and the slaves they do have are wandering in a daze, breathing in the mist does burn his veins in a pleasant sort of way but it’s mainly there to control the herd and prevent people “attacking”. The one who has crafted the mist he is sure that she wishes to extend its effect to the whole ship. He looked over to one slave who looked like he was picking up a flower and sniffing it. “Being here is so nice…” he slurred. The slave’s eyes were pink in colouration those who don’t truly follow the dark prince can’t handle it and are drawn into their own personal dreamscape. The fact he is staggering around by himself is clear that he is a dead man walking.

Vincent took another step and out of the side rooms pale and fresh faced men and women stepped out he froze, he knows better than to interrupt them. They circled the man like a sharks, a maiden who seemed to be leader of the small group embraced the man. She flexed her hand showing black talons, she placed her talons on his throat and raked it across gently, the slave’s eyes rolled back showing a face full of rapture.

As Blood gushed to the ground the maiden guzzled on his throat tearing out flesh and devouring his blood. Staring at all of this Vincent wanted to join in, but decided otherwise as he might also end up as part of the meal. When the maiden was done the rest fell upon the slave and began devouring him like mad beasts. Vincent decided to keep looking forward and began walking past the group. As he stepped pass the mass of people the maiden perked up her face covered in a mass of gore. “Vincent?” He turned his head to her. “What?” She smiled a toothy grin “Asriel wants to see you, the lady is there also.” he raised his eyebrow, he wondered for what reason would Asriel want to see him? “I see, thank you for the information, enjoy your meal.” The maiden nodded and continued eating. So his destination changed he made his way to Asriel’s room on the lower levels. Thinking on his living quarters he remembered the time when he first approached him. It was strange how inviting and warm he was at his desire to learn from him. He was so eager to learn back then and Asriel provided him his wisdom almost as eager as he was to learn from him.

As he reached Asriel’s door he opened it, upon entering the room he saw Alma. She no longer wore her mask and her body looked oiled, along her right arm her skin also held tattoo’s detailing the aspects Asriel told them about.

What’s not surprising is that she is taken with the lady of the depths and the shark. Since imagery of both is covering her arm along with her mark of slaanesh. He gained his own mark during his battle with Asriel, his iris changed into the sigil of the dark prince. So whenever someone looks him in the eye they see her holy mark. He bought his eyes to Asriel who sitting on a table drinking a vial, most likely testing Alma’s concoctions since the day she joined the cult. Not one has affected him. At most he drinks it because it tastes good, despite Alma detailing some could melt his insides.

Vincent approached “I head you wanted to see me?” Asriel handed Alma the empty vial “yes I have some news for both of you.” Vincent raised his eyebrow “what sort of news is that?” Standing in front of Asriel set him on edge slightly, it always does because his whims could change in a second where he desires to fight each of them until limbs are torn off or bones are broken. Asriel gestured to Alma “Another vial.” She frowned “Right…” she pulled out a vial holding black liquid, Asriel pulled off the cock and drank it. His veins pulsed with a black colouration it drifted away after moment. “Tastes nice you should bring that one more often..” Alma puffed up her cheeks “that one should have caused your body to balloon and burst into tiny bits….I need to go back a-” “You said you wanted to see us.” Vincent said firmly, he wanted to get to the point of the meeting before he gets distracted again. Asriel looked at him and smiled “oh yes that!” He threw the vial to the back of the room. “Right I made a few decisions for our little group. Yes you follow me but I largely give you free rein to do what you want. Since my spar with Marthas...I have been thinking.” “Thinking about what?” said Vincent. “A name for this group or cult in Vincent’s case.”

The mention of a name for the cult he smiled. “So what name will we go by?” Asrial tapped his chin. “Considering how many people wish to join us as they days go by I have decided to dub us the Peccatrixium.” Vincent scratched is head “what does it mean?” Alma sighed “According to my studies part of the word means sin or sinner correct? Asriel just changed it slightly so it sounds better.” Their leader gave Alma a small clap “So smart...yes because we sin and we keep doing it because it’s fun. In turn as I mentioned before we drag people into sin with our actions... Now you two shall be my heralds.” Alma raised her eyebrow “so we are leaders within this “group” then?” Asriel shrugged “you two are meant to be examples. Alma you draw people into corruption with your concoctions and your minions have a ravenous appetite. You represent the lady of the depths and the shark well.” Vincent stepped forward “What of me? I am not exactly a leader Asriel…” “That’s what makes you special Vincent...you are more of a crab. A loner so to speak but your antics has spawned several smaller groups. Groups who wish to emulate you. If you order them around they should obey.” The thought that he had distant admirers bought a small smile to his face. “So I should stay the same?” “Yes, do you know how many people who joined us by you accidently leaving them alive? Or watching you from a distance? Keep doing whatever you are doing.” Vincent smiled he had no idea he represented the crab but he took it with pride. “So I assume you are the king?” At the mention of king Asriel became lost in thought. “Well...I try to follow all four but I do have to say Adelram is the king or the snake since he is our lord.” As he brought up the lord of the warband the concern of slaves creeped back into his mind. “Asriel if I may ask when is the next raid? We are burning through our slaves.”

Their leader sighed heavily “He has not spoken of the next raid, but I assume he is aware that we should hit a planet soon. Don’t worry your little head keep murdering and torturing slaves if it brings you joy, don’t hold back because their numbers are dropping. We will attack a planet when Adelram feels we have to.” Vincent had to accept that answer, he trusted their lord knew best. “Is there anything else you want to talk about?” Asriel shook his head “that’s it. You can go back to whatever activities you were doing at the time.” Vincent nodded he turned away to leave as he got to the door he could hear Alma and Asriel talking about trying a different vial. As the door opened he turned his head to see Alma smiling while holding one of her concoctions and in that moment he understood why Asriel kept trying them. To spur Alma on to do better, what he came to realise is that Asriel is somewhat considerate to those under him.

A prospect that oddly he found pleasing he snapped his claw “right back to hunting…” the need to kill more of the Anguis filled his body, he left Asriel’s room with a predatory grin.

Arash held his staff as he sat on his command throne, in his free hand he held a conjured image of one of the many people who owe him favours. Well he is not exactly using the favour in a manner of speaking but used it to catch the attention of the one he is talking to. “So you say you have the location of the thing we are hunting?” Staring at the image of the Dark Apostles face he seems so sure of himself. As with all members of the word bearers so convinced that they are the true sons of chaos at times they are not aware they are being manipulated. “Yes Dark Apostle Varrex, I know the location of what we seek. I assume the pantheon sent you visions also?” The ritual marked face of the apostle twisted slightly. “Yes all of the pantheon sent me visions of what must be destroyed. It’s a threat to the sanctity of the legions. You do the will of the gods to provide me with this information Arash...your intervention in aiding us in turning a sector into daemon worlds was helpful..” “The great changer showed me in a vision that I should aid you so I did. Now do you require my aid in the boarding assault?” Varrex frowned, that was an expected reaction he is obviously going to turn it down since the vision said the gods require his host alone to attack the Harbingers of Sin. “I do not need your help Arash. The gods has shown me my victory. You have done your part and I shall do mine.” “Very well I wish you luck.” His face faded, Arash dismissed the psychic power.

Flexing his hand he smiled “so confident that the gods gave you that vision…he has no idea I was the cause of those visions...” “Will he succed my lord?” Arash looked up to Fahad who stood at the side of his throne. “What I hope is that he at least destroys the pool. That is enough I care not whether the harbingers live or die.” “If they live won’t they seek vengeance against us?” Arash chuckled “for one Varrex will most likely kill them. They are disorganised fools who’s primarch abandoned them. They will most likely be too addled through concoctions and drugs to even mount a proper defense against Varrex’s host. Plus how would they know it’s us?” “I see, so we don’t even have to fire a bullet to deal with the issue.” “Exactly, we are of the cult of prophecy to us everyone are pieces on the board since we are masters of fate...” The lesser sorcerer seemed satisfied with his answer. “Very well my lord. I bow to your wisdom…” “So you should.” Said Arash “Now back to your studies if you wish to lead a thrallband of your own you must rise over your peers.” Fahad bowed at his words and walked away from his throne.

Arash relaxed in his chair now he just has to keep alert for when the strings change to show a favourable future.
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Chapter 14

Adelram waited in the war room, he has sent out the word that he wants to see Marthas, Silas, Ivan, Izel and Asriel. At most they should be here in a few minutes, he looked over to Difillia who is standing at attention, always stern and ready to obey. Finally placing his eyes on Salvador who was getting the frozen beverages ready on a movable tray cart. His bestial servant was placing the ground ice in a cup and mixing it with a frozen wine that he made from the flowers in his chamber. Along with a hint of honey they now have a wonderful and relaxing beverage. Salvador walked over while placing a straw into a cup, he held it in front of him. “Do you want some now master?” Adelram gestured to him to place the cup back on the tray. “Once everyone gets here then I will have some.” Salvador nodded as he trotted back to the cart.

He then placed his eyes on Difillia. “You will have some as well.” She jolted to attention as he spoke, he knew what she was going to next. “My lord I am quite alright I don’t re-” “It’s an order.” She frowned slightly, Adelram guessed that she does not feel worthy sharing in such a thing but both he and Salvador made this to share with everyone as they discuss an important matter. The reason why he is here in the war room is talk about their plan to take a world for themselves. Such a thing would be a large undertaking and it will be some time before they could launch such an operation, but he wants to prepare now. Looking at the doors of the room he waited, in just a few short minutes everyone started to arrive.

He could see by their body language they are expecting a raid but he wishes to speak of something more important. They all stood around the table, Marthas raised his hand. “So is it a raid?” Adelram smiled “no.” Right away everyone’s shoulders sagged slightly. Ivan coughed “you are aware we are running out of slaves?” the apostle looked over to Asriel. “Due to certain issues they are dying too quickly.” Ivan said firmly. Izel then nodded “yes I am running out of materials for my research more slaves will be helpful.” Silas sighed “Perhaps he is here to talk about something more important if he gathered all of us?” Adelram smiled “See! Silas get’s it no-” “This tastes good!” Adelram turned to the cart to see Asriel is now suddenly standing in front of it already drinking the iced beverage. “Asriel could you at least wait for Salvador to hand all of them out?” Asriel turned his head “well I don’t really care what you are planning. As long as it’s interesting I don’t mind. Now this? This is interesting.” He kept drinking, which in turn bought everyone’s attention to the cart. “What is that?” Said Marthas. Adelram smiled as Marthas spoke “Now what this drink i-” Right way he could see everyone is ignoring him, his brothers all walked over to the tray picking up cups and all of them began drinking. Losing all interest in the slave issue. he sighed “perhaps I should of not bought them?” he could see Marthas held his cup to Salvador “I want more wine in mine.” Salvador nodded and picked up the ladle he scooped up more of the iced wined and poured some of it into Marthas’ cup. His champion then smiled and continued to drink. Ivan looked back at him “so how did you make this exactly my lord? It tastes wonderful.” As Ivan spoke he found himself being distracted from the main topic, in the end he gave up. For now focus on the iced beverage. “Well I was experimenting with my psychic powers and Salvador crushed a mortal. We ate it and found it tasted quite good so we experimented and ended up with what all of you are drinking now.” Ivan smiled “I see I hope this becomes a mainstay in the warband.” Ivan continued drinking. Accepting that his fellows have no interest in what he has planned he approached Salvador. “Hand me my cup.” His servant smiled and handed him a cup he offered before. He began drinking from the straw, even if he had several already to test the flavours he never gets tired of it.

He stared at Difillia “What did I say?” She grimaced and walked over to the tray and took a cup. She placed a straw into the ice and began drinking, her face lit up like a sun. “T-this tastes good!” She greedily began drinking but stopped and held head, she winced. “W-what…was that?” Adelram smiled “It’s a cold-stimulus headache, it happens if you drink or eat cold things too quickly.” Difillia looked down at her drink, small tears began trailing down her eyes. Everyone stopped and stared at her in confusion. Apart from him, no one understands why she is in tears. Whe he warped her mind he saw her old life. Her harsh and boring life slaving away at the imperium. She might not remember her past but her body does, at most he guessed that all she had to eat is the crud slop the imperium provides. Even then the food nobles eat is poor as well. Along with the fact of being a scion she must of not had one joyful day in her life. She kept crying as she drank, even asked for seconds despite holding her head due to the headache. He looked over to Izel and in a rare moment he is not wearing his helmet, he smiled softly while sipping at his cup. He walked over to him “you are enjoying it that much?” Izel looked over to him, his void like eyes glinting slightly. “This is nice.” “How so?” “All of this...just drinking...for some reason it feels good.” “Perhaps because you are not surrounded by statues or scheming sorcerors?” Izel chuckled “perhaps...I wonder why is the third broken? I assume not all of the warbands are like this? Are you an exception Adelram?” Adelram looked down at his cup, thinking for a moment. He went through all his decisions that lead him to the man he is now. He could only come up with one answer. “Izel….I am selfish like all my brothers. I am not all that different.” The sorceror raised his eyebrow in confusion. “Really? But I imagine that all the other lords of the third are self serving, absorbed an-” “And what? I am all those things but in a different way, tell me Izel I tore you from your legion despite your protests, I have taken many to be here with me. You do things that your past self would consider abhorrent..” He looked up from his cup and narrowed his eyes “But once you taste the apple you can’t stop, I aim to give this apple to everyone in the galaxy so they can be who they truly are, they can be who they want to be without any judgement or ridicule.”

The sorceror took another sip from his cup. “I see...what if I told you…” Adelram could see that he wishes to speak, at this current moment Izel reeks of fear. “Speak Izel.” Adelram said firmly. The sorceror bit his lip slightly he then sighed. “The situation with Asriel was instigated by me, I needed more for my research and I thought...I thought Asriel in his crippled state would be perfect. Then...it grew out of my control. You know the rest.” Adelram did not exactly feel angry hearing that, he guessed that fake corpse was also Izel’s doing. In the end things turned out for the best. “So tell me Izel did you learn anything from the time you held Asriel?” His response caught him off guard, he could see that. “I-I did learn a few things.” “Then I am eager to see the product of what you have learned.” Izel chuckled “When the next raid happens I will show you.” Adelram could see he was expecting to be punished, but what has happened is in the past. He has grown from it, so has Asriel and that’s enough. Izel swirled his cup slightly. “I think you are wrong.” Adelram raised his eyebrow “How so?” “You see you are an exception, you care. That’s the difference. You wish to take all of us on a journey a great one. I feel more alive here than with my old legion. The weight...the responsibility of my actions...I no longer feel it. I focus on what I want….and I must thank you for that..my lord.” It was odd seeing Izel be so respectful but if that’s how he wants to be so be it. Yet he still seemed troubled, so Adelram asked. “What is it?” “I have a question, what caused you to give your soul to slaanesh? Was it during Horus’ war or after?” “After.” Izel pressed further “why then?”

Adelram mumbled slightly, he recalled the church he gave up his soul in order to defeat Meliva the greater daemon of slaanesh, but at this point still saying that within his mind he knows that’s not the honest answer. At most it’s an excuse. “It’s because of him that I gave it away.” He found his hearts oddly twisting that a part of him did not want to admit it. “To let someone so devoted to me die...someone who trusted me utterly...followed me without question. One who was eager to stand up to my mistakes also…yet still stands with me nonetheless. Maybe that’s why I always forgive him because I don’t want to lose that. I never want to lose that.” He looked up to see everyone staring at him in silence save Asriel he kept drinking like nothing happened.

He then recalled he was having this whole conversation in ear shot of everyone. “Stop staring.” Adelram said firmly. Silas shrugged “an Astartes who has a soft spot for a human not exactly out of the ordinary.” Marthas chuckled “so you are admitting it finally? Took you long enough.” Adelram looked at Marthas “what’s that supposed to mean?” “Nothing or perhaps it’s the reason why the dark prince keeps both of you alive.” Ivan frowned “what is that supposed to mean?” Silas shook his head “He means that even if we all die both Adelram and Asriel will live. Just think on the situations where both of them should of died but they don’t.” “It’s not divine intervention.” said Adelram. “How do you know?” Izel said softly. “I know because all those times we did not die we were merely lucky. That’s it.” Adelram turned to the war table “funny enough what I wanted to discuss is the plan to take a planet for ourselves but considering our track record the plan will most likely blow up in our faces. Compared to the likes of Eidolon or Lucius I am not truly favoured, at most I am floundering across the galaxy chasing a dream.” “Stop thinking about it so much.” Adelram turned to Asriel who was still drinking. “Whatever happens we will deal with it like we always have. To worry about something we have no control over is pointless.” Adelram smiled “perhaps you are right…” he looked at everyone “I will discuss what I have planned later just enjoy the drinks.” At his word everyone continued drinking. For now they will enjoy this, just for a moment he will speak of his plans later. That is what he decided.

Lily sat on her command throne she stared at her half eaten meal normal food causes her to lose her appetite quickly. Even Adelram’s additions are no longer helping, She then bought her eyes to her kids who were running around the bridge inspecting every nook and cranny. At times they would come to her and ask her questions on specific systems. At times she had to have Caius with her to get into the details of a specific function or piece of the bridge. Her boys were curious and that’s a good thing.

She then relaxed in her throne, ever since Asriel’s stunt at times she sees flashes of him, her husband. Always she told herself that she did not care but ever since then she would get headaches or her heat will bleed.

Even despite all of that what was more frustrating is that Adelram let him live. What is also suprising is that he did not rescind the order to keep people from trying to kill Asriel. At times she thought of hiring people to kill Asriel but such an action would be pointless it’s clear Astartes can’t kill him. There are even rumors that Asriel even eats them. She sighed “I just have to deal with it.” Lily stared at the window screen, looking at the stars calmed her slightly. But then she noticed something was off, the void distorted slightly, just slightly but a second later a great warp rift opened. A battleship drifted out of it. It was crimson red and the surface of the ship was covered in script she could not read or recognise.

The ship sailed right next to them and then the ship shook heavily. A serf called out “Captain! Dreadclaw drop pods have crashed into the ship! We are being boarded!” Lily ground her teeth. “Shift the ship to battle mode, I also want a direct line to Lord Adelram!” The serf acknowledged her order “Yes captain!” She bought her eyes to her boys who were merely staring at what was happening with wonder. Another thing that was expected she calmed herself and grinned. “At least this will be more interesting than the meal…”

Marthas strode the hall back to his chambers, the beverages were good and it’s been decided it will be added to the bar. One interesting note was Izel came clean about his act of kidnapping Asriel, he guessed that Adelram would largely not care. Good things came from it and that’s all that matters. He is also pleased with Adelram’s progress but he had to agree with Izel, Adelram is a strange exception to most warbands in the third. What’s unique about him is that he cares, in his own way he cares about all of them but the one he holds close to him is Asriel. He smiled his mind drifted to the prospect of taking a planet, such an undertaking will be large but it would be nice to have a place where they can refuel and relax after a raid.

He stroked his chin “we will have to do smaller raids, recruit and grow before we do that…” Marthas guessed that is what the conversation will move towards if they actually had it. Adelram decided they will talk of it later, this time without iced drinks to distract all of them. He took another step and then suddenly just a few paces ahead of him he heard something large crashing onto the side of the ship. The lights changed to show the ship switching to battle mode. Then he heard the cutting of metal from the same area. He stood his ground and got Eligos ready. He stared at the wall, he could see a large circle hole being made with a melta. “Dreadclaws…” he hissed, then he wondered which legion is attacking them? Why are they being attacked? He guessed most likely for resources, the wall gave in to reveal terminators in crimson armour stepping onto the ship. There were five in total, the one he assumed to be the leader came towards him, his armour covered in script and his back held a brazier blazing with dark red flames. The astartes held a storm bolter and a power sword thrumming with an unnatural light.

The terminator then spoke his voice distorting with each word “I am Coryphaus Savanok, my anointed will deliver your death degenerate.” Marthas smiled “So tell me what vision is it this time? It’s always the same with word bearers…” Savanok roared at him “Do not mock the gods! The gods have revealed our path to victory! We will end the defilement! But first…” He leveled his stormbolter at him. “One of the pillars must be destroyed to bring us closer to victory…” He then fired, Marthas opened his other eye as always things were slowing down. He dodged the bullets and moved towards the first of the anointed he bought Eligos down upon the terminator shattering his armor and helmet. The first crumpled to the ground. Marthas swept his eyes over the rest and Savanok was suddenly in front of him. “I have seen so much more compared to you. I have seen the emperor, I have seen his light and I have been through terra. I fought in the legion wars and your speed? Is nothing…” Savanok bought his blade down, Marthas blocked the attack with the haft of his weapon. To his surprise Savanok was not moving slow like the others. He had to deal with this troublesome foe quickly. Savanok grunted “your death has been ordained sybarite…” To his shock Eligos began singing a sad lament, then he felt a sharp pain in his side. He looked down to see large bolter shell wounds to the side of his body and his leg. He coughed up blood as Savanok then cut through the haft of his weapon causing him to stagger back. The terminator then stepped forward and delivered a great slash to his chest.

Marthas fell back to the wall, as he back crashed into it he slumped to his bottom. His other eye closed and everything returned to normal. Savanok walked forward “I held your attention while my brothers fired upon you. As I said your death is ordained degenerate.” Blood spilled from Marthas mouth, he chuckled while coughing. “Y-you have made a mistake…” “There are no mistakes when you follow the will of the gods.” Savanok retorted. “But you have….you think my death will cripple the warband…that it will cripple my lord in fighting against you…” He looked down to his journal “but you know nothing…” Savanok shook his head. “He worships only one, we look to all four your master is a fool. We are favoured by all. Our host will be victorious.” Marthas grinned “I don’t know if he is favoured by the dark prince. I can’t speak for a god...but the reason why my death is a mistake? Is because he cares you idiot.” All the terminators began laughing, Savanok stood like a stone. “So he is weak then. Does not matter your body will be prepared.” “Why not just kill me?” “That will not satisfy the gods. Since you are a champion your soul will be ritually offered up to all four. I will tell you now you will not enjoy this pain.”

Marthas shook his head “I tried to warn you…”
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Noise Marine Terminator with Sonic Blaster

Entry 6

He has eft, writin ith a pe is hard…..all of them took out itual knives nd carved their runes into my kin my lood is burning. It hur...so much. But as I said this is a ift…perhaps I eed to ie here...I….am not scared to di bu….art of me...

I... on’t wan to g-

Chapter 15
They had him bound in ritual chains, Ivan struggled as he looked at the pool holding the blood of Fulgrim. The word bearers his old legion tore through the cult. They knew exactly where to go. Considering how zealous they are in carving the colchsian text into cult members that they killed he knew for sure the dark Apostle is chasing a vision. He has been such a position he understood the feeling well. He stared at the apostle who stood with his Acolyte. the Astartes that were with them had bolters trained on him. “You are making a mistake.” he said calmly. The dark apostle turned his head slightly “Be silent Ivan. I will be taking you back to Sicarus to be judged by the dark council for your heresy.” Ivan recognised the voice. “Varrex. Yo-” one his guards kicked him in the body. He coughed. Varrex shook his head, he turned his fur cape switching at the movement his ritual marked face distorted into a a heavy frown. “You should be glad I am letting you live for now. Perhaps your heresy was not of your choice….hence I am showing leniency…” “We should kill him.” “No, Kaldas as first acolyte you must understand that he deserves the chance to be judged by the council.” Ivan looked at the first acolyte as he turned to look upon him, he wore a horned helmet and a brazier was attached to his backpack. Parchment and corrupted oaths trailed off his armour. He held his power sword and bolt pistol tightly. “I see dark Apostle but this one...I feel does not deserve the chance…” Ivan grinned as Kaldos spoke “Varrex just see’s a prize to be delivered to the dark council. They will most likely tear apart my body and use my flesh for some book. He just seeks the reward…” Varrex roared at him “be silent! Or I will kill you!” “Please do. But killing me will be a mistake.” Varrex gave a toothy grin “why would that be? The gods are with me Ivan…” “I thought the same...but the gods can be whimsical when need be.”

The first acolyte pointed his bolt pistol at him. “He is truly lost Apostle…” Varrex sighed he then placed his fingers to his ear. Like he was listening to something, he then smiled. “It seems Savanok has killed the exalted champion.” As Varrex spoke Ivan got to his knees. “Wait..you killed Marthas?” Varrex inclined his head “yes, one of the main troublesome pillars has been removed just like my vision has told me.” At the confirmation, Ivan could not help but laugh. He laughed hard. “You just walked onto the road of death!” Varrex shook his head in clear disagreement “The gods are with me Ivan. You have grown distant to the teachings lorgar..it’s saddening to see.” Ivan smirked “You know the dark prince told me to fellow his will to aid in my lord’s growth. Perhaps I was brought back to do the same again?” Ivan leveled his gaze at the apostle. “I saw my old father in my dreams, when the little serpent spirited all of us away….he tried to convince me I was wrong to turn back. But it’s far too late. I will say this Varrex the word bearers are a joke. We claim we are the most organised the most favoured but guess what?” Ivane could see his eye twitching. He is provoking the right response. “The black legion is everything our legion wished to be. While you dance in the hands of Kor Pharon and Erebus know this you are not following the will of the gods. But two men who seek power above all else…I will la-” Then he felt a painful sensation in his face, his skull breaking, his eyes rupturing and then he felt himself falling to the ground.

As his mind drifted away he was not scared, but happy in knowing he will be part of something greater, he laughed internally as he will soon meet Varrex in her palace.

Varrex held his bolt pistol, he fired the round into Ivan’s face, he then turned to the pool. “You were right first acolyte he is too far gone.” Kaldos gave a small bow “I find no joy in being right. Ivan is merely a victim of the third’s degeneracy….” Varrex gave Kaldos a curt nod in agreement. Now he has to destroy this horrendous pool. He placed his bolt pistol in it’s holster and bought his crozius over the pool of blood and began chanting. Even with just chanting the first few words he could see the pool turning black he smiled, this is the path of the gods, no one will stop him. The gods are on his side.

Silas stood at the door of the Kakophoni abode, the song is erratic he was not sure how to proceed. Should he marshal the noise marines or wait? His mind racked to come to a decision until someone touched his pauldron, he turned to see it was Faust. He drew his hand back and said. “We should wait.” “Why?” “Why not?” “We are being attacked.” “Yes, some have already died.” Faust looked up to the ceiling. Then down below. He kept his gaze cast downwards. “Marthas and Ivan are dead.” Silas faced the door he frowned slightly he cared nothing for Ivan, but Marthas death he felt something. A tinge of hatred towards their foe “then whoever is attacking us must die…” he hissed. “No.” Faust said firmly. Silas turned to his fellow noise marine “Why not!? They killed Marthas!” Silas could see Faust was still looking downwards, he then looked up. “You lead us.” “Then as leader my decision is that we shou-” “But is that the right decision?” Faust then leveled his gaze at him, he walked towards him they were just a few inches away from each other. “Listen to the song Silas and then decide…” Silas sighed, he closed his eyes and focused he could feel the pain from the dying mortals, his brothers marshalling to the defence of the ship. Then he felt it a pain from two people it was raw, it lashed out devouring and eating parts of the song, it has not happened yet but when that verse comes it will be exciting. He opened his eyes and looked up. “We will wait. For now.” Faust nodded “as is your will…” Faust then walked away, but Silas held his gaze to the ceiling a fat grin lined his face. “What are you two going to do? I want to hear it…”

Salvador ran with his brother, sister and his master. His lord hissed “they must be aiming for the pool.” “How do you know?” said Asriel. “The word bearers have resources they would not raid us for them. They are here for a reason.” Salvador grumbled “then we just have to beat them!” “Agreed! They dare to attack us!” Difillia shouted. As they ran towards the lower levels the hallways were clogged with corpses, they made a turn and what they found was not a corridor full of corpses but a single Astartes slumped to the wall. His brother turned frantic “no...no...no….no…” he raced towards the corpse, his lord suddenly stopped. “It can’t be...” Salvador also stopped running with his sister he looked down to his master. “What’s wrong?” Adelram ignored him as he slowly walked to the corpse. He trotted after his master with Difillia he could see Asriel holding a bloodied book. He was on his knees “w-why did you die?” he croaked. “W-who killed you?” he said sadly.

Salvador did not know what exactly to do in this situation, he merely followed his master. His lord stopped in front of the corpse and upon seeing the face Salvador now understood why his brother and lord is reacting in such a fashion. The corpse before them is Lord Marthas, he was close to Adelram and his brother. Asriel looked up to Adelram “it hurts so much...” his brothers eyes were watering, he then opened the journal and began reading.

His lord knelt “I feel it too..Asriel..this...pain.” Salvador watched his lord remove Marthas’ hood, his face covered in strange markings. His master ground his teeth “they even defiled him as well….” Asriel rose still holding the book, his veins began pulsing black “my lord….you should eat him.” Salvador’s eyes went wide “Brother what are you saying!? Isn’t he your friend!?” Asriel ignored him he kept his eyes on their master who now had his head cast downwards. “Adelram… you shoul-” his master rose and snapped his hand around Asriel’s neck. “You ask me to eat my brother...to defile him further….” Salvador shuddered, his lord’s voice was icy and cold. He could feel the temperature dropping. Asriel gasped “h-his f-final w-words....” Asriel held up the book. Salvador could not read it the writing was too jabbled, but to his shock and horror his brother started to cry. A wave of tears fell down his eye, He has never seen him cry in such a fashion. “If y-you w-won’t eat him….I will….He was my f-friend...” His master looked down slightly and released Asriel who fell to the ground, his brother wiped his face. “E-eat him…” he said firmly. Salvador wanted to do something to help, he found himself moving but he felt a small hand on his chest. He looked down to his sister who was shaking her head. “Don’t.”

Salvador clenched his hands on his weapon, his ears fell slightly. “I-I want to do something…” “You can’t do anything...not in this situation.” Salvador grimly looked at his master who now knelt before Marthas’ corpse again. He spoke his voice menacing and cool at the same time. “Asriel…” “Yes?” “Do you hate them? Do you despise his killers like I do?” “Yes…” “They took him away from us…” “They did…” “Asriel...go hunt them down. Now.” Salvador watched Asriel get to his feet and run into the darkness. His master then held his gaze on Marthas’ corpse, Staring at his lord’s face he thought he saw a small tear. His master then placed his hand on Marthas breastplate it crumbled away into dust. A sad smile lined his features as he said. “It seems I will get your eye after all…” Salvador gulped “m-master what do you want us to do?” His lord turned his head just slightly while still holding his smile. “Just stay right there...turn around and guard my back as I become one with Marthas.” His sister turned without hesitation, Salvador did as he bade. Then he heard a crunch and the tearing of raw meat.

Savanok lumbered down the hall with his anointed their task has been completed now he has to link up with the dark apostle. Everything is going according to his vision, even losing one of their number to the sybarite. He grinned “that fool screamed as we carved the runes into him...they say the third enjoy pain...but that does not seem to be the case…” +you killed him…+ He heard a voice, it was clearly projected. Savanok for some reason could detect the underlying fury and sadness beneath it, in a rare moment he shuddered in fear. “Be at attention.” he ordered. “It could be a hostile.” All of the anointed gave an acknowledgement. They kept running until out of the darkness ahead of them a mortal appeared.

The mortal had pinkish skin that bore tattoos. He also barely wore a thing save trousers. The only thing of note is that he had a bloodied book chained to his waist. Savanok leveled his storm bolter and fired but a strange darkness lashed up blocking the shot. “Stop, hold.” All of his anointed obeyed, humans are largely dogs, but this one is a psyker so he has to be careful. The mortal clicked his neck. “I sniffed you out. I know the ship better than you do.” In silence Savanok levelled his bolter again at the mortal but he ordered through a chime for all of them to fire. They emptied their magazines on the mortal again the darkness rose and blocked the fire. Savanok hissed in frustration. “We will do close combat weapons ready!” he then blinked and the mortal was gone, he could hear one of his anointed is gasping in pain, his name was beeping orange. He turned to see the mortal hand inside the chest of one of the terminators, he then tore out his secondary heart. He held the pulsing muscle and in shock Savanok watched the mortal’s jaw unhinge displaying sharp fangs. He threw the heart in his mouth and began chewing, the anointed he took the heart from sagged to one knee.

Savanok roared “kill him!” the tattoo’s began moving, the one that looked like a strange creature with large pincers fell off his skin. It expanded until it towered over them. The human spoke as he chewed the heart “Krabelen...they killed Marthas…” the strange creature jostled slightly to what looks to be in Savanok’s eyes to be fury. It produced bubbles from his mouth and spat it at one of the anointed melting his armour and flesh, he roared in agony as his body gave way. Then it's pincer move almost at the speed of lighting as it grabbed one of his terminators. The anointed slammed his power fist into the claw trying to get free but the creature squeezed his pincer severing the anointed in half. All of this happening in just a brief few moments caused Savanok to shake his head is disbelief. “T-the vision..” he placed his eyes on the mortal, the last remaining terminator was dead. His whole chest is missing, the human’s face was covered in gore. The pskyer turned towards him. “So it was you.” Savanok looked at the strange creature called Krabelen and the mortal. “W-what are you!? You were not in the vision!” The human licked his hand which is covered in Astartes blood. “Hasn’t anyone told you that the gods can give and take away at any moment? For one you should know chaos is not fair in the slightest…I thought about tearing away your guts, having Krabelen hold you down as I slowly devour you...but...information is always good...” The tattoo’s began moving again, Savanok roared at the mortal he charged his power blade held aloft. “Y-you are just a dog!” A snake slithered from the mortal’s body it grew into a similar size to the creature with pincers. It’s maw opened wide as he got close to the mortal. Savanok stopped but due to wearing terminator plate it was too late to dodge to the side, the shadowy snake creature was too quick.

The snake devoured him whole, he was plunged into darkness he felt himself moving downwards. Then he stopped, he was held in place upside down. Then he felt a painful sensation like a thousand knives was being plunged into his skin again and again. He screamed in agony, at the same time he felt information from his mind being pulled away, devoured by the darkness. Then the mortal’s voice came back. +I will take everything from you until there is nothing left.+

Savanok felt his hearts beating rapidly, then the pain got worse, he screamed again in pure agony.

Adelram kept eating, every single bit, the more he eats the more pain he feels in his hearts. Marthas did not want to go, he did not want to leave him or his warband. The ones attacking them took him away. They killed him. Adelram panted he tore out another organ and continued to eat. There is no joy in this, only pain. The pain that Marthas did not want to go, the pain that he might of possibly been able to do something. But then he eats a piece of meat and Marthas is telling him there was nothing he could do. But then Adelram asks himself what could of he had done? He keeps losing his brothers, again and again. He found himself getting tired of it.

He licked his lips, he stared at Marthas’ corpse, almost all the meat was gone save the face. He saved the face for last. He drew his combat knife, he wanted to avoid damaging the eyes too much. Adelram got to work and continued his work to eat his brother. At the current moment he understood why Asriel devours people, strangely enough you feel their last moments and a sense of vigour grips you or it could be his imagination. His eye diverted slightly to Salvador and Difillia, they stood at attention looking away, he more or less ordered them to do it because he does not want them to see him in such a state. His face and armour covered in gore, heartbroken, distraught at his brother’s death.

He drew his eye away and focused on what was in front of him. The pain was unceasing, it scratched at his hearts clawing into it and nestling itself within. Adelram stopped eating for a moment he just realised most of Marthas’ face is gone, leaving only the eyes. He extracted both of them. He held his blessed eye and his normal one, he ate both in one go.

As he chewed both eyes Adelram found tears rolling down his cheeks, he saw flashes of their enemy, the word bearers as they held his brother down and carved their runes onto his face. He felt Marthas’ pain, his anguish. Also his fury, but also he felt that he knew that he will avenge him. Their foolishness in killing him will only throw him into a pit of anguish and pain….and funny enough Marthas was right. Adelram swallowed both eyes he felt the meat burning as it moved down his throat. He rose and sheathed his combat knife, he looked down at the ruined corpse that held only a few strings of meat. All you largely saw was bone. Adelram clutched his primary heart, he could feel it pumping in agony. His whole body hurt...the word bearers are still alive. None of them should leave this ship alive, none should escape.

They should know his pain and anguish. Adelram looked at his blood stained hands, he wiped his face slowly, feeling the cooling blood on his skin. He then ground his teeth as he expanded his witch sight and he searched for all of them all of them. “Where…..where….where…..where are you….” he whispered to himself. Blood began running down his nose, he is pushing too far but he did not care. His eye also burned with a strange sensation. He repeated “where…...are…..you….” he could feel cold winds caressing his skin the further he pushed. Then he felt-saw them, the abnormalities on his ship, their souls burning with fervour, their thoughts bleeding off them that they are being guided by the gods. Adelram smiled “I will crush that thought....scatter their belief...to the winds...” he removed his hands from his face and breathed out the vapour from his breath could now be seen. “All of you will be offered to only one god…” Adelram then roared in agony sending out waves of his psychic power to everyone point he detected. The raw eldritch power erupting from his body caused blood to trail down from his eyes, nose and mouth. “I will let you know my pain!” he shouted at the top of his voice.

Varrex finished the chant, the pool has been destroyed. Now they can focus on enslaving the mortal crew and killing the third. “Kaldos read-” before he could finish his sentence his first acolyte and the Astartes who followed him began coughing. Kaldos tore off his helmet he began vomiting blood as he dropped to his knees. “It hurts….my body it hurts!” Kaldos almost cried out.

Varrex looked around the same thing was happening to everyone else. He was about to reach for Kaldos but stopped as a great ice shard left his mouth. The shard slowly turned red as it absorbed his blood, then from his eyes, ears and nose more shards erupted. His first acolyte collapsed to the ground twitching the blood that covered his face also began freezing. His whole frame was soon covered in rime and frost.

Varrex traced his eyes over the hall again, all of his warriors are dead. “Why is this happening!?” he roared. This was not part of the vision, he did not see this happening to his host. What he saw was him destroying the pool, ransacking this warband and leaving in victory with majority of his forces. He found his eyes slowly moving to Ivan’s corpse “He knows nothing….” his hissed. “There is no way….” then he felt a strange sensation in his stomach. It was painful, he dropped to his knees. Then he felt it a sharp pain as he vomited his blood onto the ground. What came soon after that is the biting cold, it was like something or someone was tearing at his spirit and his body. He could hear the laughter of men and women at the back of his mind. He panted “I-I was g-guided…” then came a agonzing sensation from his throat it felt it filled with something cold. His lips burned, his eyes burned, his nose felt like it was going to fall off.

Varrex collapsed to the ground. In the deep recesses of his mind he knew he was not dead, he screamed internally, since a part of him knew that it will be a long time before he finally dies.

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Man it was not easy writing this.

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RIP Marthas. At least he died in battle and with the knowledge that he would be avenged.


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Entry 7
So the attack ended, just like that. Adelram somehow killed them all, I recognise the ice on the corpses but this time if you touch it, the ice strangely “burns”. Hence it took hours to clean away the bodies and vent them into space. In the battle we suffered few casualties overall, but it seems the death of Marthas as hit Adelram hard. Perhaps it’s also because he devoured him? Now also upon discovering Ivan’s corpse he was not exactly….happy with Ivan’s death. Strangely he reacted in a similar vein to Marthas’ death, he then ate him too, and his reaction got even worse. Far worse...so he ordered all of us to raid the word bearers ship. But his orders...were...I can’t exactly put a word to it. So I shall write it instead. “All of you, go to the word bearers ship. Don’t get the idea we are enslaving them, we are going on that ship to maim them. To tear out their eyes, if they beg us to stop? We tear our their tongues, if they try to flail and push us away? We break their arms. If they try to crawl? We break their legs. Now if we meet any our cousins guarding their ship? Show them that their vision mean nothing. That they are not favoured, they don’t understand chaos, that all their ritual prayers are just that prayers. They can suffer like dogs, just like the humans they look down upon. All of you Astartes or human I care not, do my will and bring their broken forms to me…” So...guess what happened? Everyone obeyed, we ransacked their ship and we took the broken word bearer astartes to Adelram. I expected Adelram to torture them, but he ate them piece by piece to word bearer’s horror. He made them all watch, as he ate them one by one. They had to die slowly after being tortured and beaten by us.

The prospect of Adelram eating other astartes should of been pleasing to me but then came the issue of what happened after we stripped the word bearer ship for resources. Adelram now sits in his chambers by himself, not wanting to see anyone. He must know what I know, a part of him should be aware that there was another hand in this. As Ormir devoured the head terminator I saw what he knows. A name, Arash and some other hazey details. The other significance piece of information is the number 15 appearing in my mind. Putting the two together I am planning to visit a certain sorcerer….

Chapter 16
Izel could tell the air has changed on the ship, it started to happen after the attack ended and they began drifting in the void. The very air prickled his skin lightly. Even wearing power armour he could feel it, he had a good guess what is the cause but what is holding his attention is the amount of power the one causing this is exuding.

Adelram, who he has accepted as his lord is the cause. Izel wondered if he hid this power the whole time or it only awakened with the death of Marthas. It also became even stronger at the discovery of Ivan’s corpse. He looked at the parchment covering his wall the words were moving to the screams of mortals, but the prickling sensation on his skin...it felt like he is trying to tell him something. Adelram is not exactly in a state to talk to him, he has essentially locked himself away in his chambers after the word bearers were delivered to him. Thinking on it he recalled when he delivered a crippled word bearer Adelram seemed distant. Like his attention is elsewhere, he seemed like he was searching for something and perhaps this sensation means he wants others to look as well.

Izel nodded, he walked to his table and picked up a tool. “Let us b-” his door then slid open distracting him, he frowned wondering who would dare interrupt him. He bought his gaze to the door and the one who entered caused him to groan in annoyance. “What do you want human?” Asriel frowned slightly, he walked to a table and pushed all his tools on the floor like they were crumbs of food. He the sat and narrowed his eyes at him. “We need to talk.” “I don’t need to talk to you. Get out.” “I am not leaving.” “I will make you leave human….” Asriel frown grew worse “can you make me leave?” Izel sighed slightly, he recalled that despite being a human he defeated the terminators that invaded the ship. He placed the tool on another table and folded his arms. “What is it?” “Do you know someone called Arash?” Izel took a small step back in surprise. “Yes...why?” Asriel then nodded “right, as my familiar devoured the leader of the terminators I searched his mind. I found small strings of information, chiefly that someone named Arash is supporting them and the number 15 kept repeating in my mind as I tore information away.” Izel frowned slightly, it’s clear the objective was the pool but their attack was far too clean, they knew exactly where to strike and who to kill. He also knows Arash heavily dislikes getting involved in battles and prefers to let his “lessers” do the deed. “The attack sounds like him...It would also make sense that since he is a powerful seer he would discover the pool on our ship..” “Can you find him Izel?” Izel perked up at the question. “How sure are you that it is him?” “I am sure, for why would the Coryphaus of the word bearer host know of him? The mistake your old brother made was not ensuring our deaths.” Izel could not help but agree, Asriel’s logic is sound.

Izel sighed heavily, a part of him does not want to work with such a dangerous creature but this is a lead. “if that’s the case I require slaves, lots of them. Since we essentially butchered and defiled the mortals of the word bearer ship we are short. ” “I will get you the slaves you need.” “Oh? You have some?” “Yes, my fellows in my group use a mist to control them like a herd. I imagine ripping them from it and the withdrawal from it should place them in the correct state of mind for your...methods.” Asriel hopped off his table. “They will be delivered soon Izel.” the human began walking to his door to leave. But Izel called out “you can feel it too can’t you!?” Asriel stopped and turned his head slightly to him. “Well yes.” “So what do you think Adelram is trying to tell us? To search?” “He...most likely knows the answer already. In a manner of speaking I guess this a test.” “A test?” “Yes, a test I think he wants to see if people cares like he does. Tell me sorcerer has what the word bearers inflicted upon us upset you?” The question threw him off, he then recalled he was going to search for answers he was just about to look he did not question why. He just decided to, perhaps because the sensation is annoyance? It’s distracting him from his research. He finally answered Asriel’s question. “I don’t know.” “I see, but then I ask you how do you feel about Marthas’ death?” “I feel nothing.” “Even after he shielded you?” at the mention of being shielded he flinched.

He recalled that Marthas approached him that he will not say a word about his involvement or him being the cause of Asriel’s stunt of taking everyone on the ship. “He wanted a favour in return for his silence. So why should I care? I confessed to Adelram anyway.” Asriel then turned and smiled. “I doubt he was ever going to use the favour.” Izel raised his eyebrow “what makes you think that?” “I knew him for a century, even when I returned to this ship I could see he has not really changed. At most I can see him using that to keep you from doing anything foolish and for the sake of the warband.” The human smirked “so focused on improving and helping others...even when he disbanded his own group. That’s just how he was.” the information caused Izel to turn away, he can’t allow him to feel that emotion. Flashes of their moment in the war room appeared before his eyes, he could see all of them drinking iced drinks. All of them were smiling, he could taste it, the thing he always wanted. Why he tried so hard to fix his mistake, in the end he got it here of all places. Then he found himself going back to his decision to support the rubric, watching his brothers devolve, wither away and mutate into monsterities. He wanted to help them, while many in the legion sat back content that it was not happening to them. At least that was his perspective, even now they enjoy the fruits of their great mistake. While pointing at him, pointing at Ahriman shouting and cursing them while they lap up the power the rubric generated in all sorcerers of his old legion.

Then it came, the emotion pounded in his hearts, guilt and mixed in with that was anger. Arash dared to take his brothers away from him, the brothers who he was enjoying spending his time with, the same ones he killed with. The same brothers who even at least found interest in his research. Adelram made this warband for both him and those who dwell within in it and Arash disrupted that. He ground his teeth, he could feel a strange heat thrumming through his body. He then took a deep breath “my place is here...Adelram is my lord and he is saddened by the deaths of Ivan and Marthas….I care….get the slaves Asriel. I will give him the answers he seeks..” “I shall retrieve them Izel.” He then heard his door opening and closing, once alone he looked down to his hands. The same hands he will use to find and kill the members of his old legion, holding his gaze upon them he found that he was somewhat excited.

Arash sat in his chambers, his legs were crossed and he was preparing himself to peer into the future. It’s been quite some time since he talked to Varrex and he is having trouble getting into communication with him. In the end he might of completed his task and died doing so, in the grand scheme of things his death does not matter. What matters is whether the pool has been destroyed. He closed all nine of his eyes and focused he felt his spirit drifting from his body, his eyes slowly opened, not his physical eyes but his witch sight. He looked at all the diverging paths the threads were shifting as expected. He bought his gaze to the thread belonging to the harbingers of sin and a great smile line his face. Their thread was darkening, falling into oblivion. He pulled at the thread it slowly spawned pictures of the events surrounding Varrex’s raid. He could see the scene where Varrex poisons the pool, but something is amiss. The word bearers across the whole ship started to die soon after, consumed by ice. “Who could be powerful enough to do that?” he whispered to himself.

Arash twisted the image to fast forward time, the leader of the warband will definitely come to inspect Varrex’s corpse. He flicked his hand to stop the image and he saw it, an Astartes that looks to be an apothecary but he radiates the touch of the warp. Also his long white hair is covering his eyes. His head is cast down slightly, he ignored the pool and the corpses and walked towards a dead astartes wearing his colours. The leader knelt before the corpse. Arash made sure to listen to this conversation carefully since in his experience it’s good to learn about possible problems in the future. “So you are dead Ivan….so soon...Asriel just recently bought you back...my Asriel killed two of my dear brothers for this room. For the very pool of blood that is now defiled...He also used Tarkhan’s life to bring you back. I did not know if I needed you but...thinking about it? Perhaps you were bought back to die again? To die for me?” Arash found it somewhat eerie how calm the lord of this warband was. A prized possession has been destroyed and his champions killed. In a manner of speaking the ones who have done so are dead. He imagined he would be elated and set his sights on defiling the slaves upon the word bearers ship.

Arash flexed his hand to freeze the image, he then flicked his finger to discover the name of this astartes before him. After a moment a name slowly appeared above his head “Adelram…” he found himself musing on the meaning of his name. From what he understands in old terran it means dark and noble. For one he knows members of the third are “dark” but noble? They are far from it. Arash looked at the image he gestured to unfreeze it so he could see and hear the rest of Adelram’s words to a corpse. “That conversation we had in the war room that all of this is ordained. Everyone on this ship could die but the dark prince would keep both me and Asriel alive...after eating him, I can understand his point somewhat. Life is just repetition, the truth of reality is that all living things have a blind and assertive drive to live and satisfy their desires. What the dark prince finds so joyous in us is that we constantly seek what cannot be delivered in our lives. But we keep trying don’t we? Again and again...expecting it to change. Which is insanity. I am fine we being insane, I don’t mind. You see Ivan in those brief moments of pure insanity we come together and get what we want for a moment. Just for a moment before it slips away and we chase it again... When we all were drinking in the war room it was….so good. Thinking about it again I hoped to do it again at some point. But...someone ruined that.” Arash could not help but shake his head, Adelram is truly a madman. We are doomed to repeat things? That we seek what cannot be delivered? “Nonsense…” he was about to dismiss the image until he heard the breaking of ceramite and then a crunch. He stopped and stared Adelram is now devouring the corpse, almost like a savage animal. In the brief movements the lord of the harbingers of sin speaks. “So...you believed that I would avenge you to….?...I haven’t….not...yet….” he kept eating Arash merely sighed. “I should've expected this the degeneracy of the third knows no bounds.” he raised his hand to dimiss the image but then suddenly through the strands of white hair he saw a pink eye with a slit, it was looking directly at him. For some reason Arash gulped. “I see him Ivan….but….I...have to be sure...if people feel as I do….I will kill him for this…” Arash shook his head “there is no way he is looking at me….there is no way!” He waved his hand finally banishing the conjured image. “You made a mistake.” he heard a voice, it’s been centuries since he has last heard it. He turned to see a sorcerer in black and pink armor. They wore a choker around their gorget with the sigil of the one who thirst dangling off it. “Who are you!?” The sorcerer floated towards him. He looked down at the the threads. “I remember doing this, thinking I was in control. That fate bent to my will.” as the interloper continued a name was surfacing in his mind, he pointed. “Izel!?” the sorcerer did not react he continued speaking.

He grabbed a thread and pulled it up he conjured an image of that time, that horrific mistake they inflicted on the legion. “I was watching with you, I can’t help but agree with my lord thinking about it. I desired brotherhood, all astartes do in their own way. In the name of it the rubric was pursued to fix my brothers who are suffering. Then...as you know they became how they are now. But we did not stop we continued to search for a way to fix them not being satisfied with what we have... we inflicted that upon them in our mad desires to fulfill our will. So to “fix” them we killed, we made pacts with daemons again and again hoping things to change. But it didn’t, a part of us told us we should never give up, to push on to hope for a better future where we can be a true legion again.” Izel shifted the image displaying Ahriman. “He will never find the cure, he will forever chase the carrot he will never have his brotherhood. Because the gods like it that way.” he dismissed the image sighing heavily. “Just like you who seeks to manipulate fate to avoid outcomes disfavorable to you. You want to be in control, you want to be the superior one to laud over others. That is your will....” Arash ground his teeth “who are you to speak!? Because of your selfishness! Our brothers are dust!” “What of it? If I did nothing all of you would be pointing fingers at others if our legion withered away. All of you would even come to blame Magnus if we did nothing. So let’s put it this way if our legion was consumed who should we blame? Magus for standing by? The wolves for prospero forcing your father to strike that deal damning the legion to the lord of change? Magnus was also a victim of the cycle of pain. Let me tell you, just think for a moment how many bargains or possibly experiments he went through trying to pursue a cure? When he was united with his legion? In the end it was pointless we all got duped, the mutation came back. Magnus sat by and did nothing, so then Ahriman got duped instead. We all did, the gods use our grief to get us to do what they want and now Arash? You are in my lord’s cycle of pain. He falls down and he gets up again and again, but I tell you what part do you think we are on?” Arash found his teeth chittering slightly, Izel is speaking complete and utter nonsense, he is a sybarite and degenerate like the rest of them. He does not even see Magnus as his father. What does he know of philosophy? What does he know of what the legion how to do to recover from their mistake? Or of fate?

Arash looked at the threads of fate and smiled “what are you saying Izel!? Fate is in my favour!” “Is that what you see? Look again.” Arash stared at the threads, all of the threads are beginning to burn or freeze solid. “W-what is going on?” Izel shook his head. “He always knew where you were. He could of come at any time...he did see you.” “He saw nothing! If that’s the case why hasn’t he attacked yet!?” Izel clenched his hands “I don’t know his mind but to me he is trying to see how dedicated I am to my brotherhood. How dedicated I am to my will. You know I gladly helped in the rubric despite the possible consequences, you know that I killed planets in order to heal my old brothers. After finding a place here...and taking away someone who covered for me. For my sake and for the warband do you think that I would take it lying down? Oh no...no...I am not going to let you off Arash and neither is he...know this….we are coming.”

His form then vanished, Arash quickly shot back to his body, he felt weary opening all nine of his eyes. He staggered to his feet he needed to prepare. Just on the off chance they might be attacked. Arash looked down to his hand as he got to the door, it was shaking...in fear.

Izel sliced the throat of the last of the slaves, blood clogged the floor of his chamber. “So do you have it?” Asriel said calmly. Izel looked at the parchment across all of them it detailed pictures of the Thousand sons, the fifteenth legion and Arash. Along with that were coordinates. Izel dropped the corpse onto the ground. “Yes. I do.” “Tell me Izel were you talking to someone? As you were killing the slaves I heard you mumbling.” “I was talking to someone catching up on old times. Now to focus on more important matters we must report to Adelram with our findings.” “You mean your findings?” Izel turned to Asriel, he could see what he was trying to do. “You bought it to my attention the thousand sons were involved.” “I did but you got the information needed to locate the ones who ordered the attack. I also think Adelram will be more happy to hear it from you. My part is done.” Asriel turned and left his room without another word.

Looking at the parchment again, if he delivers this information to Adelram he will start the assault upon Arash a member of his old legion. He looked at the image of Arash, Magnus, Ahriman and a host of other sorcerer's he knew in the legion. And he felt nothing, no kinship, no regret or guilt just mild anger and annoyance. They are not his brothers anymore, his brothers are here and Arash killed them. Izel turned to his door and made his way to Adelrams chambers.

The journey toward his chambers he could see the changes, rime covered the hallways and there were frozen statues of serfs who looked to be running for their lives. What is happening right now this power is most likely a reflection of Adelram’s pain, through pain there is power that is what he learned. As he reached Adelram’s chamber doors. They were covered in in frost and rime, just from his observation the doors were frozen shut. Izel took a deep breath, he summoned eldritch fire and placed his hands on the door melting the ice, right away he could see it was somewhat of a battle since despite the energy he was summoning the ice was clearly trying to consume his hands.

He grunted as he pulled the doors open, just enough so he could slip through. When the gap was large enough he pushed himself through the door, it slammed such behind him. Looking around snow covered every inch of the room. Scattered amongst the ground he could see large bones poking out of the snow. He guessed the bones were the remnants of the word bearers that were bought to his chambers.

Then he placed his eyes on Adelram’s throne and he saw him, sitting gazing upwards. He took a step forward towards the middle of the chamber locking his gaze on him. As he reached the middle he took a deep breath before speaking. “My l-” “Did I summon you Izel?” Adelram’s voice held a line of threat, Izel clenched his hands. Again he tried to speak but while one eye was still looking upwards, a pink one came down slightly, the black slit bore into him as Adelram repeated. “Did I summon you Izel?” He shook his head “No my lord.” “Then why are you here?” Izel licked his lips despite wearing a helmet his face felt cold. Like a thousand needles were pricking his skin. “I have come to deliver important news.” “What news is that?” “The location of the one who ordered the attack.” “I killed the ones who attacked us Izel...” “They were pawns, sent by the thousand sons to destroy the pool.” Adelram bought both of his eyes to him, one was black like normal, but the other. Now staring at it again it’s almost exactly like his eye. “Adelram if I may ask….your eye what happened to it?” his lord rose from his chair slowly and walked towards him. “It was a gift from Marthas after I ate him. Right now I am getting his weapon serviced.” “Serviced but why?” Izel looked down to Adelram’s waist his blade was gone. “Your swo-” “Don’t worry about it Izel, tell me more of the thousand sons who ordered this attack.” he nodded “Arash, he is a magister of the cult of prophecy he leads a thrallband in the name of it. With Asriel’s aid I have discovered the coordinates of his next location.” Adelram began circling him eyeing him up and down. “I see, so tell me Izel can you kill them?” At the mention of doubting his loyalty he found himself getting slightly angry. “I subjag-no I chose to go under the procedure to convert my gene-seed they are not my brothers anymore. My place is here.” “Right so this...Arash fellow what is he like?” At the mention of Arash he knew that Adelram knows what he looks like, this is a test. “Blue skin, nine eyes that blink sideways.” “Right...now if I said I was going to tear out his eyes and eat them?” “Then I would ask if you will share some with me” “What if I wish to flay his skin off his body?” “I would provide you with the knife my lord.” “Good...what if I wanted to offer his soul up to the dark prince and his daemons?” Adelram stopped at his side, Izel turned his head and looked into his eyes. “I will give you all the books I know to make the process as painful as possible.” Adelram gave a soft smile in return, Izel could see the ice melting slightly. “What if I told you...that you might die when we attack? I have lost all my original brothers...Augustus and Jedrick ascended. Silas is “lost” to the kakophoni and now Marthas and Ivan are dead. Largely Noxus remains in some crippled form but prefers to talk to my second half. If I told you that you could die at any point and the dark prince would rather preserve the life of Asriel...will you still follow me?” The question was...heavy. But he would not exactly mind dying in service to him, it’s here where he has felt something, where he got some measure of what he wanted. He sees no harm in dying for it or protecting it. The dark prince would expect no less. “I don’t mind. As I bleed out I will just think of the joyful times I had this warband.” He watched Adelram’s face flicker slightly in somewhat relief. Then he found himself speaking out loud. “Tell me Adelram are you that lonely?” He looked away for a moment in silence, that said it all he knew what it was like to be alone. His face said it, he guessed that he was most likely a black sheep in the past. Hence why his brothers dying affects him heavily, for Asriel is not Astartes, it’s also rather clear Asriel is his soulmate as well. He has to accept that perhaps his true brother is a human. The dark prince wants it that way for whatever reason. Adelram then faced him again “What if I said I am going to eat you when you die?” “Then that’s fine. I am a corpse why should I care?” his lord closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them. “Tell me the coordinates we are going to get our vengeance on Arash.” Izel faced Adelram and gave a small bow, “Yes I shall, here are the coordinates…”

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man Martha's died too! we need more characters

btw noticed a massive shift in your writing? You been reading something recently?

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 Dayknight wrote:

man Martha's died too! we need more characters

btw noticed a massive shift in your writing? You been reading something recently?

Hmmmm no. Not really is it a bad change? Right going to read the last few chapters got me paranoid now... Also characters are coming don't worry

Plus Adelram is sad he keeps losing his brothers.

Edit:Reading the last chapter noticed a couple of mistakes gotta read more carefully in the future before posting. :X

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Chapter 17
Arash ground his teeth he stared into the void as he sat on his command throne, he could feel the fates splintering, breaking piece by piece. “Fahad.” he said his name as calmly as possible he does not want to reveal any weakness. The lesser sorcerer looked down at him “yes my lord?” “Has the Nightstalker been contacted?” “He has he is quite eager to hunt the third.” “Good, saving those mad killers has some use after all. Since the third ruined one of their raids they are eager to get revenge. I assume they also have the harbingers of sin’s current coordinates?” “Going by the astropath they are on route.” “This is good, they must still be reeling from Varrex’s assault to be attacked so soon they should be off guard.” Arash relaxed in the command throne, the knowledge that they will soon die set him at ease somewhat. He has no idea why he is worried those who seek to ruin his carefully crafted futures have all died in the past. He has ensured that and this time the same will occur as always but he had to be alert. The threads of fate could divert at any moment. “Fahad?” “Yes Magister?” “Are the defences up?” “Everyone is on full alert my lord if we are attacked we will be ready.” “Good. You are dismissed.” The lesser sorcerer bowed and left his side. “There is no way a group of degenerates can change fate, even if they have acquired Izel….”

He flexed his power claws as he sat on the command throne, they are diving through sea of souls to their prey. “The third will know the terror of the night…” He looked upon his right power claw on the back of the hand is the etched name Nightstalker in silver letters. The third will know that name, they will know him and his warband as he sows terror amongst them. He looked upon the slaves faces were on screens, they had to narrow their eyes due to the darkness and the dim lights on the ship. All of them had to learn to work in such conditions or die. Such is the way of things, he then heard a voice to his right. “Nightstalker.” the voice was thick and gruff it showed a hint of impatience and annoyance. He turned his head slightly to see his brother Alim Kathar in midnight clad standing at the side of his throne. “Tell me are you sure doing the bidding of a sorcerer?” “We are not doing his bidding all he did was give us information. The sons of Curze, we of the night lords don’t serve those who bow to demons…and false gods. This is a hunt a lead to a warband of the third. They should be limping from the wound inflicted by another warband we are going in for the kill and we will take their resources and slaves.” “I see in such a state they will know true fear and terror.” “Exactly...tell me where is the mutant?” “The Eater of Despair?” “Yes him, we will need him. Have a slave order him to the boarding torpedoes...” Alim cocked his head slightly at the order. “The slave will die we don’t have much left. Can we afford to waste one on him?” “I know and understand your concern. But he is like a animal he needs to be bloodied before being let loose.” “It shall be done Nightstalker.” Alim walked away from his throne to inact his orders.

He dislikes using the mutant, he even had his gauntlets painted red to let him know he could execute him at any time. But he had his uses, at least he fellows their creed and is invested in the path of spreading terror and fear to the enemies of the night lords….

Breathing in and then out he had to endure for now but the waiting was agony. His hearts beat rapidly, they thunder in his chest to let him know he must seek despair. He must inflict it, taste it and hear it. His mind drifted to only one question “What is the Nightstalker doing? When is the next hunt? When can I bring despair?” he mused. He heard the call that they are diving into the warp but to where? The only thing he could think of is that they are hunting the third again. He groaned in annoyance. “They know nothing of fear or despair…” he has killed several of their number. The emperor’s children are degenerates. They don’t run, they don’t panic they view any fight, any battle as another experience to be enjoyed. Perhaps that is the Nightstalkers obsession? To inflict fear on an enemy that only finds joy? Perhaps it’s not veganance against the third for ruining a raid? He found his mind drifting at that possibility to inflict true despair upon them. “Yes...I could do that…I could get behind that...” he smiled to himself thinking of such a thing and then he heard something.

A slave is walking into his abode, he guessed that the Nightstalker needs him. He looked down and narrowed his eyes. He saw a emaciated slave with a lantern walking around, trembling in fear. He grinned, he detached his clawed feet from the ceiling his bat-like wings swept out as he hurtled towards the mortal. As their eyes met, he saw it, the despair. In pure reflex he activated the vox in his helmet to play the sounds of screaming mortals. The slave began crying, his despair grew. As he got close he did a small flip to place his feet towards the ground, he landed with a sharp screech as his metal talons tore into the floor of the ship. He wrapped his wings about his form and silenced the vox in his helmet. “What do you want?” he said cooly. The trembling slave got to his knees. “E-Eater o-of d-despair….the N-Nightstalker wishes you to join the attack upon the emperor’s children...” “I see, I have only been an Astartes for two years and he values me so highly…” he moved the fingers of his power claws that were on both hands he was just about to slowly kill the slave but held back. He has a better idea. “You are dismissed slave go back to your duties.” The human looked up to him, his dirty face twisting into the image of hope. Tears of joy ran down his face. He found his face creasing, making that emotion it revolted him, hope is a disgusting emotion that has no place on this ship but it is needed just for this moment. The mortal got to his feet and bowed, he turned away and that was the right moment.

In utter silence he took a few paces forward and planted his claws into the back of the slave. He looked back slightly, his face of hope is now of despair. He smiled and bought his other talon up. “Do you have any family members? Answer my question and I will take you to the tech priests to tend to you..I am quite fast we will make it...” The slave soiled his trousers, blood ran down his mouth. He slowly nodded. “I see, perhaps I should visit them then.” His face contorted in further he wailed in anguish. In that wail he can hear it, his despair, his fear and terror. With a swift movement he removed the head, it rolled to the ground holding that face.

He threw the corpse off his talon the heat of inflicting despair thrummed through his body but it was not enough. It is never enough, he bought both his power claws to his body. He wrapped his wings around his frame again and began making the journey to the boarding torpedoes. “He hates me...but values what I am….hypocrite…”

Asriel waited in Caius’ workshop for Adelram, he called him here for what is most likely in the chained black box that is sitting on the table in front of him. He could tell because the tech priest is extremely pleased with himself. “Tell me Caius what is in the box?” Caius in turn released a shrill screech of binary “Astartes Adelram said to wait. So wait. Impatient as always...” “You are the one who looks impatient tech priest you are eager to reveal whatever is in that box.” Caius slouched slightly at his words. “I am more eager to see Astartes Adelram’s reaction to it.” Asriel was about to speak but the doors of the workshop slid open, he turned his head to see Adelram at the door as he began walking he heard the crack of ice splintering like glass. His footprints was also leaving rime on the floor. “You are that eager?” said Asriel. Adelram gave him a look, words don’t need to be said, they both had an understanding that the ones who attacked them will suffer. What he wanted to see is how ready Adelram is to commit to this path. His lord bought his gaze to the tech priest. “Is it ready?” Caius inclined his head “It is...the daemon made it difficult. Are su-” “Open it.” Adelram said firmly. The tech priest shook his head he did as he ordered he removed the chains and stepped back. “Astartes Adelram please do be careful…” his lord stepped towards the box and opened it. He picked up the spiked weapon and hefted it on his shoulder. Asriel could see the metal of his old sword has been mixed with the censer. Asriel raised his eyebrow “it’s not singing, is the daemon still in it?” Caius took a step back. “I said to be careful, it might be dormant….I have done all the rituals to contain it but now…” Adelram shifted his eye to the weapon. “Eligos, wake up.” At his command pink mist erupted from the weapon it tried to wrap around Adelram’s frame but it seemed like an unknown force was holding it back. Asriel took a step forward, daemons can be unpredictable especially daemon weapons after their users have died. Most would seek to kill the new holder but Adelram raised his hand. That simple gesture stopped him, he had it under control. So he held his place and folded his arms. His lord smiled, he barely smiled since Marthas died but this one looked menacing like how one crushes an annoying bug.

The mist formed slightly around him into a shape of a bovine face, the voice that came from it, Asriel found it odd. It did not fit what he sees in front of him considering how it sang in the past. Adelram held his smile “so the daemon shows it’s face. How odd that you are a singer.” +I sing for pain, torment and pleasure. I sing for war….the clamour of battle...the screams of the dying...people begging for mercy...you seek to use me...why?+ “Why not? I need you to crush the head of the one that killed Marthas.” +your human slave already killed the one who murdered your brother...+ “Shut daemon he is not a slave. Now tell me do I have to force you to obey?” +hmm…+ Asriel watched the bovine head cock slightly, he could tell the daemon was thinking. +I could just kill everyone in the room. The annoying rituals holding me are drifting away. Even the ones my last user placed on me, Your corpse will be quite useful….+ His lord chuckled. “Oh are you sure you want to try daemon? You might not come back out…” +Is that a bet?+ “It is..” The force that was holding back the mist drifted away, like a snake the mist shot into Adelram’s nostrils.

He dropped the weapon and sank to his knees. Asriel raced to him “What are you thinking!?” He looked down to Adelram, his eyes looked absent...dead even. Asriel was about to touch him but the mist drifted from his nostrils and retreated to the weapon. His lord gasped, blood trailing down a nostril. He smiled and picked up the weapon, he got to his feet. “Told you…” he said cooly. Asriel frowned “what happened?” Caius also came forward his tendrils moving towards Adelram, his lord slapped them away. “Caius keep your hands to yourself.” “But I am curious how you tamed the daemon.” “I did not exactly tame it but showed what I wish to do. He found it pleasing and decided that I am a more “interesting” prospect than Marthas.” Asriel scratched his head. “That does not exactly sound like a good thing…” “I know” said Adelram “But I am quite sure he just wishes to enjoy the ride.”

Asriel rubbed his neck “so are we going to kill Arash?” “Yes we shoul-” the lights on the ship suddenly changed to red. His lord sighed “I should of expected him to send another pawn….come Asriel we must defend the ship.” he nodded “Right lead the way.” Adelram began making his way out of the workshop, he followed behind him. He looked back to Caius “I think you should lock up the workshop!” The tech priest grumbled in annoyance “I know the drill….you don’t have to remind me.” Asriel smiled he faced the door wondering what legion is attacking them this time.

His hearts beat in excitement, unlike the rest he is not a part of any claws. The first claw is most likely using dreadclaws while he has to use a boarding torpedo but he is used to this. Fighting alone, being the lone hunter but it is in being alone that true despair can be inflicted upon someone. Having the others distract him would be an annoyance. The eater of despair smiled “soon…” he looked at his auto senses his boarding torpedo is close to impact, he gathered that the Nightstalker had the exact coordinates allowing them to exit the warp right next to the emperor’s children battleship. He did not care who gave him such information or how he discovered their position. All he cared for is bringing despair, to taste the enemy and see the enemy crawling on their knees in fear.

He looked at his autosenses again, it’s a few seconds from impact, his power armour braced itself to absorb the shock. The boarding torpedo crashed into the ship, the melta’s got to work making the hole, he slid down and entered the ship. He looked around the hall, like all ships of the third the walls are covered in strange art, the lights are too bright and the recycled air of his helmet now leaves a strange taste in his mouth. Even so he grinned “It’s time to begin the hunt…” he raced down the hall to find his first victim, his taloned feet scratching at the ground with each step. He activated his vox to play the screams of dying mortals as he ran he listened carefully and soon enough he heard it. Footsteps one belonging to a human and another is clearly an Astartes. The mortal is most likely a useless slave, he will bring despair to the slave after he kills their Astartes master.

He continued racing down the hallway until he came across them. He stopped and bought out his wings, he activated both power claws and looked upon those he is about to kill. The astartes had long white hair and held a spiked weapon and the human had pinkish skin. The eater of despair chuckled. “Are you ready to die degenerate?” The astartes and the human looked at each other and then bought their eyes to him. A big grin played across both of their faces and they beamed, instead of concern for their safety they were happy to see him. The human pointed and the astartes took a step forward as they said exactly at the same time. “He has wings!” His enemies saying such a thing caused a great amount of confusion, but all members of the third are strange and the ones before him are the strangest. “Be silent sybarites! I have come to bring despair! Now…” he launched forward like a bullet towards both of them. Yet as he got close they did a small movement to dodge his attack.

The eater of despair bought his talons to the ground sparking the floor, he made a swift turn, he expected the astartes to dodge his attack but the human? That was unexpected. “So neither of you are weak? That means your despair will be great once I peel away your skin..” The astartes smiled at him. “Say, how about you join me?” The offer caused him to laugh. “Why would I join you!? I am dedicated to the long war! I am dedicated to the vision of curze and bringing despair to all! Do you make offers to those who seek to kill you?” The enemy astartes looked up slightly for a moment and nodded. “If they interest me yes.” The human then came forward “your gauntlets are red are you an outcast?” The eater of despair flinched, how did the mortal know of it? Who are these two? The Astartes took another step forward. “I am Adelram lord of this warband and this is…..Asriel.” The human waved at him. “You got nice wings by the way.” Adelram gestured to Asriel to be quiet from his observation. The lord of the warband took another step forward. “You are fighting without a squad so you are alone. The black sheep Why is that?” The eater of despair ground his teeth. “Shut up...” he hissed. He readied his wings and charged forward, swiping with both claws, but the lord of the warband was dodging each strike with ease. “Going by your voice even if it’s modulated it sounds young. How old are you? Were you recently made?” He roared and swept his claw out, Adelram stepped back dodging the attack. “You are young for sure.” He howled in fury “shut up!”

He dodged again, but this time his weapon swept out and slammed into his chest. He coughed up blood and sagged to his knees. Adelram then knelt “you speak of despair but looking at you….you have never tasted it yourself have you?” He looked up to the lord of the warband. His smile was gentle of concern. He wasn’t used to it, a thought then popped into his head he pushed it down. “My brothers are tearing apart your warband sybarite...I might die here...but…” “Who says you are going to die? You are going to join me.” “I spit on your offer…” Adelram rose he held that smile and lifted up his weapon. “I am not asking….Asriel please help me..” The human came forward “the usual?” “Yes you shall keep him alive.” Adelram then look at him and bought his weapon down and the pain soon began.
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