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Made in us
I'll Be Back

Hey all. This is my first post to the site, so I figured I should kick it off with a couple photo's of my Necron Army. Please let me know what you think; I'm relatively new to the game, and these were my first attempts at painting miniatures.
[Thumb - Necrons images 2011 065.jpg]

[Thumb - Necrons images 2011 028.jpg]

[Thumb - Necrons images 2011 037.jpg]

[Thumb - Necrons images 2011 066.jpg]

[Thumb - Necrons images 2011 058.jpg]

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My Armor is Contempt 
Made in gb
Esteemed Veteran Space Marine

Sheppey, England

They look pretty good so far. How are you planning on basing them?

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And the sequels HERE and HERE

Final part's up HERE

Made in au
Sneaky Striking Scorpion

South Austrailia

They look awsome, only thing I think is off is that the gold on the lord looks a bit bright compared to the rest of the army.

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Made in us
I'll Be Back

@Necro - Thanks. I'm thinking about painting bits of gravel and coarse sand a blackish grey, interspersed with chips of limestone lightly brushed with dark angel green.

@Dreadanant - Thank ye, kind sir. And I wanted the Lord to stand out a bit from the basic troops - when I finish modeling his Immortal Squad, they're going to match his colorscheme, but with varnished white skulls instead.

And here's a few more images for good measure.
[Thumb - More Necrons 022.jpg]

[Thumb - More Necrons 018.jpg]

[Thumb - More Necrons 016.jpg]

[Thumb - Necrons images 2011 069.jpg]

My Armor is Contempt 
Made in gb
Possessed Khorne Marine Covered in Spikes

Every time I see Necron warriors I always wonder why GW allowed the warriors to be cast with their legs too far apart to fit on the base properly.
Good job on the painting though, looks suitably Necron-esque

Made in au
Long-Range Black Templar Land Speeder Pilot


The necron warriors look good the necron gold looks a little dodgy though srry, try anther coat would be good

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Made in us
Frenzied Juggernaut

The Emperor's Forge Mitten, Earth

I'm with Jordankeeps on this one, the warriors look good, but I would go back and either touch up the Lord or maybe strip some of the parts for a redo, it looks like he was originally all gold and you tried to paint over that with black, usually it's better to do it the other way and start with black as your undercoat. Thinning the paint might help too to avoid chunky areas.

Made in us
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Two Rivers, WI

Of course everyone here has room to grow in our painting, but at least your army is full painted. Welcome!

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