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Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User


I don't have a lot of photographs to share just yet but I felt I should share something to get started here on DakkaDakka. So here is a photograph of my lead Farseer and his Warlock pal.

My Eldar hail from the Craftworld of Ulthwe but unlock the Ulthwe you will find in the codex, mine have a rather different motif to their uniforms. The design came from the description of the craftworld "Ulthwe The Damned" which I associated with the Space Marines "Legion of the Damned." Really liking the bone and fire look, I translated it into my Eldar army and this is just a taste of what you will see on the battle field. I'll upload more shots soon as I can, just need a memory card for my new camera... heh.

Good and bad feed back is welcomed, don't shy away. If you have something negative to say though, please follow it up with suggestions on how to improve, I find that far more constructive for my quest to improve on my painting skills.
[Thumb - Farseer Bill and Warlock Ted.jpg]
Farseer Bill and Warlock Ted

Made in au
Sneaky Striking Scorpion

South Austrailia

They look great, a realy interesting take on a usually bland sceme. Well done

3,500pts 4,000pts 150pts lol

Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User


Thank you! ^_^
Made in us
Ship's Officer

They look wonderful. It would be cool to see a whole army painted this way.

Also, I hope they go on many Excellent Adventures.

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 H.B.M.C. wrote:

Yeah! Who needs balanced rules when everyone can take giant stompy robots! Balanced rules are just for TFG WAAC players, and everyone hates them.

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Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

Lincolnshire, UK

Looks really nice. Very impressive work and very distinctive. The gradual tone on the flames looks great too.

My only peeve is the distinct lack of reference to Bill and Ted on the models.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Orange County, CA

Good luck casting Mind War on Librarians. lol
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Made in au
Crazed Troll Slayer


So I'm browsing through the P&M showcase...
"oh look, an Eldar thread"
Reads description.
Scrolls down.
"Holy S#!T! That's AWESOME!"

I really like this model

Dwarves-about 2000 points, most unpainted. Kill me now.
kravus master of Horus wrote:Cover all the red in twenty layers of Devlan Mud then it'll be awesome.

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Made in us
Winged Kroot Vulture

Seattle, WA

KICK @$$!

Made in gb
Krazed Killa Kan

Newport, S Wales

That is actually pretty darn good, very different from the usual eldar we see day in day out!

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 Atma01 wrote:


Phototoxin wrote:Kids go in , they waste tonnes of money on marnus calgar and his landraider, the slaneshi-like GW revel at this lust and short term profit margin pleasure. Meanwhile father time and cunning lord tzeentch whisper 'our games are better AND cheaper' and then players leave for mantic and warmahordes.

daveNYC wrote:The Craftworld guys, who are such stick-in-the-muds that they manage to make the Ultramarines look like an Ibiza nightclub that spiked its Red Bull with LSD.
Made in gb
Back in the dark

Suffolk, where the Aliens roam.


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Inside your mind, corrupting the pathways

Very nice flames.

Made in gb
Stealthy Grot Snipa

Flames are great so is the model. The only point I dislike are the swords. Where is the energy?

Apart from that it's awesome =D
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Did you do anything the the large square section on the back of the farseer?

Made in us
Shrieking Guardian Jetbiker

The Void

Interesting flames, well painted. Well done!
Made in se
Nasty Nob

'Ere an dere

Looks very good, I like fire effects. It appears you was inspired by the same thing as I, though I used LotD scheme only for fire dragons.

idolator wrote:That Nob is carrying a big honking gun that happens to have two barrels. You could call it a twin-linked shoota if you want, you could also call it Susan.

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Made in us
Shas'o Commanding the Hunter Kadre

Richmond, VA

Great looking!

I also imagine bill and ted using doom and guide a lot. Mind war... not so much hahahaha.

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Lt. Coldfire wrote:Seems to me that you should be refereeing and handing out red cards--like a boss.

 Peregrine wrote:
Made in is
Fresh-Faced New User

Stunning flame effects! Job well done.

One nifty comment though on the swords. I dont know if its the picture(if thats the chase then I'm sorry) but they look weird in some way.. cant put my finger on it but its almost like they have been blended but still look flat. Again, this might just be the photo!
Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User


Haha thanks so much everyone, it means a lot to get such positive feed back!

To answer to the various comments that I've read let me start off by saying that Farseer Bill and Warlock Ted do go on many excellent adventures and they were named after the real Bill and Ted who travel around in a photo booth, how much more of a reference do you need? =P Also... they are friends of Maughan Ra (death) and have had gotten into more than their share of trouble with the Imperium (hehe).

And I love the fact that l33tninja4 made the Librarian reference, glad to know there is a 40k funny reader in the mix. ^_^

Back to comments on the painting and army, I in fact have an entire farseer council painted just like Bill and Ted and they lead a 1500 point army that includes 9 Banshees, a wave serpent, 30 guardians, 2 weapon platforms, 5 rangers, 2 vypers, 5 dark reapers, 2 war walkers and one very important Wraithlord Timmy. The Banshee's have recently been stripped of their paint however as I plan on updating their look and I've been doing touch ups and repairs across the army as the paint has chipped and mini's have bent/broken. Once I get them all back up to my standards of presentation, I'll be sure to upload the whole gang!

In regards to the painting of the witch blades, I keep them like bone because they are not energy based weapons as I understand it. Unlike a space marines power sword that crackles with energy or a necron lords staff of light, the witch blade is made of wraith bone and is psychically charged in battle... so to me, it just makes more sense to look like bone, it all ties into the colours of the council better I find. I think I'm going to back though and update the swords a little, I've seen some amazing effects done to swords on this site and I'd like to try to recreate that while still staying true to the bone colour that I use.

As for the back armour of Farseer Bill, I painted it with gradiation from light to dark. I had always meant to paint the rune of the farseer on there but my hand wasn't steady enough with a brush back when I originally painted him, so I didn't. I've gotten a lot better since then with fine details and especially in painting line work, so I'll probably be adding that in time.

I'm glad everyone likes the flame motif, I really felt it spiced up the look of the otherwise rather plain uniforms. It's more aggressive and powerful in appearance, kind of warns you that these guys are dare I say it? Bad to the bone.
Made in au
Long-Range Black Templar Land Speeder Pilot


Wow their panted so well! Wel done!

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