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Where do you all think the company verterans fit n the Dark Angels?

Are they one of the 10 squads in the 100 strong chapter, or are they a group in their own right somewhat outside the 1000 limit on the SM chapters?
I suppose it would be kind of like where to Sternguard squads fit in the normal SM chapters?

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veterans are from the DA codex:

'the 3rd to 7th companies are each able to field squads of Company Veterans in the place of a Tactical squad'

So i would say that their numbers count towards the 100 men in a company structure.

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vitki wrote:
I suppose it would be kind of like where to Sternguard squads fit in the normal SM chapters?

Sternguard and Vanguard Vets are from a standard Chapter's First Company, they are then selected to serve as Terminators when required. Considering that the First Company of the Dark Angels is the Deathwing and Company Vets are not from the Deathwing they are just from the Company itself I would assume that they are slightly over the 100 Marine allowance. This is taking into account that they do not list the Company Vets in the Company Composition. I could be wrong how ever and the Vets could be situationally drawn from the squads that make up the company.

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