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New Campaign - Hellbringer (Chaos+Daemons vs Marines+Eldar): First Battle - Boarding Action  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in nz
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

Auckland, New Zealand

Welcome to the first report of our new 40K campaign. Our last big campaign, the Siege of Berephous Prime, was a map-based one. Great fun, but quite a bit of work. For this campaign we have gone with the Forgeworld style linear approach - a series of linked games with a grand finale (Apoc game). Each game has a prize for the winner (in this case, strategic assets for the Apoc game)

The campaign follows the Chaos invasion of an Imperial Shrine world. The Ruinous Powers are seeking an item of great power to free an ancient daemon bound beneath the planet’s surface. Their forces are an unholy alliance of Chaos Marines and Daemons. A marine strike force meets them above the planet and prepares to do battle. Both are surprised by the arrival of an Eldar fleet, who pledge support to the Imperial defence, although they keep their own counsel as to the reasons for their involvement....

The first battle takes place as the Chaos forces attempt to seize an Imperial orbital defence station. We used the boarding action rules from the FW Badab War books. As the battle took place on the exterior of the station (as the Chaos forces attempt to force entry), the Cold Void rules were in effect.

The action starts as the first Chaos forces disembark from their Dreadclaws.....


Emperors Children and Obliterators deploy onto the stations surface

Arcane weaponry searches for targets

Across the vast expanse of admantium plating, cooling towers and defence batteries, the Imperial defenders and their enigmatic allies emerge from the stations defences

Marine and Xenos stand shoulder to shoulder..

The cyclone missile launcher fires a salvo of frag missiles. They have little chance of hurting the chaos forces, but in the zero gravity environment, one chaos marine is sent spinning off the station and into the void

A seething rift of unreality appears next to the Imperial defences. A wave of sickly mucus spills forth to reveal the hulking shape of Mamon, Daemon prince. His stream of corruption turns a unit of Dire Avengers into bubbling pools of filth. Unfortunately his accompanying unit of Plague Bearers do not emerge from the Warp and Mamon is left facing the levelled barrels of Fire Dragon meltas...

Seeing the threat, the Eldar Farseers directs all his kinsmen’s attacks against the hulking daemon. Even Mamon's unnatural toughness cannot save him and he is cast back into the warp to lick his wounds (literally)

A unit of Chaos Terminators warps in, and they and the Ultramarine Terminators wipe each other out. Several are literally blasted into space by explosive weapons. Meanwhile, the delayed Plague Bearers make a belated appearance beside the marine scouts

The scouts weather the fire from the Obliterators and the Noise marines and assault the nurgle daemons

Marine reinforcements arrive in the shape of Salamander Sternguard. The veteran marines keep the noise marines at bay with their Vengeance shells.

The surviving War Walkers add their firepower, sending the Chaos forces into cover

Seeing the initiative of the assault faltering, the Emperors Children make a dash for a key objective. But they have left it too late..

The Obliterators mow down the unit of fire dragons as they secure an objective for the Imperials. But they are now too far away to seize it themselves. The Chaos assault has lost all momentum as they tried to avoid facing the weapons of the Eldar in open ground

The Sternguard secure the main objective as the Chaos forces retreat to their Dreadclaws. The station has been held, and its orbital bombardment cannons remain in Imperial hands...


The boarding action rules were a lot of fun. As it was our first game with them, we just took small forces (around 400 points each) for a quick game. The Cold Void rules were pretty neat. Seeing Chaos marines and Terminators blown off the station into space (if they failed a toughness test after being hit by a blast weapon) was hilarious.

The mission we selected ended up being a bit stacked against the assaulting side, but the Chaos team didn't help their cause by spending the first two turns running in circles trying to avoid pulse lasers and cyclone launchers....

Next battle - Footfall: The Chaos Planetstrke Assault! (2000 points)

My Collected Narrative Photo Battle Reports


Thanks to Thor 665 for putting together the article
Made in us
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

New Jersey

Very nice, all of those models are beautiful. I would really love to be a part of a campaign but its so hard to get people together, how to you organize all of this, do you use any special rulessets/homebrewed ideas?

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Ouze wrote:
Is that a haiku?

order from forge world
the mail has taken forever
this resin is warped

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Whorelando, FL

Awesome. I've been meaning to try those boarding action rules myself. It sounds like they are hella fun.

Made in gb
Nasty Nob

london (all of it)

wow really really cool models yet again. your battle reports are some of the only ones i can enjoy with out being bored by text and general boringness. love the way you add the fluff instead of turn by turn crap. thanks for taking the time to actually take pictures and add the story.

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