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Feasting on the souls of unworthy opponents

Hey folks!

In an effort to self-moderate and avoid drama I'm shifting my content to the blog I share with Hulksmash. My first round battle report can be found here: Linky Linky

While you're welcome to discuss the battle report here, I'd prefer not to be involved in discussions here - so if you have questions or comments for me, please leave them on the battle report. Thanks!

My other Battle Reports for this event can be found here:
Game One
Game Two
Game Three
Game Four
Game Five
Game Six
Game Seven

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Hulksmash and Dashofpepper put the fear of Xenos into people at They Shall Know Fear
Dashofpepper's Guide to Tournament Preparation, Survival and Success!
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nice. I think im grasping more the strengths and weakness's of your army.
good report

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