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Been Around the Block

Awesome news.
Being a Dirz collector I'd love to see this range re-juvinated. There were even plastic designs that never made it either like Athan Zakhil and his Prime Abberation that would be welcome additions.

And please, dont neglect AT-43.
Legend ed. Grim Golem Overseer, ONI zombie TACArmour variants and Korp troops....
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Been Around the Block

Back @ AesSedai

I was just looking through all the old pics I had saved especially those of the Wyrm. A couple were WIP but the rest were of the finished piece that was probably meant for a Legends release? Tooo long ago. Pity the Dirz collection is really loaded up with Abberation types as the Zakhil Prime would have been nice also.

If I'm hearing that these will (hopefully) be produced from the masters and not degraded molds this would be even better news.
Made in au
Been Around the Block

Something I found in an old album, think it was meant to be Isateph Cavalry mentioned in the CAOR Dirz book. Have a lot of other Dirz pics including the Wyrm but the majority are un-released hero sets and Abberation types pre-paint. Anyways if they released this guy I'd be quite satisfied.
From what I've read FFG acquired the rights to the plastic range, so how have they detemined available products? Does FFGs license incorporate all the prototypes (IP) that were intended for Ragnarok or just those that were released in plastic (actual product)? Seems a little strange. Hope its more the latter.
Made in au
Been Around the Block

AesSedai wrote:Anyone have a pic of the Hydra? I last saw it years ago and as a mid nor player at that time, I remember feeling a bit underwhelmed.

Made in au
Been Around the Block

I think the Acheron stuff has been timed moreso to coincide with the recent WFB releases. A case of now or never? To me its a sign that they are intending to take the punt and release quite a comprehensive range, not just the big ticket items.
Was a little disappointed that they hinted their "acquisitions" included never before seen items and none were on display. One would think the launch at Gencon would have been just the place. At least there was a Warlike Moloch in there though, that will be a definate for the collection.
My wishlist of minis that I know have sculpts would be Dirz cavalry, the Wyrm, Salias 2nd and Athan Zakhil

CMON have posted a new pic of that cabinet that has, so I've read, an un-released Akkyshan sitting right up front. There are more minis in another cabinet as well with quite a bit more product. Also (same source) the release stocks of the Titan Dragon may possibly contain re-packaged originals that were never Ludik'd.

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Made in au
Been Around the Block

Muhahapu wrote:I am tempted to buy the Archeron set, just to show my support, but the price is so steep.

The Rackham range is so characterful, it'd be almost tragic to see them go away.

Hopefully they make tons of sales and start reviving the range, particularily the orcs (so much better than the GW ones).

What were the initial number of editions for the flesh golem and hydra? They only have a handful remaining which means good sales, unless they only casted dozens.

I think it was originally 200 a piece but Legacy were intending to do more limited runs and top up the Cmon levels if they sold really well. Surprised also at the choice in terms of minis and marketing not sure it was the right decision. Afaik the Mid-Nor Cyclops was supposed to be part of Wave 2 also but that is a no show atm. Maybe Belial would have been a better choice if they were intending a themed release.

There was Gencon related talk that some of the masters for various CoRag plastics might be re-tooled/updated and cast in resin but that could be a long way off. Some of the later designs were actually quite good and there were many more that never saw release (Dirz especially). Imo as a starting point for the newer range the plastics were a lot better than the original metals and it was obvious the quality was improving. Bought both de Vanth and de Brisis recently (cheap) and have had much fun removing the paint.

Word is that Legacy have committed to six waves initially following which they will assess the feasibility of continuing the project. There will only be a handful (3?) of unseen designs with the rest being re-releases from whatever faction. There will be no dedicated website for at least 5-6 months so how they will assess the markets opinion is anyones guess.
Made in au
Been Around the Block

I don't use ebay as an indication of actual market value for anything. At any given time price is determined by "usually" a handful of punters with the outcome a result of how much one person is willing to pay. I see this all the time with AT43 Oni, Ophidian and other rarities. For certain items there's normally a list of usual suspects involved, in my case even a specific guy I bash heads with when bidding on Devourers (lost track of how many times we've sniped each other). Just because I would be prepared to fork out whatever $'s for say Slashers doesnt mean that next week an identical blister will sell for the same amount. It could sell quite easily for less purchased by someone who missed out previously. Even how much I would be willing to spend is determined moreso by other factors than a supposed "ebay market value". Postage (international) is a big one, currency exchange rates another but theres the bonus of often finding additional items offered by the same seller. You can add probably 3/4 of the postage rate to your max bid as that cost will be combined and if you win earlier auctions for less than anticipated that difference can also be added to the next. You end up spending close to what you expected but the value on each item is all over the place.

Back on topic I think we may all be in for a nasty shock when the price for the Molochs is listed.
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