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I saw the thread for some Orks that dierolanddie had posted and asked for what he would want for X amount around 6-23-11. Some back and forth proving to me he would communicate despite a low post count and we settled on this deal around 07-10-11.

So for $180 I would get:

11 deffkoptas
1 pain boy
30 choppa boyz
40 slugga boyz
bits to make 4 burna boyz
1 5th ed ork truck (lemon russ and truck kit)
extra trukk parts

After payment via paypal 07-14 he said he mailed them and sure enough on 07-22 they arrived. Now several issues were my fault for not asking for pics but in the next PM I brushed them off accepting that I made those mistakes.

Got the package and um, wow. I am both happy and sad. You said they were primed not painted but I can strip them no problem. That Leman trukk combo looks incredible. I probably won't touch that at all. You probably want to change the listing of Slugga boyz to Shoota boyz. I thought you had them armed with 2 pistols and some armed with 2 choppas but I need the bodies so it's not that big of an issue.

I do have two problems though. My big thing is that the bits to make 4 burnas are really just legs and torsos. Even then one of them makes a mek so it's really 3 burnas and also the sprue only has 2 weapons on it. I think it's a burna/kustom mega blasta and a big shoota. Also your packaging leaves much to be desired. Plastic bags don't buffer well and as such the copta blades got banged up. A number of them snapped or bent close to snapping. Wads of newspaper/magazines can substitute for packing peanuts/bubble wrap in a pinch. I really don't know what to say other than thanks and do you have bits to make 4 burnas (i.e. have the weapons) or does this need to be worked out another way? Again,thanks for the staring part of an ork army.

I hope to hear from you soon

I tried to be polite and thankful in his part of the transaction and that I'd work something out if he didn't have said weapons to make the listed offer. It was listed as 'bits to make 4 burnas'. Four legs and torsos aren't enough bits to make anything. I have Pm'd have twice more asking what could be done and I have seen him online twice on dakka including updating the thread trying to sell the remaining orks.

Be wary if you deal with him and don't be like me: ask for pics.

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New Jersey, USA

While it would be your mistake in not asking for pictures, him falsely advertising what he has is far worse, IMHO.

I think you're at least entitled to a partial refund, if he doesn't produce the bitz he said he had.

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Fuquay-Varina, Nc

I too had a run in with DierolandDie. I sent him some carnifex's, lictors, genestealers, and a hive tyrant with wings with a promise that he was going to send me 4 bikers, trukks and about 40 boyz, well here it is 2 months later and i have nothing and he has my Tyranids.. I will be making a transaction report soon. If you guys see him posting anything DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM.


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