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Fixture of Dakka


Thanks Zahnib. Sam is probably the member of the Fellowship i'm most pleased with. The plastic kits still hold up really well I think. As far as I can see it tends to be the faces that gum up the works. Orcs/Rohirrim/Uruks and Goblins all have a couple of gammy faces. The Gondorians/Easterlings/Morannon Orcs/Dead of Dunharrow all still cast up quite well though.

Thanks IGtR! I appreciate it.


OK, no Middle-earth today, but I've gotten back on track with that hoplite bust I started on towards the end of last year.

Back in Feb I painted his helmet up.

Over the last few days I've slowly been adding layers to his chest, culminating in this.

Now it's not done, but I think I've missed a step somewhere along the way. As it doesn't feel quite right. We'll see once I finish it off later today.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Lovely job on the forces of evil. The bust is also looking nice. I look forward to seeing how you wrap it up.
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Wow the Hoplite bust looks fantastic! Really like how you did the metal on the cuirass.
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Good to see you back posting shrub. The Orcs’s look great, especially the variety of shades/colours. One trick I did with my grey bin a while back was to pick a colour and put it on a different place on each mini in a row. It allowed for batch painting whilst making identical minis look different(ish).

The bust is looking really great, very nice effect on the chest piece too.

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I think the Mines of Moria boxset was the turning point for me. I don't know what changed but those models were rough! The later sets looked like they got back on track though.

That bust is looking great, nice opportunity to paint something a bit lager. Look forward to seeing your progress on it

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Great looking horde, but the Hoplite bust looks very cool, especially the gold.
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Enginseer with a Wrench


Beautiful looking lotr minis, the rohirrim cloaks in particular are great. You have an excellent painting style.

The style then works really well on that hoplite, that beaten bronze armour has such lustre. He's clearly been at it with the spit polish!

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