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Made in gb
Devastating Dark Reaper


The Collectors are going to be a heavily converted CSM chapter where each model will have alot of time spent on it so that the army looks as good as I can possibly make it. I will try to game with the army but it will be prodominantly a modelling and painting project to anything that looks good will be included over what works well. the main reason for this army is because I am moving to Vietnam for a year therefore I need something that is going to take me a long time as I wont have access to new model over there. anyway the fluff.

The Collectors aren't an official Chapter of Space Marines. They don't fight under the banner of the Imperium or the Legions of Chaos. Instead they fight for one man. the man who created them...Varlack Creed. Of the origins of Varlack Creed little is known other than he was an extraordinarily gifted genetic scientist who had fallen under the suspicion of the Inquisition in the year 125 M.42, until he disappeared assumed lost on remote Hive World, Drachus. What experiments he conducted in the human Genome and the possibilities for adapatation whilst there have remained unverified; however 20 years after his disappearence news of a Horde of genetically enhanced gangs emerged. Led by a man known only as the Sequencer, these gangs had begun systematically gaining control of the hive world and enslaving it's populace in the name of 'research'.

When news of these atrocities reached the Inquisition they initially deemed the uprising the problem of the local milita as hive world tyrants were not uncommon and were kept under control by other gangs. However when the gangs began overwhelming the worlds militia's and syphoning off it's industrial energy and wealth the inquisition was forced to act. The 108th Cadian Regiment was deployed to restore order to the planet and capture dead or alive the man known as The Sequencer. Within 19 days of the Regiment making planet fall they had activated a distress becon. They reported being overwhelmed by gangs who fought with unusual speed and ferocity using lighting hit and run tactics. The confused and distorted communications being recieved spoke of squads been deliberately led into ambushes and captured alive.

When the Fleet commander recieved the distress call he relayed the transmittion to high command. A request was immediately made to the Imperial Fist Space Marines. They had recently been called upon to supress an ork uprising in a near by sector of space and were the nearest Chapter when the transmittion was arrived. The Company Commander of the Imperial Fists surveyed the reports being recieved and immediately ordered a full tactical deployment of the company.

The hive was reduced to ruins. The gangs although stronger and quicker than an average humans were no match for the elite space marines. However the man known as the Sequencer was never found. The world was quickly brought back under the control of the Emperor and the marines left the world to the Imperial administrators. One of these administrators was Prusius Hode, he conducted a post intervention study of the Imperial Fist deployment and made some alarming discoveries. The gangs had repeatedly attempted to capture Imperial fist combat squads alive despite appalling losses to themselves. This made no apparent sense. The imperial Fist's denied the gangs were ever successful however Prucius discovered in a restricted access file that on one occasion a squad had been captured and more alarmingly never retrieved.

battle analysis indicated that soon after the squad were captured the gangs methods had changed leading to devastating losses and subsequent annihilation. Prucius studied the origins of the war and the man known as the Sequencer, the more he discovered the more he became filled with a sense of horror and foreboding. The gangs had timed their push for absolute power of the world almost exactly as the Imperial Fist Space Marines had arrived in the local sector of space. More alarmingly no squad within the 108th Cadian Regiment could be found that had activated or sent the distress becon. There could only be one conclusion.The Sequencer had wanted the Space Marines to arrive and crush the rebellion. The entire uprising had been orchestrated by one man to provide the perfect bait. For the sake of capturing five Space Marines he had sacrificed 20 years and 10 million lives. This was a most diabolical intelligence.....

Unbeknown to the Imperium Varlack Creed conducted countless experiments upon the marines he had captured, utilising the Marines ability to survive and recover from trauma to prolonge his research into decades. Eventually after years of research he isolated the one thing he had been looking for, the Space Marine gene-seed and how to reproduce it. Varlack Creed offered the gene-seed to the remaining members of his gang. Most died in agony as their adult bodies rejected the gene-seed but some didn't; some survived. Using these individuals Creed discovered the means of implanting the gene-seed successfully in an adult body and preventing the bodies own immune system from causing complete internal organ failure. Now he was finally ready to achieve the pinnacal of his research and become a Space Marine. After his ascension Varlack realised being a Space Marine was more than just the body. It was the armour that inspired fear and awe. Using his old hive networks he sent out a transmittion.

Any man who could kill a Space Marine and deliver the head, body and armour to Creeds Ship, the Locus, would be turned into a Space Marine.

This was an offer that was unique in the history of the Mankind. A chance to become one of the greatest warriors mankind has ever produced. The most ruthless, cunning and powerful members of gangs, cults, tribes and societies all over the galaxy began scheming of ways to capture one of the Emperor's elite. However capturing a Space Marine is not easy, as Varlack himself had discovered. This ruthless selection policy much like evolution itself ensured that only the best and most deadly killers arrived to collect the rewards for their ingenuity. And so Varlacks army grew. Each new warrior was implanted with the gene-seed, the face of the dead marine was fused to the shoulder pad of their old armour to serve as a warning and a reminder. The armour was painted black and the Chapter symbol bound in chains to symbolise the future that awaits all who oppose the Collectors.

Despite the Imperiums greatest minds endevouring to track down Varlack Creed he appears to possess a singular level of intelligence. A true genius he is able to always remain one step ahead and spins numerous webs of misdirection. Fake distress becons, lightning raids on already engaged forces and inter space boarding actions have all been used by Creed to expand his ever growing army. For the first time in their history the Space Marines have something to fear.....capture by the Sequencer.

And here is the first member of the Collectors. I hope you enjoy.
[Thumb - P1010753.JPG]

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Made in ca

Canada,Prince Edward Island

Fluff sound great! What an original idea, eagerly waiting for more!

Your first marine has got my hopes up for what should be a great looking army. Will all the marines have the same paint scheme, meaning are you going to leave the helmets and maybe a shoulder pad the colour of the captured marine?

Your pic looks like it needs a bit of tweaking, there is a lot of empty space surrounding him and some colour enhancement would really improve the pic quiality. This really helped my pics out! http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/How_to_prep_an_image_with_Photoshop

Good luck with the blog, I will be keeping an eye out for updates!


Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


He looks like a nasty piece of work! Looking cool. The FW astral claws shoulder pads would be great for this, as some are adorned with trophy skulls. I notice you havent got a symbol yet so maybe adapt the astral claws one?

Mary Sue wrote: Perkustin is even more awesome than me!

Made in gb
Devastating Dark Reaper


Thanks alot for that link Commander Cain I've tried using the techniques and it has improved the image alot but Im still not 100% happy it represents how the models look in real life. I did try having the marines with differet coloured helmets but there were too many colours in the squad so instead each marine has the chapter symbol on their right shoulder pad that has chains painted around it. I will try to get a good picture to show this. I have some more pictures to up load later.

Thanks for the advice Perkustin I will check those out. I have mainly been using body parts from the zombie kit and painting chains on the marine transers.

Here is the photo shopped picture of the Collector.
[Thumb - Collector.jpg]

Made in gb
Devastating Dark Reaper


More Angles.
[Thumb - Tactical 2.jpg]

[Thumb - tactical 21.jpg]

[Thumb - tactical 23.jpg]

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


Unique, interesting fluff, and some great modelling too! Almost painful to look at, which is generally a sign that you're doing something right

Great start!

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Made in gb
Devastating Dark Reaper


Ok so I have finally managed to sort out the image quality after taking some photos on the rarest of events in England...a sunny day. You can see more clearly the chains on the shoulder pad chapter symbol that will be used to show which Chapter the marines armour used to belong to. You can also see more clearly the dead marines face on the opposite pad. As am using the space marine range of minatures it is only going to be the shoulder pads and various bodies and posed that will reveal that the army isnt an imperial army.

I have finished a combat squad of tactical marines. They have all been converted and posed to show a more assault minded squad than the standard leg spread marine pose. The sergents banner was painted free hand based on an angel found on the internet and shows him in chains. I hope you enjoy the improved madels and any suggests are welcome. Thanks.
[Thumb - Tactical 1.jpg]
Marine aiming bolter

[Thumb - Tactical 12.jpg]

[Thumb - Tactical 3.jpg]
Marine with Knife ready

[Thumb - Tactical 31.jpg]

[Thumb - Tactical 32.jpg]

Made in dk
Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot


Not to sound like a broken record, but your fluff IS really interesting! Do the handful of marine chapter icons on the shoulders play into that somehow?

Keep it up!


The 104th Vostroyan Mechanized
Rawson's Reboot

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Made in gb
Devastating Dark Reaper


I have been painting the armour using mythril silver to provide highlights and signs of damage. The first squad member was designed to look like he was slicing the throat of a civilian and was a tester to set the theme for the army. I wanted them to look like ruthless killers who tower above regular humans. The civilian was made using parts from the zombie kit which have been used to add body parts to all of the squad.

The second marine is in a more open pose and is shouting his bolter one handed at close range. This model still needs the transfer to be applied.

The third marine is designed to be advancing on an enemy with his combat knife drawn. This require some simple re-posing of the marine at the wrists and helps make the squad look more combat based.

The forth marine was modelled to look like he is running and the legs were cut and re-modelled to show this. He has severed heads tied to his belt to show the nature of the marines as killers and trophy collectors.

The Squad leader was modelled as if he was leaping from a rock to attack an enemy position whilst firing his pistol. He was reposed at most joints and the head is from the rhino kit. I debated not using the banner but then decided it was too good an oppotunity to try some free hand painting. Whilst Im not delighted with it im happy for a first try.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Squad shot so far.

Yeah Scarper the dead faces on the shoulder represents the face of the marine the recruit had to provide to become a space marine. The other shoulder has the chapter symbol of the dead marine still on it and represents the chapter the marine belonged to before he was killed. The symbol has chains painted around it and the marines have different chapter symbols based on which marine they killed. The chains dont come out well on the pictures. I paint them whilst the transfers are still on the sheets and they can still be moved easily. This will be more apparent when I use the same technique for the markings on the Rhino. The Assualt squad will have more marines with the Blood angels symbol.

Thanks for the complements guys I will try to continue the fluff as I add more squads as I have plenty more ideas.
[Thumb - Tactical 4.jpg]
Marine Running

[Thumb - Tactical 41.jpg]

[Thumb - Tactical 42.jpg]

[Thumb - Tactical 43.jpg]

[Thumb - tactical Leader.jpg]
Squad leader

[Thumb - Tactical Leader 1.jpg]

[Thumb - Tactical Leader 2.jpg]

[Thumb - Tactical leader 3.jpg]
Close up of banner

[Thumb - Tactical Squad.jpg]
Combat squad

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Made in gb
Khorne Veteran Marine with Chain-Axe


Great work and fluff! I love how the shoulder pads look!

'You can be my steed, galloping into battle and bitchslapping the enemy.'

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Made in us
Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator

Sarasota, FL

Great idea and execution. The metal wear on the armor and highlighting of the yellows are fantastic. This army has captured the essence of grimdark warriors, keep up the great work! They are all unique and dynamic, the effect of an entire army will be equal parts terrifying and awesome. Great stuff!

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Made in gb
Devastating Dark Reaper


Ok long time between updates, sorry for that but I've moved to Vietnam over the last month so not had much time to paint or Blog. I've managed to finish the tactical squad and Im really happy with how the squad looks overall and they have provided me with some basic troops to experiment with for the theme of my army and the look I want to go for. I like the colours and the scalps on the shoulder pads give the army a chaos theme without looking too over the top. I've never been a fan of the tenticles and horns on the chaos models and I want my army to at first look like a marine army and only when you look closer do yolu realise its a chaos army. Below are some picures of the other combat squad and a group shot. C&C appreciated.
[Thumb - Tactical 101.jpg]
Missle Launcher

[Thumb - Tactical 72.jpg]

[Thumb - Tactical 71.jpg]

[Thumb - Tactical 81.jpg]

[Thumb - Tactical 83.jpg]

[Thumb - Tactical 91.jpg]

[Thumb - Tactical 61.jpg]

[Thumb - Tactical squad.jpg]
Full Squad

Made in gb
Devastating Dark Reaper


I have started work converting Varlack Creed and I will post progress picks, Im using the space marine Librarian as the base model. However I cant find super glue in Nam at the minute so progress has been held up. So I started painting something else I brought with me to work on. Heres a clue....
[Thumb - P1010809.JPG]

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Staying on target.....

These are some sweet marines, will be following this with great interest

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Trondheim wrote: Oh my...... I feel a need to do unmentionabel things with you now Scottie

Made in us
Lord of the Fleet


Wow, some nice gruesome shots right there. Although I would think there might be a bit more blood

Still, very characterful

Made in ch
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!


Very nice! Keep up the good work.

"Wait... wait... wait... NOW SHOTGUN THAT MOTHAF*****!!!" "I'd
AreTwo wrote: this list is dangerously cheesy, so much so that you might have been playing Chester Cheeto in disguise.

Made in us
Brain-Dead Zombie of Nurgle

Vermont, USA

This is great work man, I really love the direction that you are going. Keep up the good work...subscribed!

Made in fr
Longtime Dakkanaut

Chaumont, France

Wow, I love them !

I just have 3 minor criticisms :
- IMHO, the armours should be more weathered to represent the fact the army is growing out of salvaged parts, with a few staying bare-helmeted to represent their "scum/rogue/ganger" origins - it looks a bit too clean for me...
- there are a few mould lines that really mess with the awesome painting, and that's a pity... (see helmets, mostly - the use of washes doesn't help, as the wash pools around the recesses of the mould lines) Mostly visible on the second squad member.
- the fluff is awesome, but I think it would fit more the "grimdark" 40k universe if the "scientist" was, instead, a "rogue Magos Biologis" or "Heretek Magos"...

Nice idea, really original, and great execution - both modelling & painting wise... You're goot to go!

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Please remember to tick the "Disable Voting" box, if the pics you are uploading do not deserve votes (ie. early WIP, blurry pics, batreps, ...) Thanks in advance. 
Made in gb
Devastating Dark Reaper


Brother-Captain Scott - Cheers for the positive feedback.

kenshin620 - I have considered more blood and i am tempted to slash some on the marines at a later date but its one of those things where if it looks bad its hard to correct. My Assualt marines will be alot bloodier. One half of the tacticals is supposed to represent a back field unit covering the other so they are less bloody. This squad was definately an experimentation to see if the idea would work. i will be try to make the rest of the army alot more individual and dark.

Fire_for_effect - thanks i'll do my best. The dreadnought is progressing nicely.

Tellis - Thanks I will try to add some fluff everytime I finish a squad or character.

Yggdrasil - Cheers, I've checked out your blog before and see your another Chaos player. Also using the zombie kit for parts, there's so many useful parts in that kit. Thanks alot for your feedback, between you and kenshin you have both made comments that I had already been considering and having doubts about. I want to weather the armour more especially the yellow but the few marines I tried the weathering on the helmet on I wasnn't happy with the look. If anyone has any links to a tutorial for weathering yellow it would be appreciated. The silver on the black provides enough weathering I think. The helmetless idea I've been toying with, initially I was going to use the SW models and have the majority of the army helmetless but then I found the marines look more intimidating with their helmets on. Im still not sure which would look better. Maybe the Assualt marines will be helmetless. The mold lines I did try to clean up but they are a pain in the ass and a few times I forgot them. I will make a concerted effort to prep properly for the rest of the army. Cleaning up the new finecast librarian is a nightmare. I will read up on the fluff ideas you have provided, to be honest Im pretty new back to the hobby after a long break and Im not that up on the fluff so I will do some reading and edit my fluff accordingly. keep the advice coming.

Made in fr
Longtime Dakkanaut

Chaumont, France

Well, for the weathering you could also consider making "real" cuts in the armour with your hobby knife, or drill bullet holes in them... For weathering yellow try and look for Ork Bad Moonz pics (maybe in the gallery?), their main colour is yellow. And if you see one that pleases you, PM their maker about how they did the weathering ?

Have a look at this one : http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/226767-Bad%20Moons%2C%20Orks%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.html

As for the bare heads, I also thought the SW would look fine... But I agree that the helmeted heads make them more intimidating. So I'd say maybe 2-3 per squad would look good. And it could be a reason to use heads from many GW kits, which would represent the different origins of the various individuals who went to great lengths to get their piece of armour !

I also think, maybe, a bare arm or two would help representing the fact that they cannot always salvage everything of the armour they've found, as it usually came from killing its original owner... Maybe add a few other crude wires & cablings, dubious power sources, to show their low resources ? That might be a bit OTT, though...

As for the fluff, the Dark Heresy RPG books are a real treasure trove for information about the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Inquisition, the organisation of planetary governments, etc...

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"Squat Hulk- in space no one knows you no longer exist." - Gitzbitah
"Now you're just being silly, everyone knows red paint tastes fasta." - monkeytroll
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Made in gb
Devastating Dark Reaper


Thanks for that link I will try using some browns to weather the yellow as at the moment it is too clean in comparisson to the black. the only problem I have is that Im in vietnam so unless I order direct from GW Im stuck with the models I've brought over here with me. I can always remove the heads at a later date but for now Im stuck with helmets. I'll look out for the books as at the minute alot on my info is just coming from Wiki and various websites and codexs. Made some more progress on the dreadnaught, finished one arm and green stuffed some minor conversions and the body attached to the other arm (previous marine inside the dreadnought). I need some advice about the marine on the base, Im not sure what chapter to paint him as I want something that stands out from the model but at the same time will also complement the black and yellow colour scheme as any other wounded marines will be the same chapter throughout my army. At the moment Im leaning towards a Blood Angel or Dark Angel as I've been using red as my third colour. Suggestions welcome.
[Thumb - arm1.jpg]

[Thumb - arm2.jpg]

[Thumb - base.jpg]

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Made in gb
Devastating Dark Reaper


Ok here is some more progress on the Dreadnaught. It not far from completion now and its just minor details that need completing. I decided to go for a blood angel marine getting stamped on for the base as the red would go with the red I've been using as a third colour. The marines other arm will be holding a bolt pistol firing up ineffectually at the dread. The power drill arm will get some blood splatter I think and both arms willl have a flamer on them. the banner will again be free hand and will be another image of an angel in chains. I appreciate that the updates aren't much but the finished dread is coming I just thought I would keep you updated.
[Thumb - Base2.jpg]
Blood Angel road kill

[Thumb - arms.jpg]

[Thumb - body.jpg]

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Orange County, CA

Very interesting idea you've got going here; it's funny since a guy I went to high school with moved to Vietnam to teach English. (that's what I figure anyways)
Made in gb
Devastating Dark Reaper


l33tninj4 - Thanks, most English people here seem to be teaching! On a related note if there is anyone who reads this in vietnam and wants to play 40K then message me on here.

Ok the Dreadnaught is finished!Heres a picture but I'll post more tonight as I have to go to work now so I dont have time to edit them. There will also be background for how the Collectors aquired it. C and C welcome.
[Thumb - Dread.jpg]

Made in gb
Skink Armed with a Blowpipe

very nice loving the dread

Lustria, Altdorf, Phalanx and Cadia...

I need to cut down on my armies.
Made in fr
Longtime Dakkanaut

Chaumont, France

Wow, finished Dread looks great indeed !

Could we have a close-up on the banner, I don't really see what's the icon ?

Your yellows are so vibrant, I love it...

My WiP -affiliated Traitors - War on Tranch : Renegades
The World Tree's offsprings - Various WIPs : Skavens, Tzeentch & Nurgle CSMs, Marine Swap
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"Squat Hulk- in space no one knows you no longer exist." - Gitzbitah
"Now you're just being silly, everyone knows red paint tastes fasta." - monkeytroll
"Both servers are on different continents so space meteors or thermonuclear war will not be enough take out dakka hopefully." - legoburner
Please remember to tick the "Disable Voting" box, if the pics you are uploading do not deserve votes (ie. early WIP, blurry pics, batreps, ...) Thanks in advance. 
Made in gb
Devastating Dark Reaper


Kroak - Thanks alot, its a great kit to work with.

Yggdrasil - Cheers, I've tried to take a close up of the banner but I think its little blurry, I'll try and take another soon. Its supposed to continue the angels in chains motif that I started on my tactical sergeants banner. Its an angel with his head bowed and his hands thrust forward bound in chains. I just google angel drawings and look through the images until I find one suitable. Its surprisingly easy to paint as well.

Ok here are more pictures of my finished Dreadnought. Its heavily inspired by Jack Campbell's Red Scorpions Dreadnought. I loved the pose when I saw it and knew I had to recreate it for my army. The model combines the venerable and Ironclad kits and I will be using the remaining parts to build another dread in the future. The kits are both amazing for parts and made paint the model really easy. I was worried that I would have to cover or remove alot of Loyalist marine iconography buy it wasnt a problem as alot of the imperial stuff was optional. The body attached to the left arm is supposed to represent the previous Marine occupant of the dread (Yanaris). I added blood to the power drill but Im not to sure about it. Im really happy with how the blood angel came out and it almost made me wish I'd used red as my second colour its so much easier to work with than yellow!

Overall Im pleased with how its turned out. Any critique's or questions about how I did things are welcome. next for the force should be the Assault squad but the desire to start Varlack is almost overwhelming. I dont want to finish all my good stuff first though! The usual problem.

Here is the background story for how the Collectors aquired the Dreadnought. Like I said previously Im not perfect in my 40K fluff so bear with me. Any advice will be adapted into an editted story, I'm sure Yggdrasil will have some useful advice. Below that are the pictures so if your not interested in the fluff then just scroll down. Thanks.

The dark silhouettes of his marines could just be made out in the dim light of the Thunderhawk Gunship. Their combat readiness and the palpable feeling of barely restrained anticipation filled him with confidence and pride. The image took on a red hue as the landing lights kicked in and the unit instantly began last minute weapons checks. These men were hardened survivors, he didn't envy the poor souls they were desending upon. His harsh gaze travelled along the rows, until it settled upon the grizzled features of Grishnor. Their eye locked and a barely perceptable nod was exchanged before Grishnor drew his helmet down replacing his individuality with the remorsless uniformity of the space marine. Grishnor had been with him in every major engagement that he had fought. They'd been together from the begining. A barely parceptible jolt as the craft touched down and the landing doors were flung open. The marines charged through the opening and he rose to follow. The shocked and astounded look on the Head Imperial Liason's face as Kishnor's power axe descended in a bone shattering arch brought a savage grin to his face. The rest of his Marines tore into the remaining members of the welcoming commity dispatching them with point blank bolter fire and harsh steel by the more blood thirsty of his followers. Varlack surveyed the landing pad and the twenty corpses now being looted and dragged away by his men with satisfaction. Not the Marines they were expecting.......


Brother Yanaris stirred within the cryorganic web of his sarcophagus. Impulses surged through the electro-fibre implants connected to his remaining flesh and into the huge armoured shell that had become his tomb and his salvation. The piston and advanced auto balancing motors hissed into action as he guided the huge bulk of his dreadnought from the statis room where he resided in an artificially enduced state of unconciousness between battles. Checking the onboard database linked to his cranial nanochip Yanaris processed recent communications and was startled by the date. He had only been in cryo sleep for 42 days following the Companies minor deployment in Segmentum Solar Sector of the Galaxy. There shouldn't have been any enemies this soon into the return trip powerful enough to require his intervention.The fact that he had been wakened indicated his brothers had encountered an enemy they had previously been unaware of. Running diagnostic checks and instantly streaming data Yanaris prayed it wasn't Tyranids this far within imperial space. They could ill afford the resources necessary to prevent planetary infestation. Yanaris repressed the urge to remember the feeling as the huge talon had scythed down neatly severing both his legs at the thighs. His brother assault marines had charged the creature at huge personal cost as he'd lain helpless feeling his life blood pumping out and making his peace with the Emperor. Only to wake, encased in something new.
As he continued to review transmittions and traverse the huge Ship towards the drop pod bays he recieved a transmittion from Commander Ishrial.
"A Gunship was deployed to liase with the local Imperial Command on Indor XI 3 hours ago. It was believed; through our intel and previous communications that this was to be a show of force for the Imperial Command. To demonstrate their ability to request Blood Angel aid when necessary. This was to be in exchange for intel on cultists thought to be opperating within the system. A Gunship transported a small detachment of 3 tactical squads to the rendevous point to perfunctionarily complete our part of the deal. Upon deploying from the Gunship they were ambushed and slaughtered almost to the last man. Some survivors have been tracked using implants and communications relayed from the remaining Sergeants."
"The enemy force Commander? Who would dare our wrath?" intoned Yanaris through his inbuilt coms relay.
"Initial reports suggest the ambush was expertly set up and our brothers were attacked by fellow marines..."
'Impossible, there have been no reports of activity by the Traitor Legions in this sector for centuries.' reasoned Yanaris.
"I am aware of this Brother. We have fought together a long time, it was for this reason you were awakened. I want you to spearhead the drop pod relief force and determine the enemy we are faced with here. Outfit yourself with Ironclad weapons systems. Some of our brothers have been taken within a Level III grade Currency transportation Vessel and our Assault teams doubt their ability to penertrate the defences." ordered Commander Ishrial.
"I would be honored to liberate and avenge our Brothers. I am arriving at the Drop Pods now." stated Yanaris.
"Good. Three Assault Sqauds will be accompanying you in the initial deployment. With you providing the spear point. This should be more than enough to irradicate these heritics and rescue our Brothers"
"Commander, has it occured to you that this could be the work of Var..."
"Yes it has. Dead or alive. It matters not to the Emperor or Lord Dante." interupted Commander Ishrial with finality.


Checking the chamber of his Bolter, Jungen, 3rd member of 4th Tactical Squad in the 3rd Company of the Blood Angels, again cursed the lack of ammunition he had remaining. The liason had been an ambush. The squads had deployed from the Thunderhawk in a standard pattern for Imperial formalities. No adverse communications had been recieved prior to the meeting to suggest there was any cause for caution. His first feelings of unease had arisen when he observed his sergeant striding towards the assembled Imperial delegation and he'd noticed a slight blood stain on the cloak of one of the welcoming committee. Jungen had quickly scanned the faces and uniforms of the other members of the delegation. Ill fitting uniforms, incorrect posture, excess sweating; something wasn't right. The leader of the delegation didn't appear to know the protocol for welcoming Space Marines and the sweat was now coarsing down his face. He was whispering something over and over again like a silent beidiction. Jungen saw that the Sergeant had also detected something was amis as he had ceased his advance and was scanning the surrounding buildings. Jungen saw movement and turned to shout a warning to his squad.
'Incom....' Shouted a Brother Blood Angel.
The ground rose to meet him as he was flung forwards by the force of the blast. Jungen struggled to find a frame of reference as he fought to regain his feet amid scenes of carnage. He turned to see the Gunship a blazing wreck and Brother Marines spilling out ensheathed in flames. May the Emperor preserve them, they hadn't deployed in time.
"Four missle's came from that building. We need to advance, we're too exposed out here." came the calm and clinical voice of Seargent Khan over the comms. Bolter fire was taking a heavy toll on the Marines caught on the landing pad but already their superhuman training and psychology had kicked in. Blood Angels didn't retreat. The squads surged forward as one, lashing suppressing fire into the surrounding builds as they neared the landing pad exit. Jungen felt rounds pattering off his armour like hail and felt the black rage rising. He barred his teeth and sprinted for the open cargo bay. As they had entered the bay they were met by a devestating fullisade of close range bolter fire and then were amongst the enemy fighting up close and personal with Space Marines wearing black power armour decorated with various trophy body parts. A huge Marine armed with a power axe decapited a Blood Angel next to Jungen spraying him with arterial blood. His vision was distorted and he was grabbed forcefully by an iron grip and dragged into an adjourning corridor.
"Well that wasn't quite the welcome we were promised." stated Hargon with his usual sardonic drawl.
"We need to find a defendable position and dig in to await drop support." gasped Jungen.
"Yeah I gathered." muttered Hargon.
So here they were running out of ammunition and barely preventing these relentless marines from over running their position. There were only four of them left and it wasn't looking promising.
"And the Angels decend." observed Hargon with grim satisfaction in his voice.
Jungen looked skyward to see a drop pod screaming through the low atmospheric fog and slam into the ground amongst their foes. There was a gout of steam and smoke before the pods arms slammed open and a huge jet of ultra heated chemicals flew from the opening incinerating three enemies unlucky enough to be close. Then the Dreadnought was amongst the enemy. Despite their efforts to avoid the huge flailing arms and their crushing claws the remaining Marines caught in the open were quickly decimated and flung from the landing pad like rag dolls.
"I almost feel sorry for the bastards. They sent Brother Yanaris." grinned Jungan.


Varlack's dust smeared brow furrowed as he observed the casualties being wrought upon his men by the newly arrived dreadnaught through the vaults reinforced windows. His mind worked furiously to consider all possible scenario's and escape strategies. He considered and dismissed numerous options in a matter of heart beats before finally his face broke into a broad grin.
"I knew you wouldn't take long Creed." observed Kishnor returning his grin.
Varlack strode over pushing his sweat soaked grey hair from his eyes. "I need you to open the Vault doors and engage the Drop pod forces until the Dreadnought is commited. No retreat, no mercy."
"I'll lead the counter attack personally." replied Krishnor without hessitation hefting his huge power axe into the air and bellowing orders to his squad.
"Nothing rash, we have what we came for," warned Varlack glancing over at the pile of slaughtered Blood Angles and their stockpile of looted Power Armour. "This is only to provide time for our tactical withdrawal."
"I thought you said no retreat."
"We're the Collectors, we always retreat, only it's called tactical withdrawal." said Varlack with a knowing gleam in his eye. "Now go. But remember I need you so dont engage the Dreadnaught directly."
Varlack watched Kishnor assemble his squad infront of the huge adamantine vault door before giving the signal to acivate the release. Grishnor bellowed a war cry that could be heard even through his helmet and charged into the unsuspecting Assualt troopers. Varlack's raptor gaze tracked Grishnor's progress as he hacked and slashed his way through the onrushing marines seeking to reach their yellow helmeted sergeant. The two combatants clashed together, trading huge blows that rocked each other without managing to penatrate the otheres guard. They circled each other warily, begrudging respect causing each to gauge their opponent carefully. Grishnor surged forward with unexpected speed given his huge bulk but the Blood Angel Seargent raised his power sword to block the sweep of Grishnors Axe and aimed a lightning fast riposte that shattered through the right eye socket of Grishnor's helmet and continued on to score a ragged line across the side. Grishnor circled away clearly dazed by the blow. Varlack felt a pang of concern for his champion and took an instinctive step towards the doors. Grishnor threw away his pistol and gripping his Power Axe two handed he bulled into the Blood Angel knocking aside his desperate thrust with his sword and brought his Axe down with devestating force into the gap between the Sergeants shoulder pad and neck armour. The axe almost passed clean through the Blood Angel's torso leaving smoldering armour and exposed flesh. Leaving it embeded Grishnor leaned back and raising his fists to the air and unleashed a savage victory roar. Varlack was reminded of how he had discovered Grishnor in the first place; fighting in the underground pit matches back on Drachus where Grishnor had become infamous for his blood thirsty victorys. Varlack felt a wave of relief wash over him and began to turn. Suddenly a wave of blinding light followed by a gust of super heated air washed over him pushing Varlack to his knees. He looked up but was blinded by the after effects of the blast. When his vision finally cleared there was no sign of Grishnor or any of the other combatants that had been contesting the vault doorway. A groan to his left inexorably drew Varlacks attention. Grishnor lay just within the vault doors, it was a wonder his was still alive looking at the damage wrought to his armour. His legs had been blown off at the knee caps and his right arm was a bloody stump, his armour was cracked and blasted across almost its entire surface. Varlack staggered over and pulled the helmet from Grishnor's head revealing the crimson gash where Grishnor's right eye used to be.
"Activated a melta bomb......always were crazy the Blood Angels." gargled Grishnor as he attempted to life his head before allowing it to drop back to the floor.
"Stay there. Your not finished yet. Although you should be." whispered Varlack rising to his feet and shouting orders to the Collectors nearest to him.


Yanaris could feel the battle turning. They had taken casualties but the Collectors had been forced back all the way to the Vault doors. The bolter fire directed at him barely registered as it pattered of his thick steel hull whilst he surveyed the scene. He had thought this might be the work of the twisted genius Varlack Creed, the so called Sequencer and the sight of his yellow and black armoured 'space marine' abominations only confirmed it. Yanaris's tracking systems scanned the doorway and zeroed in on a figure stood in the vault doorway. The figure was encased in Terminator Armour and stood unmoving in the blowing wind rushing into the vault. His long grey hair whipped across his face obscuring his feature's monentarily, offering Yanaris tantalising glimps of his face. Is this him? Yanaris felt a tremor of unease. As if just to look at the man brought a primal fear buried deep within one's own DNA to the surface. The fear of the predator. The moment passedalmost instantly as Yanaris reasserted his iron self control honed through years in the heat of battle.
"I need not fear this man when the Emperor walks with me." intoned Yanaris as he brought the Dreadnoughts huge frame around to face the figure and willed the legs into motion building up speed for the charge. The flamers attached to each giant fist were triggered with a thought causing gouts of superheated chemicals to race towards the standing figure. He should have been incinerated. Yanaris's world appeared to slow to a series of instants as the flames seemed to roil around the motionless figure causing his features to be lit by the red and yellow flames as they rushed past. They gave his gaze an almost demon cast and the motion of the flickering lights appeared to twist and alter his visage even as Yanaris looked. He continued his charge, intending to pulverise the figure under the four ton weight of his machine.
Suddenly inexplicably his forward momentum was halted as he was smashed from above by a collosal force that sent him pitching to his knees as the ceramite of his artifical body attempted to take the strain. What had struck him? In all his years fighting nothing had delivered such a blow. Yanaris attempted to straighten but the pistons in his legs were unable to provide enough force to lift whatever pinned him. He raised his Power fist to the obstruction and cleanched the mechanism, expecting to feel the material crumple like paper only to find nothing happended.
'Its Adamantin. You wont be able to crush it.' Spoke a voice from infront of him, in a matter of fact tone.
Yanaris twisted his head within the Sarcophagus in order to try to see the figure but all he could see were the ceramite plasteel encased feet of the figure. Yanaris heard the decompression valve being activated at the rear of his armour and the pneumatic pipes and pistons being severed at his joints. He realised that he was trapped helpless under the immense weight of the vault doors. He had been lured into a deadly enticement. He could hear the crack and rattle of bolter fire increase dramatically through the gap in the door and with a sinking heart realised his Brothers were being slaughtered by a carefully held reserve force of Collectors. His Sarcophagus was brutally torn open for the first time in nine centuries. Yanaris blinked in an attempt to clear the tears from his eyes as they tried to adjust to natural light for the first time in so long. Through blurred vision Yanaris watched helplessly as the figure approached and casually raised a foot before bringing it down on his head. Then there was darkness.


Yanaris awoke confused and disorientated. He attempted to raise his head but his nervous system had beome so dependant upon the electro fibre inplants that he was unable to move his own flesh. A strangely cold hand grasped his jaw and slowly raised his head and Yanaris looked into the cold pityless eyes of the Sequencer.
"I thought I was going to have to commence without the pleasure of your company....Brother." rasped Varlack.
'Brother? You and your band of abominations are a blight on humanity.' spat Yanaris.
"It's a shame we can't discuss the pro's and cons of your flawed arguement but Grishnor over here has need of your cybernetic life support systems."
Yanaris's eyes flicked to a huge warrior with crippling injuries lying on an operating table infront of him. His eyes then moved up from the warrior to his own body and he could see that he had been exposed completely from his Sarcophagus. His pale wasted flesh was raised in respose to feeling cold air for the first time in centuries, his eyes continued to rise until they once again looked into the cold lifeless gaze of Varlack Creed.
"Im not sure if you can still feel pain but I do intend to find out. Purely for research purposes you understand. Oh and Grishnor here, has need of one of your eyes." Varlack informed him in a clinical detached manner.
Yanaris then watched powerless as the surgical knife mercilessly approached his right eye. He began to scream within his mind as the knife reached his eye and began to cut. The last thing he saw was a flicker of life finally sparkle in the eyes of Varlack Creed.
[Thumb - Dread 2.jpg]
Dread best angle

[Thumb - Dread 3.jpg]

[Thumb - Dread 4.jpg]

[Thumb - dread 5.jpg]
Overhead of fallen angel

[Thumb - dread 6.jpg]

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This blog is just awesome. I'm too cheap to buy CSM, so I make traitor legions out of my old vanilla marines. Good inspiration :]

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baneofmorgoth - Cheers mate, I personally prefer the SM models to the CSM ones but glad your getting the inspiration. All the models I've made use only the SM battel force and Zombie box set. Its great for adding body parts to your marines.

I resisted the tempation to start Varlack Creed and have instead been working on my Assault squad. I wanted these to look dynamic and look like they are the first wave of my force that decend and slaughter civilians. I've again used the zombie kit to build a civilian. The main problem I've had is trying to make the model look like a 40K civilian rather than a zombie! I added grenades and a badge and also green stuffed a nose and covered the lower teeth to made the face look more human. Im not entirely happy with it but I've learnt alot for the next model. I also painted stubble on the face and added a tattoo to add more realism to the civilian. Any advice people can think of to make the model look more 40K for the future would be appreciated. As for the marine himself I've kept the standard scheme with some more red in places. The pose was relatively easy to produce and just involved cutting into the zombie shoulder with a hobbie knife then gluing the chainsword carefully in once the model has been painted. It balances naturally but i can imagine it will be a nightmre to transport and play with!

Im pleased with how it looks and hopefully a squad of these will look suitably threatening. Next I willl be working on the rest of this squad.
Here are the pictures, C and C welcome.
[Thumb - Assault 11.jpg]
Assault Marine Front

[Thumb - assault 12.jpg]
Assault Marine right

[Thumb - Assault 13.jpg]
Assault Marine back

[Thumb - Assault 14.jpg]
Assault Marine Left

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Omg its like an army of Jason Voorhees

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