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Hi i am new to warhammer and i will be facing a large ( 2,400 points ) tyranid force .. My army consist of

1x Kasrkin Stormtrooper squad ( 12 troopers ) with a melta gun , plasma gun ' Greneade lanucher ' Flamerthower and the sargent has a power weapon (250 points )

4x Guardsmen squads 10 per squad each has a flamerthower and a grenade launcher and the sergeant has a power weapon.

1x Chimera with the Multi-Laz , Heavy stubber/ Storm bolter ( they are magnatized) Hunter kill missle , Dozer blade

1x Valkyrie with the Multilaz , 2x door mounted bolters , And the Rocket Pods

x1 Lemen Russ Exicutionor ( Plasma cannon variant) it has the Heavy Stubber, Side mounted Plasma Sponsons , Foward mounted Heavy Flamer , Dozer Blade

I have an allie who will be taking up the majority of the points with his Black Templar Space marines i belive his force is as following

4x Tac Marine Squads ( 10 men per squad ) Each has The sergent with a powerfist and x2 Flamers .

2x Space marine Dreadnaughts i think they have assualt cannons and flamerthowers ( or what ever the minigun thing is )

He has 7 Assualt squads not sure on what upgrades though

2x Termanatiors with a gak bust of upgrades

And from what i under stand my tyranids opponent has i think around 300+ guant Things 5 or 6 Carni's and a who mess of bigger things i cant really name . I dont think we really have a chance but any ideas on how i can inflict maximum damage before my guardsmen fall under waves of slashing claws ?

Motto of the Imperial Guard " If its worth bringing one its worth bringing three"

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Welcome to dakka!!
This is the wrong section! You'd better ask for advices in the 40K Tactics section!!
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Welcome.don't you know the rules yet???Just kidding.good luck and shoot well.


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Welcome to dakka mate

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Welcome to Dakka

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Hello, and welcome, as taostedandy said, it'd be best to go to the 40k tactics forum for advice.

captain fantastic wrote: Seems like this thread is all that's left of Remilia Scarlet (the poster).

wait, what? Σ(・□・;) 
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Welcome to dakka.

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