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Been Around the Block

In August(I know a while ago, I'm a patient person) I had a trade agreement with nmessina as he states -

"Hey Mil,

Sorry about the delay have been in and out with work this week havent had much time for hammer. I cant do the trade we previously discussed due to an unexpected snag with the owner of the IG. This is what i was thinking with what i have now:

1 Hive Tyrant which is NIB, still has the shrink wrap on it. --> NIB Hellhound as we discussed.

7x Warriors - Most are put together completely and some are just missing arms, completed ones are already magnetized for scything talons and guns --> 10 Orgrins

1 Trygon - partially assembled with no primer/paint on it. --> Lemon Russ or tank you prefer

Let me know, i dont need any of the other stuff but if you wanna do this we can proceed, i do believe i have ur shipping info."

Since this agreement I have shipped out all the Tyranids to him, but I have only received one package that only includes the Leman Russ... I have not received the NIB Hellhound or the Ogryns. I have made multiple attempts to contact this person since August, the last reply coming from him on August 25th saying he was on vacation and that he would get back to me and then "poof". I'm putting this post up as a last courtesy to this individual before I move on to calling the local authorities as that seems the next logical step owing to the amount of time I've let this pass for him to respond.

Hope you see this and respond Nmessina.
Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Is there an Original trade thread m8? Might help if you link that.
Made in us
Been Around the Block


That's my original thread about the trades, I don't believe he posted in there but just PMed me. I edited it after shipping it out, removing the items I sent, obviously expecting the ones that I mention in this thread.
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