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Made in gb
Happy We Found Our Primarch

Long time no see! Not been modelling much recently due to work and i dislocated my shoulder, and popped a bone out of place on friday night haha

converted these 2 over the past few days, c+c as always

[Thumb - DSC03291.JPG]
nurgley beastman 1 front

[Thumb - DSC03292.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC03295.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC03297.JPG]
close up

[Thumb - DSC03299.JPG]
standard bearer

[Thumb - DSC03302.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC03305.JPG]
close up

Made in gb
Plummeting Black Templar Thunderhawk Pilot


Awesome, can't wait to see them painted ^^

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Awesome, can't wait to see them painted ^^

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Made in gb
Happy We Found Our Primarch

Cheers bro! i'l get a few more done soon-ish
Made in gb
Happy We Found Our Primarch

Got a bit more done today on the Gors and thought id post up pics of the woc korpus festerheart ( artwork from the army book) i did a few years ago and a jabberslythe i did when the beastmen army book was re-done, just never got round to finishing it

[Thumb - nurgle beastmen 003.jpg]
standard bearer with sheild

[Thumb - nurgle beastmen 022.jpg]
finished arm

[Thumb - nurgle beastmen 024.jpg]

[Thumb - nurgle beastmen 004.jpg]
korpus fester heart

[Thumb - nurgle beastmen 012.jpg]

[Thumb - nurgle beastmen 013.jpg]

[Thumb - nurgle beastmen 014.jpg]

[Thumb - nurgle beastmen 016.jpg]

[Thumb - nurgle beastmen 019.jpg]
size comparison

Made in ca
Commoragh-bound Peer


Wow~ Lots of Beastmen threads popping up these days!

Keep up the good work.
Made in us
Furious Raptor

Edmond, OK

These are wicked looking mate! Good work!

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Steel Cadre: Tau - 2000 Points
Blackpowder Legion: Crons - 2000 Points
Palanthine Purebloods: SM - 1000 Points
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Made in us
Avoiding old projects

44.328850 / -73.110190

Gross. In a great way.

Subbed to this thread and will be back! Praise Father Nurgle!

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That's.... dirt... Skalk. Actual dust. (09/08/2021)
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