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Why does Chaos in 40k suck so much more than in the Fantasy universe?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Rihgu wrote:
Wasn't Storm of Chaos completely retconned and the events of the End Times is the "same" event, but with a wholly different outcome?

At least they kept Grimgor 'eadbuttin' Archaon in the End Times. It would be... odd? If they did that same thing twice.

IIRC they also had to find Valten, etc, in the End Times, which they presumably wouldn't have to do if Storm of Chaos had happened.

Then that makes it even better for Archaon. He's 1-0 and his plan didn't require using a load of resources in 12 previous campaigns to make his final one successful.

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 Platuan4th wrote:
 H.B.M.C. wrote:
It did seem like a ret-con though.

"No, he really meant to do all these other things, in this sequence, for his ultimate goal!"

Except that the whole "each Black Crusade had a specific goal" thing came directly from the fluff for Battlefleet Gothic almost a decade earlier, which specifically stated that even though the Imperium "won" that particular Crusade, Abaddon achieved his actual goal of obtaining the Blackstones. It wasn't a new idea, it just wasn't one fully presented in the mainline 40K fluff.

Please read the actual BFG rulebook. Abaddon was aiming for all 6 Blackstones as they added their power together for ever more powerful effects, with 3 being enough to make a star go nova. After many years of fighting, he gets 3, and while going to trigger another nova, loses 1 back to the Imperium, and limps away with 2. Then all the remaining Blackstones in the Gothic sector, including the one recaptured by the Imperium, self-destruct. So out of an original goal of 6, Abaddon got 2 and then gave up on trying for the rest. Not exactly a resounding victory. Not a total failure either but hardly "Just as planned".
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