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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User


Hey Guys

Here is the finished Forgeworld Eldar Phantom Titan which was painted by Alistair Armes of Worthy Painting.

We choose to go with a more cartoony style to bring out the bold colours of Iyandan.

It was painted using a large variety of technics, one being the use of the old Games Workshop Inks.

Please check out the video linked below for more detailed close up views. In the video, it was mentioned that it is the biggest Forgeworld model they do, what I ment to say that it was the tallest. So please don't hang me on that!

More pictures on our Facebook

Please leave your comments below.

Thanks in advance

[Thumb - 400196_310715715637496_214954928546909_832985_200122785_n.jpg]

[Thumb - 403064_310715598970841_214954928546909_832983_1286245946_n.jpg]

[Thumb - 400374_310716452304089_214954928546909_832999_1308310526_n.jpg]

[Thumb - 403659_310715992304135_214954928546909_832990_382040033_n.jpg]

[Thumb - 405475_310716055637462_214954928546909_832991_1989603671_n.jpg]

[Thumb - 394077_310716412304093_214954928546909_832998_2007684631_n.jpg]

[Thumb - 395158_310715822304152_214954928546909_832987_1694949171_n.jpg]

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Made in us
Paladin of the Wall

United States

Truly Awesome, the only downside is that the base doesn't do the awesome model justice!

Maybe create a battle scene on the base and put a bunker?

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Made in us
Monstrous Master Moulder


Surfboard66 wrote:Truly Awesome, the only downside is that the base doesn't do the awesome model justice!

Maybe create a battle scene on the base and put a bunker?

Agreed with the above I think you need some serious carnage to keep up with that awesome paintjob.

Made in us
Shas'o Commanding the Hunter Kadre

Richmond, VA

Clean lines, good detail while not making the model too busy, nice choice on the 2 colors.

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 Peregrine wrote:
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User


Hey Guys, Thanks for the comments, the base is a little flat as the model if going to be part of a display army for a store, so is going on a large display table so the base is temp for now, Nick
Made in gb
Lord of the Fleet


Truly fantastic work!
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

That is epic!!!
Made in dk
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany

Truly epic! Please share the rest of the army as well when its done!

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Storm Trooper with Maglight

Run away I faced one of those before and it raped most of my army. Although the match was 3000 points of stuff vs 6 superheavies so I guess that was to be expected.

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2500 points 
Made in us
Death-Dealing Ultramarine Devastator

Tennessee - United States

I enjoyed the color choice and I don't think it's "too cartoony". Most Eldar armies that are painted "well", in my opinion, have had those super bright color choices. Excellent job!
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Whorelando, FL

Awesome! It's cool to see what a Phantom in Iyanden colors would look like. My eldar are painted in Iyanden colors, thus me likey.

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