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Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Always wanted to do a diorama piece. However my terraining skills not being where they need to be, I decided to try something smaller scale. I proudly present, "Splashdown", Ultramarine w/ Jetpack splashing into water.

As always, C&C are welcome and requested.
[Thumb - IMG_0123.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_0124.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_0125.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_0129.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_0128.JPG]

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Made in ca
Chosen Baal Sec Youngblood

wow....thats pretty fething impressive! nice work!
Made in gb
Troubled By Non-Compliant Worlds

Lancashire. England

Wow defo looks awesome!


Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


Marvelous work! I really like the pose of the marine and the splashing effect that you achieved.

Made in ca
Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine



skycapt44 wrote:
FYI optimus is the cheesiest player I know

Made in gb

Made in nz
Ferocious Blood Claw

That looks awesome! I love the pose. The glow effect you've done on the jump pack looks great as well.
Made in us
Shas'o Commanding the Hunter Kadre

Richmond, VA

There must be some awful heresy in that water. Why else would it need to be powerfisted.

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Lt. Coldfire wrote:Seems to me that you should be refereeing and handing out red cards--like a boss.

 Peregrine wrote:
Made in gb
Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps

On your roof with a laptop

It looks beautiful, very well done

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Made in us
Nimble Dark Rider

Land of Lincoln

excellent work, totally awesome.

Malifaux - Rezzers
40K - Iron Hands

Made in us
Blood-Raging Khorne Berserker

Los Angeles

That's awesome!! Looks great.

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Made in gb
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!


In awe, that is awesomely awesome!

Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Thanks for all the kudos guys.... wait for the next scene, just getting bigger and better each one.

---- Fear not the Unknown, else what you do know may kill you with you ever knowing ---  
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Blandford, MA

man I like that !!!! great job !!!!

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Made in dk
Numberless Necron Warrior


Dude you got it man. All you need to do now is just work out how to get even more detail on the whole and you will rock in dioramas.

Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Yeah, working on one right now.... hopefully it turns out the way i envision it...

you can see the wip here


---- Fear not the Unknown, else what you do know may kill you with you ever knowing ---  
Made in us
Gargantuan Gargant

Binghamton, NY

The application/sculpting of the water effects is fantastic and I quite like the pose. The painting, honestly, is what's most holding the piece back. As those skills continue to improve, keep playing around with the occasional diorama - I think you could pump out some really great stuff once the surface matches the substance, if you get my meaning.

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Made in au
Utilizing Careful Highlighting


Bravo! Looks great. Only criticism is the green glare, if it was eyes only i would say good however as on a bit of his shoulder pad it looks like light directed on only a small part of his upper torso?

Water off PW looks outstanding.

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Made in gb
Ork Boy Hangin' off a Trukk

In ur base, sniping ur doodz

I like it a lot.
I do however, think that painting could do with some improvement. I would just recommend practice. Skill comes with time.
I have no doubt that in a year or two, you'll look back at this and see how far you have come
May I enquire as to how the water was modelled?
I have an idea for GD, and would be grateful for assistance.


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Made in au
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker


Absolutely Amazing! im totally blown away by it, i feel like i have splash back on my face when looking directly at it

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Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

Edmonton, AB, Canada

I was at the local craft store and found an Acrylic Medium Gel Super High Gloss. Brand name is liquitex.

Just layered it up...it goes down white but dries clear. You can tint with a little bit of paint....

For the gloss, I picked up a botttle of GW water effect from my local GS for cost.

I'll get a tutorial done.

From a distance the mini looks great, I was really disappointed in it once I blew the pics up on a 46" monitor. Meh... I will just end up stripping him down and redoing him as a BA...

---- Fear not the Unknown, else what you do know may kill you with you ever knowing ---  
Made in gb
Dusty Skeleton

Sheffield, United Kingdom.

That water looks fantastic.

Made in ca
Stalwart Space Marine


That looks great. It's a creative and unique idea and you pulled it off. Looking forward to the next one!

Made in au
Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Adelaide, Australia


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Made in au
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

Looks really nice, the paint looks a little thick though :S
Try using a wet pallet and take your time with thinner paints.

Made in us
Perfect Shot Dark Angels Predator Pilot

Vancouver WA

Rad! Love the lighting.

Made in us
Ancient Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought

The oceans of the world

Really nice modeling and painting.
Made in us
Hellish Haemonculus

Boskydell, IL

This is one of those dioramas that I wish more people would try and emulate. It's absolutely beautiful, and incredibly dynamic. I love that it looks like it's a shot of real action rather than a pose. The water rebounding off the sword is an inspired stroke.

Welcome to the Freakshow!

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User


Way to throw in personality!!! I really like this piece quite a bit. He obviously shall know no fear.

Made in us
Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norfolk, VA

Like it, however, would like to see smoother paint on the armour and the ultra sign looks a little loose.

Otherwise, the pose and effect are great!

Norfolk Virginia Beach Hampton Roads Gaming 
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