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Made in de
Automated Space Wolves Thrall

Hey guys, this is my first 40k miniature ever since I started up with Fantasy.
Now I know he isn't perfect, espacially the gold and bone parts should get some reworking, but never the less I'm proud of it.
This was really the first time I did try to paint seriously. Unfortunately I paint very slowly until now, but I hope I can increase speed with
the upcoming minis. The rest of the pack is not yet finished.

But what I'ld like to know is, wether you are pleased with the colorsheme for I know the Spacewolves' "Grey" is a Topic of it's own.
I have tried to get the model a lighter look than GWs, but I'm not really sure, maybe they are too blueish?
What do you think?

[Thumb - Graumähne1a600px.JPG]

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Let us drink to the power, drink to the sound,
thunder and metal are shaking the ground.
Let us drink to our brothers who are never to fall,
we're brothers of metal, here in the hall!  
Made in au
Chaplain with Hate to Spare

I quite like it, very bold and well painted, you have a nice neat style and the armour can be whatever shade of blue/grey you want, i think this does look nice even though my own choice is for a darker grey i can't dispute how nicely you have painted him!

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Made in us
Impassive Inquisitorial Interrogator

Suburbs of Chicago

Looks great, very clean lines.
Made in us
Fully-charged Electropriest


You are really good at painting marines! Far better then I can do! If you are going to do your army like this..............thats an army I want to see.

Made in de
Automated Space Wolves Thrall

Thank you, guys. This really encourages me.
I painted him quite a while ago and had not had the time an muse to get the rest of the pack done, but
words like yours do help me getting things on!
I hope I can post the whole pack here soon.

Let us drink to the power, drink to the sound,
thunder and metal are shaking the ground.
Let us drink to our brothers who are never to fall,
we're brothers of metal, here in the hall!  
Made in be
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

The Fortress Of Macragge

nice man !

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Made in au
Utilizing Careful Highlighting


Looks nice

Welcome to 40k

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Made in au
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Adelaide, Australia

Not much more to say other then: MOAR!

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Made in gb
Screaming Banshee

Novosibirsk, Russia

I love it.

Batch-paint the rest of your army though, it's the only way to get 'high quality' stuff done relatively quickly!

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