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Hooded Inquisitorial Interrogator

So I was looking over the vampire count book under the Terrorgheist's scream and the banshees scream and I noticed that it is not considered a "shooting attack". It is called a "special attack that is resolved in the shooting phase". As it is not a shooting attack, does it mean that I can scream into an enemy that is engaged in combat?
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Fanatic with Madcap Mushrooms

Auburn CA

If you keep reading it tells you that you can scream into a combat that it is in

Made in us
Hooded Inquisitorial Interrogator

Yes it does, so if it is engaged in combat it is limited in its screaming to the enemy that it is engaged with. What if it is not in combat and wants to scream into one though.
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Regular Dakkanaut

By hard RAW you could do it. By hard RAW you can also get the Terrorgheist in combat with one unit, and then shoot at another different unit. But I think most reasonable people would take a RAI outlook and do neither.
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Hooded Inquisitorial Interrogator

Interesting... so what your saying is that the rules the way they are written say that you CAN scream into combat. I wasn't playing it that way the other day because I assumed it was considered it a 'shooting attack' (which is a weird thing in a vamp counts army).

I guess it makes some sense, i'll just have to think of it like the difference between magic missiles and direct damage spells.

Sorry, but I have read nothing indicating that it was intended to not work if someone was engaged.

Thanks for your help Dakka :-)
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

I think they put that in there so that the scream couldn't be neutralized by the storm banner, or Pha's Protection, or the Chalice of Dark Rain, and similar.

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