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Orc Bully with a Peg Leg


So after much deliberation I've finally decided to go with Warriors of Chaos as my first WHFB army.

My problem is that I'm used to the 40k FoC guiding me with my purchases. Where do I start with WoC?

I know it's probably best to get 2 boxes of Chaos Warriors but where do I go from there?

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Flashy Flashgitz

Like you said, 2 boxes of Chaos Warriors and a Sorcerer or Lord. If you want to get ready for some games asap I would buy a box of Chaos Knights since they cost 200 points for only 5 and that's without a single upgrade AND they are pretty darn good in low point games!

I recently started a small WoC army that I will build when I'm bored of my Orcs and Goblins. And if you're curious about my purchase; 2 boxes of Warriors, 1 box of Knights, 1 Sorcerer, 1 Lord/Hero and 1 box of Irongut Ogres which I will convert to Chaos Ogres.

I hope this helped you!
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Bloodthirsty Chaos Knight

If you can afford it grab 3 battalions and a sorcerer figure. Gives you 2 lots of 18 warriors, 60 marauders to horde up if running one of the more usual lists and your warhounds. The knights are still fairly useful too, and those you don't use the parts can be used for conversions and the horses for warshrine pulling. Plus 15 lances can be used as halberds which is enough for a regiment of 18 as 3 you will be using other right arms.

On a smaller scale 2 boxes of warriors and a sorcerer, then start getting some marauders to get numbers in there and warhounds/ marauder horsemen for drops, screening and warmachine hunting.

You can also check ebay as theres a fair amount of chaos stuff listed each day and regiments go for a reasonable amount, so it will save you a bit of cash

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Morphing Obliterator

It depends what you main reason for collecting them is.

Your budget is a factor, as is whether you build armies based around how they perform on the tabletop vs. fluff or aesthetic reasons.

But basically logic and common sense will guide you on where to start, along with the replies above. The Battalion is a pretty solid choice, you get both troops, the powerful knights and some hounds. Buy that and a single Lord choice and you've got a basic army right there that can pack quite a punch.
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Plaguebearer with a Flu

Southern Gate of Chaos

I'd recommend 4 boxes of Chaos Warriors, couple boxes of Chaos Knights, and at least 4 Dragon Ogres.

A couple boxes of Marauders and Marauder Horsemen help round things out.

Hellcannons are VERY useful.

Characters get expensive quick, I prefer to stick with Hero slots: one fighty general, a well protected BSB, and a sorcerer for some magic defense.

from the Southern Gate of Chaos,
Chaos Khorne
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Ancient Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought

Victoria B.C.

My suggestions.

1 check out the link in my signature, it's there to help new players with woc.

2 get the army book, read some fluff and check out the models. See what you like and go with models you like and fluff you like.

Personally if you are just looking for a good start a battalion is great.
If you want to run marauders pick up enough to have a 40 to 40 man unit.
For warriors I would suggest at minimum 15 to a unit. I personally prefer 18 man units deployed 6 wide.

Woc is an elite army usually with less units than most armies. To help getting favorable matchups I suggest an additional box of hounds so one can make up to 3 units of 5 hounds for deploying, redirecting as well as war machine hunting.

You need characters such as sorcerers and possibly a champion or two.
Sorcerers are the way to get magic offence and defence which is quite an important roll.
The other characters are more combat oriented, such as a bsb or a chaos lord.
A bsb is important because he adds extra punch as well as ld re rolls (the rerolls can prevent one from loosing a unit).
Fighty lords are fun characters to use. The upside is they are simply put better in combat than any other races characters and usually murder anything that they fight.

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Sorry forgot to mention hellcannons. They are great IMO they have been game changers for me. The downside is building them requires almost as much green stuff as it does patience.

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Overview of the WoC army book.
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Do you have enough Priests do you?
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Orc Bully with a Peg Leg


Thank you all! Very enlightening.

I think I want to use warriors more than marauders but that doesn't mean I'm going to ignore them. I've heard how good they are for their point cost.

I was hoping someone would say get a Hellcannon or ogres (Hellcannon finecast release in March. Take that news however you please.)

"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory." - Gandhi

- 1200 pts
- 2000 pts
- 50 pts
Legion - 50 pts 
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Bloodthirsty Chaos Knight

Trolls are also a lot of fun. Plus the chaos knights are still effective as supporting units in a WoC list and still have a place in the army, still hit VERY hard and have magic weapons if you keep them instead of giving them lances.

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Witch Hunter Undercover in a Cult

I'd advise getting at least a few Marauders; my WoC army is pretty small, but it's all Warriors, Knights, and a Sorcerer, and they all got massacred by an Empire army with a couple of Lore of Metal casters. Marauders are useful for, if nothing else, screening your Warriors long enough for them to get into a fight.

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