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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Here is what I came up with for 1k points... I mainly play against Necrons, Tau, and Blood Angels. This is a new army and I mainly play Chaos Marines with a khorne theme. This army does not have to be completely khorne but i definitely want to lean in that direction.

Herald on Juggernaut
Iron Hide
Unholy Might

Bloodcrushers x 3

Bloodletters x 20

Pink Horros x 10

Flesh Hounds x 6

Daemonettes x 5

1000 Points

Again this is a new army for me and I am willing to use almost any unit but i definitely am leaning towards khorne. I would greatly appreciate any tips.

Made in us
Tough-as-Nails Ork Boy

Miami Beach, Fl

break those 10 horrors into 2 squads of 5 and give them each a bolt.
Lose the daemonettes, 5 won't do anything.
Consider losing the Korne dogs or bolstering your numbers of them. The BA move real fast and your dogs are going to be the only thing that can tie something up for the 'letters to send them to their corpse god.
Maybe 2 squads of 15 'letters to be able to get to more units and eat up more table realestate.
Do not let those horrorsinto combat they fall apart.

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You could strap a pantsless ork on something and make it look Imperial with enough Aquillas and Purity Seals. -Da Butcher

Apple: There's an app for that? Orkz: There'z a squig fer that. -Croaker 
Made in us
Painlord Titan Princeps of Slaanesh

Syracuse, NY

Also, a Juggurnaut provides Iron Hide to the Herald, so you probably do not need to purchase it. I would personally just opt for Blessing and the Jugg. I look at Khorne Heralds more as bullet catchers for your Juggurnaut unit than the killyness since BC tend to eat anything they touch anyway.

I would split the Horrors into 2 units of 5 with Bolt since you have very little shooting.

Also, ditch the icon on the Bloodletters, one is enough at 1000 points (I think it is enough up to 2000 even)

Daemons Blog - The Mandulian Chapel 
Made in us
Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation

The Memphis Sprawl

There is alot to be said for the Khorne monogod list. In my experience against daemons (and I have alot of it) you never leave the warp without a Soul Grinder in tow.

I actually ran this list, and demolished with it. Makes me want to buy a Khorne army for myself.

Herald of Khorne - 160
-Death Strike

Bloodletters x 10 - 160

Bloodletters x 10 - 160

Bloodletters x 10 - 160

Bloodcrushers x 5 - 200

Soul Grinder - 160

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Made in us
Painlord Titan Princeps of Slaanesh

Syracuse, NY

I would rather have the Icon on a standard Crusher for allocation purposes (also not a Death Strike fan, but YMMV of course).

If you want to bring one SG...always bring two!

Daemons Blog - The Mandulian Chapel 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

I agree with Sharkvictim, Soulgrinders are good. Also, that is a nice looking mono-god Khorne list.
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