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Additional close combat wounds after combat has been resolved.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Someone help me out on this one...I've been scanning through the rule book and can't find it.

I SWEAR I have read somewhere in the rule book that after close combat wounds have been made and casualties taken, you take *additional* wounds based on the amount of unsaved wounds you lost the combat by.

I saw some battle reports over at mini wargaming where i swore i saw something of this nature happening, but for the life of me I can't find it anywhere.


4 BA assault troopers and 8 CSM are engaged in close combat. The assault troopers suffer 1 unsaved wound, and the CSM suffer 3 unsaved wounds. In this instance, 1 BA assault trooper would be taken off the table, and 3 CSM would be taken off...but this is what I'm talking about... do 2 more CSM get taken off the field because the CSM lost the CC by 2 wounds?

Someone help me because I'm slowed....thanks.

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If the losing side is Fearless then they take additional (saveable) wounds. It's under "No Retreat" at the end of the Close Combat rules.

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This only applies to fearless wounds, if a squad is fearless and loses combat by 2, then thay squad must take 2 regular armor saves instead of running.


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holy hell THANK YOU...

this is important because my troops of choice are 'Zerkers...many thanks guys.
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You take those additional wounds if you are subject to the No Retreat! rule. The most common way for that to happen is for the losing unit to be Fearless. There are other ways to be subject to No Retreat! however, including (but not limited to) being a unit with the And They Shall Know No Fear rule that would otherwise have been swept.

I believe that is correct, although I leave wiggle room by stating that I may be wrong...

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