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The transactin with the poster Greyknightvision started on 2/12/2012. He was selling 10 new Dark Eldar Mandrakes which I was interested in. I made contact with him and issued payment when the description of the items were completed. However, The last message message I received from him was on 2/16 telling me that the product will be in the mail this week. I have tried multiple times to gain a contact number from him for the posting and asked for updates. I have received none. I have been hesitant to write this message as I am still hoping to receive my items which I purchased.

If he does not wish to give me my items then a simple refund will be fine. However, I would either like my items or my money back. i will copy and paste the exchanges of messages between us below. I hope I am not be too anxious, but I feel some sort of reply is warranted to my messages. if I receive my items this post will be deleted.

DE Elder wrote:i am interested in the Mandrakes you have.

Are the the new ones? Unprimed? Painted? What is their condition?

I'd be happy to take them off your hands. I live in Sacramento, CA. Let me know what you 'd be willing to part with them for and how much shipping is.

Thanks and good luck!


My first message to him. (2/12) His response below. (2/12)

GreyKnightVision wrote:Unpainted. $30 including postage.

Paypal to YamabushiSimon@live.co.uk

DE Elder wrote:your money has been sent my friend. How long should I expect shipping to take?

My second message acknowledging payment has been sent. (2/13)

DE Elder wrote:can you send me the tracking number and everything for the package. Thank you.

I ask him about a tracking number (2/15)

DE Elder wrote:Hey can you give me an update please on my items? Thanks.

Me asking for an update on my items. (2/16) His response below. (2/16) This is also the last message i get from him.

GreyKnightVision wrote:Sure, they will be in the mail this week.

DE Elder wrote:i was wondering if you could give me an update on my items. Can I have a number to track their posting please? Thanks.

Me requesting a tracking number again, and asking for an update. (2/28)

DE Elder wrote:I would either like a tracking number or my money back for my items. You have given me no updates other than 1 message 2 weeks ago saying you were putting the items in the mail that week. It has been 2 weeks and I have heard nothing. I will be forced to report you if you do you respond or i do not receive my items.

Please either give me a tracking number or refund my money. Thank you.

Me telling him about this message I am writing now. (3/2)

I still have not heard anything from him. i apologise to any moderators if I did not follow guidelines but I did read the page. Let me know if i did do somethign wrong and I will try and fix it. Thank you.


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There is already a TR opened on this user - can you please add your info to that one rather than here? That way we have it all in one thread - thanks!


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Also, if you haven't already done so, I would recommend pursuing a claim with PayPal (assuming that is what you used to pay him with)

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