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Squishy Oil Squig


I have decided to start a small Iron Warriors force. Before i buy anything though i want to make sure i'l be able to paint them. I have 5 left over terminators from AoBR so am doing them up as pre-heresy iron warriors to give me an idea of how to do them. So far the only issue i'm having is the yellow/black hazard stripes. Does anyone have any tips on getting them just right? Not after amazing quality but still want it to look decent. Any ideas?
Will Post pics as they come.
[Thumb - Photo on 9-03-12 at 4.59 PM.jpg]
WIP pre heresy iron warrior terminators

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Ork Boy Hangin' off a Trukk

In ur base, sniping ur doodz

You could just try using small strips of masking tape or something similar. I know Tamyia have a particular product along those lines, but that may be a little large.
You could try drawing the stripes on in pencil, which would probably be the easiest thing to do
After that I would just advise doing black over yellow, and do it watered down so you can easily correct any mistakes.
Good luck!


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Made in au
Sinister Chaos Marine

Apart from the ones mentioned above there's not many tricks for painting diagonal lines. I suppose you could use transfers.
Best of luck.

Made in au
Squishy Oil Squig


Cheers guys, will post progress pics as they get done.

Carn Wallabies! 
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Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine

Dayton OH

1 design the stripe pattern with a graphic program
2 print home made decals (just a big field of striped yellow and black)
3 cut out pieces to fit where you want stripes, apply and use microsol.

Alternatively your decals could just be black stripes and clear film, then apply over yellow paint

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