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Made in se
Raging Ravener


Hi all!

This is my Master of the forge. The conversion beamer is made of some strange, random mechanical bits I found, with some modified eldar cannon bits attached to it. One of the barrels is made of pure sprue debris. The thick "glove" is half an orc power claw, it sort of looked techmarineish with only one cutting thingy left on it. Since the cannon is quite big, I used a grey knight terminator for armour, to make it look more believable, even though it's just an artificier armour. Shoulders are black templar terminator shoulder pads. It's a regular power axe, just a bit longer. If I had a techmarine head, I might have replaced the grey knight's, but I didn't have one, so this will have to do.

Feel free to comment!

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Nice work, I think it looks really cool! That is one BIG gun. The only C&C I can think of would be to add some wires and coily hoses coming off of the back of the gun and going to the pack. Like hydraulics for the arm and something to connect the weapon to that arc looking power thing on the top. Look forward to seeing it painted!
Made in au
Splattered With Acrylic Paint


_That_ is a lot of dakka.

'Ere ta fix your gubbinz... 
Made in se
Raging Ravener


Thanks for the comments! Yeah, it is indeed a big gun! And big axe. You can however be base to base with it wihout any problem at all. I felt the need for a grandiose HQ, easy to spot in a massive Apocalypse battle, a worthy title-holder so to speak. And the Forge world version could not quite suffice.. it looks rather pale to me.

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