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Made in us

So i'm liooking at getting into malifaux, and really like the model for saemus. I was wondering what units would make a good crew with him

2000 2000 1250

Malifaux: 75 ss neverborn, 50 ss Guild.

Warmachine: 75 pts Menoth
Hordes: 65 pts trollblood

Made in gb
Leaping Dog Warrior

Rotten Belles are the best unit with Seamus. He gives them a +2" walk if they are within 6" of him when they activate, allowing you to speed up your otherwise shambling horde. They can lure enemies into range for Seamus to kill them, and also lure friendies clsoer to the action and pull them out of danger (especially if Seamus is being targetted by a nasty CC master)

Night Terrors are the best 3ss model in the game, they are significant, fast, and can tie up long range shooters/casters quickly, meaning that the Undead may make it up the board intact.

Drowned are very good at anti armour, causing straight wound loss rather than damage (which can be mitgated by armour) they are quite slow, and can't be pulled along by Belles, but make great objective blockers and back line defence if your opponent tries a breakthrough scheme.

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Malifaux: All the Resurrectionists
Made in us

Paso Robles, CA, USA

My only issue with the Drowned are that they are very tricky to use for a beginner.

I like having a Punk Zombie. Lure the target in close then use the Flurry ability of the Zombie to take them apart. If you don't mind using an Outcast, the Convict Gunslinger is also really nice. Again, lure the target in range and then Rapid Fire with the Gunslinger to destroy them.

It's nice having a Dead Doxy or two to raise. I wouldn't buy them at the start, but they are able to be summoned by Seamus. They are more situational than a Belle, but they can be pretty powerful.

Bete Noir is a lot of fun, but expensive points wise. Not the best beat-stick in the game, but is VERY good against living models.

I like teaming up the Grave Spirit with Sybelle. Makes her an awesome tank model that can tie up enemy beatsticks indefinitely.

Ultimately the trick with Seamus is that none of your models hit all that hard, but by luring a model in to your lines and then jumping on it you can take down an enemy force one by one.

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Chris Gohlinghorst wrote:Holy Space Marine on a Stick.

This conversation has even begun to boggle my internet-hardened mind.

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I just recently picked up some Crooked Men. Their 'shafted' ability combined with the belle's lure can make a nasty combo, and same cost as a belle. I also like to have a hanged, expensive at 9ss but they do direct damage (1/2 targets current wounds) so they can soften up the big and armoreds.

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Made in gb
Leaping Dog Warrior

I have found the hanged to make themselves a bit of a target when they are on the board, your opponent usually makes them a priority target to kill as the 1/2 wounds spell freaks them out. Its not that effective a model as its quite slow.

Crooked men are great though, but I find 'cave in' to be a much better spell to cast, especially against a big model which generally has very low def. The resulting blasts can catch bunched up models and dodges quite a few masters targetting tricks e.g Hamelin, The Dreamer, Pandora, Kirai and Nicodem to name a few!

Tacticool always trumps tactics

Malifaux: All the Resurrectionists
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