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This particular forum is designed for discussion covering a wide array of different Games Workshop miniature games all in the same place. As such, it is vitally important that you always include the full name of the game or abbreviation of the game's name in the title of your thread. In fact, to help make things easier to spot, we ask that you put the game title/abbreviation in brackets to make it stand out even more.

So if I were going to make a thread asking if anyone else was interested in Blood Bowl (BB) my thread title would look like:

'[BB] Is anyone interested in this game?'

A list of common abbreviations for GW's specialist games is as follows:

[BFG] = Battlefleet Gothic
[BB] = Blood Bowl
[DF] = Dreadfleet
[Epic] = Epic
[GM] = Gorka Morka
[=I=] = Inquisitor
[MoW] = Man O' War
[Mord] = Mordheim
[Nec] = Necromunda
[SH] = Space Hulk
[WM] = Warmaster

Thanks so much for your cooperation!

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Great! In addition to BFG, would this also be the place to discuss and of the WH40k RPGs? Such as Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader by Fantasy Flight Games?

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I'd suggest adding:

[AT] for Adeptus Titanicus
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Inquisitor has always been abbreviated to [INQ]
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