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Greetings all After playing orks for some time I finally gathered some funds and decided to start up a new army, which DOES hit their targets, DOES make armour saves and is GREEN (to be honest I also started an Praetorian Guard army which is red....maybe will show some pics of that one)

Anyway, I wanted to base it around a concept of a joint "warband" of different types of followers of Papa Nurgle, as I didn't want to have clones in my army as well as I wanted to add some background and flavor to it. But first and foremost, I wanted it to be as close to the fluff as possible. No transports, no raptors, some heavy support but mostly infantry and some termies. Oh, and a Dread

So, without further ado, here be the pics of what I made so far, not counting the infantry, as those are 14 unpainted metal Plague Marines and unfinished Forge World Death Guards. Comment if you like the ones here More to come soon.


[Thumb - IMG_3819a.jpg]
the Lord

[Thumb - IMG_3821a.jpg]
the Lord

[Thumb - IMG_3838d.jpg]
Lord Cromm

[Thumb - IMG_3835d.jpg]
the banner

[Thumb - IMG_3840d.jpg]
Papa Mauri

[Thumb - IMG_3841d.jpg]
Papa Mauri

[Thumb - IMG_3875.jpg]
autocannon Havocs

[Thumb - IMG_3876.jpg]
autocannon Havocs

[Thumb - IMG_3877.jpg]
RL Havocs

[Thumb - IMG_3878.jpg]
RL Havocs

[Thumb - IMG_3879.jpg]
RL Havocs

[Thumb - IMG_3886.jpg]
The Fallen Chaplain (chaos lord)

[Thumb - IMG_3888.jpg]
The Fallen Chaplain

[Thumb - IMG_3890.jpg]
the Havocs

[Thumb - IMG_3917.jpg]
raving cultists (lesser deamons)

[Thumb - IMG_3918.jpg]
raving cultists

[Thumb - IMG_3919.jpg]
raving cultists

[Thumb - IMG_3928.jpg]
raving cultists

[Thumb - IMG_3931.jpg]
Spider Dread, WIP

[Thumb - IMG_3932.jpg]
cultist champion

[Thumb - Lord.jpg]
Lord Cromm himself on his deamonic steed

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