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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

So I have some non standard armies that from time to time I like to take places and game with.
My Dark Eldar army has lots of strange shapes and my Grot army is incredibly numerous and awkward.

(update: scroll down for X-wing trays )

My old GW cases were really not equipped to carry these kind of armies, and cutting into the foam was kinda a botched job/ making do.
Enter BattleFoam and all my army transporting problems were sorted.

I really like the style of the bags, I think the Olive colour is very distinctive and people in the know, know you take pride in your armies!
BattleFoam is not the cheapest on the market, but I really do believe that BattleFoam bags are worth the premium.
You do indeed get what you pay for.
I've carried both armies about on public transport to ArbitorIans house and tournaments.
I've even made running dashes through snow with my pack 432 and I really didn't have a worry.
The Construction is strong and you can feel the comforting strength of the plastic inserts.

I used their custom tray creator and designed my own solutions.

Both armies have custom cut foam and and standard trays.
I'll let the Photographes do the explaining.

My Dark Eldar army 1750pts


My Grot army 1500pts

3" deep Custom tray made using the BattleFoam website tray creator.

1" deep Custom tray made using pick and pluck foam

Troops trays
91 small troop Tray

and the tray for the HQ and MegaGrots and GrotHerderers

X-wing Update !
Using the 432 to carry FFG X-wing stuff.

The 432 will hold 7inchs of foam.
But I only use 5.5 inches the final space is used to hold the game box and some token caddys.
The game box holds my asteroid tokens, movement templates and large ship bases and large base inserts.
The two token storage caddies are made by CraftMates. 3XL 7 comparment boxes normally used for bead collectors. perfect for tokens!

The first tray will hold the following (although I don't have this many ships... yet!) :
8x TIE Fighters
4x TIE Advanced
5x TIE Interceptors
2x Slave I
6x X-Wings (12! if you double load the slot)
4x Y-Wings (8 if you double load the slot)
6x A-Wings (12 if you double load the slot)
1x Millennium Falcon

The second tray will hold the following:

Damage Cards
Upgrade Cards
Pilot Cards
Ship Base Inserts
Ship Bases
Maneuver Dials
My asteroid wrecks
My lambdas, b-wings and hwk.

The third tray I use is pick and pluck, for my home made turrets.


Over all I'm very happy with the 432 battlefoam bag.
The preset/pre cut ship tray is actually pretty good...even if it has way too many A-wing/Ywing & Slots!
The second tray is pretty versatile.

I think the preset trays are never going to match your collection perfectly so a little playing around is to be expected...
I'm gonna cut two of the Y-wing slots to make way for the b-wings.

They have a cool tray coming soon that holds a great selection of wave 1-3 ships. It's worth a look to compare with your own collection.

For me it has a few glaring issues.. 7 Ties slots (The big tie swarm has 8 ties)
And I'm Not sure who has four Tie advanceds or two HWKs?? but I know most people have two firesprays...
Although they seem to ignore the possiblity of double stacking A-wings! that tray can hold 8!
With the incoming imperial aces a lot of people will have more that 5 interceptors... (interceptor spam being the expected new hot stuff)

If I was designing it I would drop 2 A-wing slots, 2 Advanced slots and 1 of the Hwks.
And add in a second firespray and tie fighter interceptor and Tie Fighter...


My only issue now is when my foam is not in use I stack all my trays ontop of each other on shelves.the KR system looks a lot tidier with cardboard boxes stacked.
BF recently started to copy KR and sell cardboard boxes for their foam, which are again overpriced, and unavailable to their UK customers.
But when they do sell here I'll measure up and if the boxes fit the shelves I'll get some and it'll look a lot more tidy.

So to round off the review.
BattleFoam Protects!
I love it. Buy BattleFoam!


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Made in gb
Perfect Shot Dark Angels Predator Pilot

Behind you!


I do like how the flap conveniently opens.
Your grot army is very eye pleasing, well done!

Liking the Battle Foam stuff, thanks for the blog.


LOTR ~!Rohan!~!Heroes!~ Paintjob Virgin
BloodBowl !Pic heavy!

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

Updated for X-wing .


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Made in ca

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thanks for the review.
Your comments on the new X-wing tray line up exactly with what I was thinking when I first saw it. Guess I'll have to go custom. I'm right on the cusp of breaking out of my Pack 216.
Made in us
Thunderhawk Pilot Dropping From Orbit

Very nice looking stuff, I've always wondered how they work out.

I've also heard that the models rubbing against the foam can eventually cause paint to rub off in high contact parts of the model, any sign of that?

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

North of Chicago, IL USA

 Cave_Dweller wrote:
Very nice looking stuff, I've always wondered how they work out.

I've also heard that the models rubbing against the foam can eventually cause paint to rub off in high contact parts of the model, any sign of that?

I seal all of my models with a matte finish and I use Battle Foam bags and foam. I don't have that problem.

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Made in us
Dipping With Wood Stain

How are the original bags holding up? Is there much wear? Anything you would like to see different?

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

All my bags are still 100% perfect


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