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Made in au
Resourceful Gutterscum

Hi Guys,
just a few painted models for my new Necron army. I do apologies for the Lords head as it looks much better in real life
comments and criticisms welcome
[Thumb - 1.jpeg]

[Thumb - 2.jpeg]

[Thumb - 4.jpeg]

[Thumb - 5.jpeg]

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


nice, i like the jade effect green. Would look good if you picked out the eyes in a different colour tho
Made in dk
Fresh-Faced New User


Great Necron scheme! I opted for the more traditional metallic scheme, mostly because I'm a giant chicken when it comes to diverging to much from the studio paint schemes.
But I'm digging the deep green feel of them, one gripe thou, could you take some photos without the flash? It's hard to see the details and the colour gets washed out. I'm guessing the look great in person no doubt.

Made in au
Scarred Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran

Melbourne, Australia

I'm really liking the green, but for me there is something missing.
They might look better when properly lighted, but for me they just don't pop.
They kind of just blend into a monotonous whole... (just like this wall of text hey ).
Which is perfect for Necrons but as for me...

I'd like mine to stand out a little more.
Try some lighter edge highlights on the greens and add a shading wash to the light green parts.
I'd say add a little more gold or silver to split up the large blocks of green.
The base could also stand out a little more maybe with a lighter shade of grey. however I do like the crystals on the Lord's base.

Or if you wan't with some colour theory you could use some complementing colours.
Green/Red if you want them to look like a Christmas tree...
But otherwise; if you use a Triad on the colour wheel Purple/Gold/Green work well together, this is probably your best bet.
Use a mixture these three colours and your minis will stand out a little more.

OR check this out http://kuler.adobe.com/#

All that aside i love what you are trying to do.

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"Whilst we stand, we fight. Whilst we fight, we prevail. Nothing shall stay our wrath"
Guilliman and the Ultramarines are like Manchester United, everyone hates them because they are so awesome!

Made in au
Resourceful Gutterscum

Yeah i have a dodgy phone camera, ill try to find my digital camera and get some better photos.
Also thanks for the comments ill look into putting a contrasting colour on these guys. the look i was aiming for was not to make each unit really look individual
or special just to make them look like a wall of green and black!

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Made in us
Chalice-Wielding Sanguinary High Priest

Arlington TX, but want to be back in Seattle WA

I like the jade color of the warriors. I think a couple of highlgihts with a lighter shade of that color would really make these guys stand out on the battlefield.

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Made in us
Fighter Pilot

It could be the way they were photographed, but the scheme is too close to the color of the base.

They look incomplete.
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