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Hi all.

Just curious as to what's Mantics stance on Conversions. Custom Sculpts, Kitbashing, Counts-As for their games. I haven't seen much information on this subject (at least we're I've looked),
plus we could do with a bit of extra life in this forum.

The main things I'd like to know are:

What do & don't they allow (in broad terms)?
Do Mantic use a percentage system, i.e 80% Mantic models with conversions, 20% custom stuff allowed?
Could I make a full custom sculpted HQ unit that would be legal as long as its on the correctly sized base and fits with the theme/look of the army?
Could I custom model/sculpt a tank or other Armour type from the rule book and use it as long as it fits the rough size requirements/look?
Where would I get the information for size requirements for Armour and base sizes for Infantry models?
Would all the above be legal in tournaments?

Also if you have done any cool conversions, custom sculpts or the like, why not show them off in this thread. We might as well get a dedicated thread for this sort of thing started up.

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They have a 75% mantic vs other manufacturers so 3 out of 4 for ranges they currently produce.

In the units description they will have size eg large infantry or large cavalry which I belive is 40mm, orcs are on 25mm and afaik the rest of the rank and file are on 20mm, for cavalry I don't know as I don't own any. Individual heroes don't really have a base side so you can use that nice scenic base they do.

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@Vorpa: Do you mean the model has to be 75% mantic, or just for any given tourney army, 3 out of 4 units (or models?) have to be mantic and the 4th can be [insert mini company here]?

@Rolt: Regarding vehicles, I'd say something approximately rhino-sized in terms of model footprint would probably be fine, since afaik that's approximately the size of their hailstorm cannon. You'd probably be fine with making something between 33% smaller to probably as much as 50%-100% larger without getting a fuss raised about it. Just avoid making warhound or terminator-sized tanks

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The rule set for the two Mantic sponsored tournaments states 75% of the models need to be from Mantic.

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They're totally fine with any miniatures from any companies. Those are the broad terms, completely unrestricted. Company policy is that they're totally fine with all of it, and are even happy to sell and promote other companies in their webstore (both Hasslefree and AoW miniatures have made an appearance there, as well as the renendra terrain).

The *only* point in time where there will be *any* specific restrictions that we know if will be during the Clash of Kings tournaments in 2013. That's where the 75% thing comes from.

I asked Mantic directly why the 75% restriction was added, and the short answer seems to be that GW sends them C&D orders if they post a picture of a GW army being used to play KoW.

Since most of the "non-mantic" armies which appear in tournaments are made up of GW models, that's why their hands are tied with the 2013 tournament. They won't be able to take any pictures with GW getting arsey about it. And they do want to take lots of pictures.

Note that even with the Kingdoms of Men army in the tournament where you can use miniatures from any historical company, you're still not allowed to use Games Workshop minis. C&D orders are the reason.

It is highly likely that the restriction will be dropped in future tournaments which won't be as visible or photographed.

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Pullman, WA

Huh. That makes complete sense, and it's a shame since I suspect the no-GW restriction will really hamper KoM armies. Do you know if it was just political tact when they mentioned all the other manufacturers instead of just saying "75% of a Kingdoms of Men army may not be from Games Workshop or Citadel miniatures"? Because specifying those manufacturers cuts out a lot of other mini companies (Specifically thinking here of Wargame Factory and their phenomenal samurai range)

Imagine the feeling when you position your tanks, engines idling, landing gear deployed for a low profile, with firing solutions along a key bottleneck. Then some fether lands a dreadnought behind them in a giant heat shielded coke can.

The Ironwatch Magazine

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