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Made in gb
Stinky Spore

A small project that involved using plasticard,a gun piece from an imperial guard basilisk a couple of boyz, a few gretchins some electrical wire, a pot of tin bitz paint and a piece of aquarium background board!

Please leave feedback and tips on how to improve it hope you enjoy!

[Thumb - photo 1.JPG]

[Thumb - photo 2.JPG]

[Thumb - photo 3.JPG]

[Thumb - photo 4.JPG]

[Thumb - photo 5.JPG]

[Thumb - qeg.JPG]

[Thumb - quyiwrg.JPG]

[Thumb - tyru.JPG]

[Thumb - akuysbr.JPG]

[Thumb - photo 3 copy.JPG]

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut


-Is that supposed to be a cover on the muzzle? If not it needs drilling.
-The nuts look like you accidentally left some nuts on the board instead of debris or garbage.
-Could use a lot more snow effect on the barricades, debris and gun.
Made in ca
Nasty Nob


Hehe, the random graffiti that just says "kill"


To Be Stomped
No One
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Made in gb
Stinky Spore

Yep it's not quite done yet and will drill the muzzle and change the bolts around maybe add more and make a pile and apparently my camera has made it look like it's in the snow but the real thing is desert sandstone!! Thanks for the tips will get it finished up as soon as possible.

Made in dk
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon


I agree, you have to use more snow effects to tie the scrap lying around more in with the rest of the base.

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