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Space Wolves 6th edition 1750 list for upcomming tournament lcheck it out  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in cy
Regular Dakkanaut


200 (8 GH, rhino, melta, MOTW,standard,PA)

235 (10 GH, rhino, 2 plasma, MOTW,standard,PA)

235 (10 GH, rhino, 2 plasma, MOTW,standard,PA)

193 (7 GH,melta, MOTW,standard,1 WG,PF,SS,TDA)

200 = 2 runepriests
145 = 1 wolfguard battle leader (PF,SS,runic armor)

85 = LoneWolf (TDA, TH,ss)


130 5 longfangs (3ML,LC)

130 5 longfangs (3ML,LC)

95 5 longfangs (4HB)


100 Aegis defense line (quad gun)

The WGBL and one runepriest will go with the first squad of GH to capture objectives and the two other

rhino squads will support them with plasma shots, the last GH squad will stay in the defence line along

with the HB longfangs (the other runepriest with divination goes with HB long fangs for rerolls).The wolfguard in

GH squad is for challenging the other characters. The other two squads of long fangs will be in the defence line

if they fit or in some area terrain to hammer the opponent.I think all the squads are cc capable with MOTW and standard

and also power axes (except for the last GH squad which has the PF wolf guard). The lone wolf is for attacking mostly

big MC and try to cause as much havoc as he can drawing my opponents attention from the more fragile units.

What do you think? Any suggestions? what powers should i use in the runepriest that goes along with the GH squad?

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