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Dakka Veteran

College Park, MD

I'm thinking of painting the upcoming Dark Vengeance models as Fallen DA, with the Chaos models being Fallen that have turned to Chaos and the DA models being of the still-think-their-loyal flavor. While I know that the pre-Heresy color for them should be black, I'm still going to paint them up green simply because I have plenty of other black models between some Ravenwing and Black Templar models I've done while green is going to be something relatively new for me. What I'm trying to decide is how much iconography I'm going to need to remove from the DA models to make this work. I'm pretty sure the purity seals can stay on by simply considering them to be oaths of moment instead. The sword with the highly stylized wings I believe would be alright to stay since that's the chapter symbol and the Fallen would still consider themselves to be the 'true' Dark Angels.

What I'm iffy about is the more ornate wings, in particular those on the chest. I'm not sure if I should consider those chapter symbols or aquilas. My plan is to simply carve/paint swords between the wings to avoid having to remove them from everything, but if that's going to simply elicit a reaction of 'Well, that's just plain wrong.' then I need to rethink my plan. Some of my stuff I could not care less about being fluffy, but for these guys I want to keep them fairly accurate. The green vs. black falls in here a bit as well, but I feel a little more free with creative license on that for whatever reason (probably because I'm doing it for genuine creative reasons as opposed to simply avoiding work.)

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Dark Angels Librarian with Book of Secrets


Fallen did not change there iconography after the fall of caliban, some mutated and others dedicated themselves to chaos in full and yet more have simply remained the same since the civil war, so some of your fallen warband could be full chaos fallen, others can be tag alongs who will shortly move on (mercs basically) its all up to you.

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

College Park, MD

So really anything short of an actual eagle (or I suppose skulled) aquila on the chest is pretty much good to go? Keen.

Made in au
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Subsector Australia

Yep, besides none of the legions besides the Emperor's Children wore aquilas on their breastplates.
Made in us
Changing Our Legion's Name


Yes, the Emperors Children were the only legion before the Heresy tha had the right/permission to where the aquilas. But here is the thing. DOnt let people tell you that it is not fluffy if some of your chaos/fallen/what have you, are wearing the aquilas. Simply answer: scavanging armour from dead loyalist. I am sure chaos have pretty good to OK re-supply depoys, but nothing on the level of the imperuim.

Only reason I mention this is I dont like when people get scarred off from building an army they are excited and passionate about because one or two duders/brajs will tell them they cannnot do that cause it doesnt make sense with the fluff. (not that anyone has done that in this thread) Scavenge the feth out of armys you just droped boes on.

Would love to see some pics when you start the fallen army. one of the cooler army ideas out there.

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Dark Angels Librarian with Book of Secrets

In terms of iconography, they would either tend to have subdued Dark Angels icons, or defaced ones. Look at Cypher, he has an inverted, broken sword on his shoulder pad.
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Incorporating Wet-Blending

Houston, TX

I don't know that they would be defaced. Cypher's sword is possibly a reference to the Lion's Sword that broke in the fight with Luther. Given that a good number of Fallen seem to claim they are the loyal ones, who knows? Certainly, some seem to show warp tainted icons/symbols.

A Fallen group's motives for joining a Chaos warband may be very hard to determine.

As for aquillas, I wouldn't sweat it. If you want, add the swords or even a chaos star between the wings. It would certainly look impressive, but only a tool is going to worry about some aquillas here or there.

My EC love their aquillas.Especially emblazoned by the symbol of Slaanesh. What better way to taunt those foolish loyalists?

Made in ca
Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller

I'm looking at doing something similar, the only thing I'm going to do with the icons is to have them appear "defaced" as my Fallen will not be the ones that think they are still loyal. My typical treatment of the aquila will be to put a good solid slash through it with a modeling knife.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

College Park, MD

After getting a chance to look at the models in person it looks like there aren't any actual aquilas on the DA models, just wings, which is pretty nice. I'm going to pretend that it was the modellers doing me a favor. So I think I can get away with just doing a little greenstuff work to add in swords (more because I think it should be a relatively simple task, and I could use the practice) and not have to worry about mucking about with carving anything away except for the silly shoulder arrows.

Thanks for all the advice everyone.

Made in us
Newbie Black Templar Neophyte


With the models, just throw a bit of mix and match in, and some green stuff, and bango presto, Fallen Angel army. Heck, a CSM tac squad box added to the mix would give you enough bits to pimp it out fully with little to no green stuff needed.

Laziness is no excuse.

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Jovial Plaguebearer of Nurgle

Bellingham, WA

I'm doing the same and from what I have read and heard their iconography has never changed so I will be leaving their armor full on DA with a Heresy era paint job. But I also think it would look pretty cool if someone did fallen in defaced armor.

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