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Made in us
Been Around the Block

here are my river section set i just made today. the molds are all set and ready for making more
[Thumb - 101_0201.JPG]
pic #1

[Thumb - 101_0202.JPG]
pic #2

Made in us
Druid Warder

central florida

Not bad, now paint them up to give proper examples..


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Made in gb
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

Oooooh, they look fancy! I like!

And yes, pics when painted also!
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Nice love making terrain models of simple things. Rivers tend to cost an arm and a leg it seems. When they're relatively easy to model, and even mold.

Plus you can cast a dozen in dental plaster, and bombard your friends with free terrain. That way they have no excuse to use cardboard boxes, and such when you go to their house to play.
Made in us
Gargantuan Gargant

North Charleston, SC

Not too shabby. I notice that the joints are a little wonky, though. Did your molds flex or were the masters uneven?

The Dreadnote wrote:But the Emperor already has a shrine, in the form of your local Games Workshop. You honour him by sacrificing your money to the plastic effigies of his warriors. In time, your devotion will be rewarded with the gift of having even more effigies to worship.
Made in us
Been Around the Block

they where uneven. it was all one peace then cut into 3. i used foumcore and it tends to bend when it gets damp even when i glued it down
Made in us
Druid Warder

central florida

Hey shadowen,

I like the river, but I sortof have to play devils advocate on the usage of materials.. If you knew foam core warps when damp, I believe you should have used a different material.. I can understand if this was a first mold for you, but to make the best bang for your buck if your selling these. Think about what your going to do with it, if your molding it.. Then use a material that will give you the best cast possible, cheapest is not always best.. I have put off several terrain pieces, due to me wanting to cast them. Sure I could use materials on hand, but it would not give me a good cast. Also sometimes your first prototype shouldn't be your first cast. Due to if you make it once again, its likely to come out better than the first one..


Big Guns Tutorial

Skarpteef's How to's on Orkiness 
Made in us
Been Around the Block

here are some of them painted and water effected(is that right term?)

[Thumb - 101_0258.JPG]

[Thumb - 101_0267.JPG]

[Thumb - 101_0268.JPG]

Made in au
Frenzied Berserker Terminator

Very nice!

Do they all match together though?

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

for the most part they do. the 3 pieces that are lined up where made out of one piece before cut into 3 pieces. and due to some mold mess ups they fit fine but you mite have to sand and cut some to make them look perfect.

case in point for this mold tip one for making a mold. make sure to mix well, really well. or you'll get this.
[Thumb - 101_0274.JPG]

Made in gb
Perfect Shot Dark Angels Predator Pilot

Behind you!

I think that looks fine if you want to make a water sequence out of it. Just place some actual model grass on the sides and you wont see a thing. Where the bubbels are in the water bit, imo it just looks real, maybe draw a shell in there just because you can.
I don't think it's a fail it has a lot of potential.

I like the rest of your work as well, looking forward to see more stuff.


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