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Made in gb
Been Around the Block


Here are some of my orks. They would be out bringing peace to the galaxy but at the moment they're just passing motions and making resolutions. Before anyone asks, there is no political background to this and no intent to offend in any shape or form. I haven't thought of a name for them yet.

I can't decide whether I like the painting style or not; it's not "realistic" as such but looks good from a distance and I find more muted skintones a bit bland.
[Thumb - SAM_2375.JPG]
Blood Axe Ork Boy with Shoota

[Thumb - SAM_2432.JPG]
Another Blood Axe Ork Boy with Shoota

[Thumb - SAM_2378.JPG]
Blood Axe Ork Boyz in Retreat with Camo Fatigues

[Thumb - SAM_2377.JPG]
Blood Axe Ork Boyz on Patrol

Made in gb
Thinking of Joining a Davinite Loge

Nottingham, England

I LOVE them. Go for it man, do it!

Edit: ((Nottingham eh? Where abouts?)

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Made in se
Grovelin' Grot


Really cool! I have a Blood Axe army myself, and i think the UN theme is very good looking and funny! I'll be watching your progress!
Made in gb
Been Around the Block


Work and other boring stuff has prevented me from painting much, so here's one I prepared earlier. It's a runtbot based loosely on the design on p94 of 'Ere We Go published in 1991. There was a metal version but I don't have it. It's very high tech, as witnessed by the radio-control antenna, the exhaust and the on-off switch at the back. The bosspole between its legs is an electro-prod to encourage grots to advance whilst it provides supporting fire from its twin-linked bomlobbaz. It also has a forcefield to shield its charges. If I ever played, which I don't, it would just be another runtherd. I have plans for another version, versed in protocol and binary vaporatas, whatever they might be.
[Thumb - SAM_2434.JPG]
Ork2 on manoeuvres with some of his friends

Made in gb
Been Around the Block


After they got bored of peace-keeping, someone suggested they get the trukk out and go explorin'.
[Thumb - Orkz.JPG]

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