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Been Around the Block

davenport iowa

Iv never done this before so any suggestions would be good.

I wanna put this space marine heaver bolter or blaster or whatever on an ork.

Its meant to be held across the chest with 2 hands but it doesnt fit on an ork at all. I want him to hold it with one hand aiming it straight out so he can have an axe or something in the other hand.

So i wanna bend the shoulder part so he aims it straight.

Also. I dont have a gw store anywere close to me and i dont like buying stuff online. Is green stuff sold at hobby lobby or like walmart or anything?
[Thumb - IMAG0623.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0625.jpg]

Made in au
Anti-Armour Swiss Guard

Newcastle, OZ

You won't be able to bend it into shape (whist white metal does have some ductility and malleability, it is also brittle and has a tendency to snap when pushed too far. That bit is also fairly solid.

You might be able to reposition it using a razor saw (cut just underneath the shoulder pauldron rim - between it and the elbow - yellow line) and reposition it and glue.

Greenstuff can be got from other gaming stores - I don't think walmart would carry it, though. Hobby lobby MIGHT carry it - they do seem to have a model kit section.

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

davenport iowa

Ah. I didnt even think of that. I definatly dont wanna break it. Thatd suck.

I dont play the actual game but i might someday. Does anybody know if this would be against the rules or anything?

Either way i do this as a hobby and just for looks.
Made in us
Boosting Space Marine Biker

Decatur, IL

Can't help with the reposition of the arm, I think chromedogs suggestion is your best bet. As for GS - Walmart doesn't for sure, and Hobby Lobby carries Millieput, whichh is like GS but cures hard like porcelain, were GS cures with a bit more like hard plastic (not 100% about that, haven't used it yet, but will be getting some soon)

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

San Francisco

You should be fine using milliput. Some actually prefer it. Difference is you can sand and file down milliput after its cured, makingit easier to make hard, defined edges.
Made in us
Been Around the Block

davenport iowa

Awesome. Ill have to get me some of that
Made in au
Fixture of Dakka


As far as it being against the rules. Just call it a big shoota and say the Orks looted it.

Saying an Ork has looted something pretty much covers you for just about everything.

Ork with a Heavy Bolter? Looted Big Shoota!
Grot with a Tau Battlesuit? Looted KillaKan!
Ork riding a gun laden Carnifex? LOOTED TANK!

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

davenport iowa

Awesome. Thanks yall
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