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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

1850 Pts

Destroyer Lord
6 Night/Doom Scythes (Have parts for both)
6 Wraiths (Lash Whips available)
25 Necrons Warriors
3 Crypteks

up for sale if interested

Made in ca
Focused Fire Warrior

Montreal, Quebec

Ver nice colors and the conversions are not over the top so to make them anoying to look at. good work

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Made in us
Boosting Ultramarine Biker

Arlington, VA

That's funny, I just rebased my Tyranid army using the exact same base look with the rocks sticking out from a lava flow. Good job overall.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

@soul & sturm. Thank you!

How did the basing turn out?

Made in us
Huge Hierodule

United States

Very nice. I like the conversions. They're subtle, and yet very striking. I'm not a fan of the lava bases, though. I think it blends and clashes with the the red of the Necrons too much.

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Alpharius wrote:Darth Bob's is borderline psychotic and probably means... something...

Made in us
Pyro Pilot of a Triach Stalker

LaPorte, IN

3 of your Wraiths are missing their Whip Coils.
Made in us
Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation

The Memphis Sprawl

The paintjob is excellent. I love the red and white. And the Necron air force is a devestator of a build. Fine work!

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