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1:100 German E-50, E-75 and E-100 tanks (Heer46)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in de
Screaming Shining Spear


Heer 46 does it again - two more fantastic release for the 46 gamer - the E-50 and the mighty E-75! The kits come in 4 resin parts (hull, left, right track and turret) and 2 metal casts gun barrels.
Some background: During late war the German military leadership realized that previous tank designs were often too complex and had resulted in poor production rates and mechanical unreliability. The need to standardize the German AFV and tank production to as great a degree as possible became more and more pressing during the later war years. Consequently a series of tanks and tank destroyers – the so called Entwicklungs-Serie (Development Series), more commonly known as the E-Series - was proposed which would allow for maximum interchange of parts.

These AFV's – also called Standardpanzer (standard tank) - were to replace all of the existing German vehicles making future tank production, maintenance and service easier and cheaper. The tanks were named by projected weight class during planning. Therefore the E 10 was to be the German AFV in the 10 ton weight class. All in all there were six weight classes planned, designated E-5, E-10, E-25, E-50, E-75, and E-100.

Heer 46 PzKpfw E-50
The 50-75 ton heavy E-50 was planned as a standard medium tank – similar to today’s MBTs / Main Battle Tanks - replacing the Panther and Tiger based tank variants.

Heer 46 PzKpfw E-75
The E-75 was intended to be the standard heavy tank to be used as a replacement of the Tiger II and Jagdtiger. The design would have been very similar to the E-50 – the hull was virtually undistinguishable - but in the heavier, 75 to 100 tons weight class because of the thicker armour and bigger gun used.

Family shot together with Löwe!

I can only recommend these tank. You can them at the Heer 46 website (http://heer46.blogspot.de/.

More: http://www.adpublishing.de/html/15mm_german.html

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cheers and keep on gaming, Agis - http://www.adpublishing.de

Made in ca
Member of a Lodge? I Can't Say

Oromocto, NB, Canada

Very nice.



Blood for the XII Legion! 
Made in us
Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator

Great looking !

I am within, I am without.
Hydra Dominatus

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Made in ca
Crushing Black Templar Crusader Pilot

Toronto, Ontario

These look great. God... it's getting harder and harder for me not to start playing a tabletop WW2 game.
Made in de
Screaming Shining Spear



cheers and keep on gaming, Agis - http://www.adpublishing.de

Made in gb
Bryan Ansell

Birmingham, UK

Nice work as ususal.

Ditto the jump into WW2. You have to love German armour.
Made in de
Screaming Shining Spear


Heer46 released the E-75 Jagdpanzer!

More pics on my site:

You can get the mini here: http://heer46.blogspot.de/

cheers and keep on gaming, Agis - http://www.adpublishing.de

Made in de
Screaming Shining Spear


And the latest release, the E-100!
I really like the different turret approach.

Tank by Heer46, tank rider by FoW

more: http://www.adpublishing.de/html/15mm_german.html

cheers and keep on gaming, Agis - http://www.adpublishing.de

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