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1850 point Blood Angels army list finishing touches  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in nz
Perturbed Blood Angel Tactical Marine

Hi I have the main portions of my army list completed I would just like some advice and opinions on the final models.

This is what i've decided on:

1 Mephiston plasma pistol 250

(10) Assault Squad 2x Meltagun, P. Fist 235
(10) Assault Squad 2x Meltagun, P. Fist 235

Fast Attack
(1) Land Speeder Underslung Multi-Melta 70
(1) Land Speeder Underslung Multi-Melta 70
(1) Land Speeder Underslung Multi-Melta 70

Total of 930 pts

What I am tossing up between are these below:
These are to go in addition to the models already I have already decided on.

(1) Sanguinary Preist Jump Pack 75
(1) Sanguinary Preist Jump Pack 75
(1) Chaplain Jump Pack 125
(1) Chaplain Jump Pack 125

(10) Death Company Jumpacks 350
(6) Death Company Plus Lemartes and Jumpacks 325

I would like to know peoples opinions on what I should go with and they think will work best with the models I have already selected

All suggestions much appreciate - Thanks

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

I'd say be very careful with Mephiston....he has this annoying habit of taking lascannons/plasma/melta to the face and dying. Also seems very light on troops for a jump troop list. I'd probably ditch the powerfist in favor of the meltabombs, but that's me.

Priests over chaplains.

And you really need some ranged fire support....something like Baal Preds or (preferrable), riflemen dreads.
Made in nz
Perturbed Blood Angel Tactical Marine

Thanks for the advice, yes I was starting to think priests over chaplains just because they are probably more useful in general than the chaplains (+ FnP is a bonus). For ranged support what about a devastator squad (4 plasma guns)?
Oh and what are riflemen dreadnoughts?

Also what are your thoughts on the size of the death company and lemartes? - Thanks

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Made in gb
Judgemental Grey Knight Justicar

I would say take more what you already have and defiantly take at least 3 priests. Maybe some devastators with missiles.

Don't take plasma gun on devastators. If you take another 2 squads of Assualt marines give them plasma guns, or take a command squad with 4x special weapon.

Command squad comes with its own priest so then take another 2-3 priest for the troops. Because your FNP is 6" so you can cover 2 squad with 1 guy
Made in us
Perturbed Blood Angel Tactical Marine

Nonbeing, that is to say, everything.

i disagree with the 3 priest thing posted above, 2 should be more than enough.
I would take priests over chappies though.
I would not take death co with packs at all if I were you... In my opinion the best death co squads are in pods with libbies and with bolters. They kill alot. JP are overpriced... in my opinion its pod>assault vehicle>JP>other trans.>on foot
I would add fire support like devestators or some preds of some sort... You are really lacking in this. You need long range fire, or if not then a lot more close-range. Either more RAS, some bikes, more speeders - or get devs etc.
Mephiston is Meh... you have to play him well: Give him cover behind some RAS, put a priest with him for a 5+ FnP for him...
I would take those death co and use them as RAS marines. Give 2 of your squads a priest, and split them up: 2 go one way, mephy and the other go the other way (a priest in each force). Then get some Tac. marines because they are actually really good. They are the most versatile troops choice in the game and should not be disregarded.

In 6th edition it is balance that wins: The ability to deal with anything. Hybrid lists, not extreme specialization. An army that focuses only on 1 phase (movement shooting and assault) will fail, one that has two could do well, one that can do all three well will kill everything. That should be your overall goal.

Made in us
Savage Khorne Berserker Biker


you can get both elites in your thing so they can become badasses also PF is somewhat useless now, you can swap it for a power weapon such as an axe, its cheaper and you can just krak grande a walker to death ( also hand flamers are nice this edition but thats if you have points left over)

priest and chaplin keep their gear the way they have it, if someone challenges you sacrifice your sargent

scrap the dc troops GET A STORM RAVEN its amazing but EXPENSIVE $$$ wise but give it a tl mm tl assault cannon and x2 hurricane bolters put mephiston and a dred in this and fly it to the eneamy's side of the table

if yu cant fit it scrap land speeders then for it and if you did good, then get devistators with missiles and you should be set

so its either the long range missles

the rushing assult marines

or the flyer carrying mephiston and a fureoso dred with snippy claws to shoot at and if they got no shooting they are probably dead

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