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The Great Conversion of 2012-2013...probably 2014 too! Phase 1: SW to BA  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Well Gents,
A little while ago I posted a thread talking about having all my SM armies under one chapter. The idea was simple, have multiple codex armies, just all painted the same to allow for free use and quick swap ability. The decision from there was tough, which one chapter to pick. I currently have SW, DA, Pre-Heresy DA (Doubles as Chaos), BA, and some vanilla marines. With that being said, I have settled on converting everything to BA. They were my first true SM love, and what brought me to 40k.

I am going to do this in phases:
Phase 1: SW
Phase 2: BA Assault Army
Phase 3: DA
Phase 4: Pre-Heresy DA?

Starting with Phase 1: I will be taking my SW and turning them into BA. This will include some simple repainting, but also some new modeling. This is where input from the dakka-dakka community will help.
Anyway, here are some pics of the SW before they see the Simple Green/Totally Awesome Vat.

I will be stripping most of the marine with the skull markings on their weapons and replacing them with more "ornate" weaponry. So that leads to the issue of the "Mark of Wulfen" troops. How do I model them in BA? I was thinking of a savage looking BA Marine with half his armor gone, like someone gone over to the Red Thirst, but some modeling tips/advice would be helpful in that regard.

Anyway, this will be updated as much as I can. Due to work that may be once a month. But I generally do a lot in a little time.

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One Chapter to rule them all: SW to BA Conversion  
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Dark Angels Neophyte Undergoing Surgeries

This is cool. I am interested in seeing you go.
I am playing DA but i am doing all of mine in Pre-Heresy colors and such so I can play 30K with my friends. Though I don't have many resources on them.
I am interested to see how yours look.
Made in us
Graham McNeil

United States

Awesome Job!!!
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