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Im looking for a model to be used as mork/gork .I was thinking about having him possibly be a two headed ork roughly the same size as a deamon prince or hive tyrant .I've looked around but everything seems to be to small.

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you know those hulk fists you can get, so you can dress up as the hulk? one of those would be an accurate model for him on the battle field

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What I would suggest is heavily modify the deamon prince model. Replace the deamon head with 2 proportional heads compared to the lttle orks. Remove the existing hands and replace with ork hands (Fantasy-Giant model perhaps) Scuplt over any deamonic detail with trousers or ork skin and then give them whatever weapons that are necessary.

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Poisonous Tomb Scorpion


different game, but could you not base it on the proporsions of a big ork and use the foot of gork or possible mork as a template. (From warhammer fantasy.)

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