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New York State

During the 37th Millennium, a contingent of the Order of the Argent Shroud was dispatched to Acerbus Sector, following the Recividism of Turfan. After the successful suppression of the heresy, the Sisters were reorganized into a minor order, the Order of the Austere Verdict, and permanently assigned to the sector. For much of their history, they maintained convents on the Cardinal Worlds of Novo Ephesius and Carradyne, as well as on the Sector Capital world, Illyricum. Some two dozen shrines scattered across the sector also fall under their purview, and they provide honor guards for Ecclesiarchal dignitaries across much of the sector.

About the Army
I bought about 800 points of Sisters of Battle in 2009. In the summer of 2010, I went on a cross-country road trip, and painted most of them up to ‘tabletop’ quality. I used them in Combat Patrol style missions, or as allies to my Imperial Guard. I’ve acquired more and more Sisters piecemeal, and have now resolved to paint them all up to the best of my ability. Thus, some of the projects on here will be total paintjobs. Others will be completions of previous works, where I brought things to a 'good enough' level. I'm not the greatest painter or modeler around, so feedback and advice are always appreciated. By the time I'm done, I aim to have about 3,000 points of Sisters painted to a high tabletop level, including an Avenger Strike Fighter (Which is sitting on my desk, awaiting primer) and a modified Stormlord or Macharius Superheavy Tank.

I have a Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS. It's pretty foolproof, which is nice since I don't know the first thing about photography. I also have a lightbox, which looks suspiciously like an overpriced folding clothes hamper. Any tips on photography are quite welcome.

Color Scheme and Weathering
The six Major Orders of Sisters of Battle tend to use black, white, and red as their main colors. Some of my early work mimicked this, but I was dissatisfied with it, since my Imperial Guard used a black, white, and red scheme. I tried out a few options, and ultimately settled on green, metallic, and gray/blue accents. Below is a model I painted up a while ago in the scheme. I want to add some more detail to the robes and the metal of the power armor, but that's the general scheme I'm going with. As far as the rest of the army is concerned, vehicles are going to be primarily green, and it's a darker shade than that represented on the infantry's robes. I'm also aiming to give the whole army a weathered, tattered look. They've been on campaign, wreathed in the smoke of flamer fuel and charred flesh, and caked in mud and dust from chasing heretics through deadly forests under the baleful glow of sinister moons. They've marched through the underhive, flushing out corruption, and have fought Tyranids in the cold void of junked spachulks. I don't want them to be filthy, so to speak, but at the same rate, I don't want them to be factory fresh.

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Penitent Engine
Investiture into a Penitent Engine is one of the most horrific punishments imaginable. The Penitent is literally installed into the machine; their bones are bolted to the framework, their spine opened like a zipper and implanted with hundreds of wires, irreversibly bonding them to this implement of doom. Pumped full of chemicals and controlled by powerful cerebral electrodes, those condemned to die in a Penitent Engine charge forward, heedless of danger, desperate to earn forgiveness in death. Penitent Engines are reserved for those who have fallen from the lofty heights of piety; often the interred is a Priest or Battle Sister who has failed the Emperor in some form. As a result, the Sisters of Battle consider it a sacred duty to witness these great machines in combat, observing the actions of their fallen brethren as they atone for their sins.

Penitent Engine 28a412 is one such device. It has borne hundreds of sinners in its day, carrying each to glorious death. Torn asunder and repaired at least two dozen times in its tenure, 28a412 is nothing if not resilient. The most common sin amongst those doomed was Pride. The all-encompassing need to be a Martyr is itself a sin of vanity, for who is to choose the Martyrs but the Emperor Himself? Thus, the Penitent Engines of the Order of the Austere Verdict are ultimately a form of self-fulfilling prophecy- those arrogant enough to feel entitled to martyrdom often invite it upon themselves, as a crime for their sin.

Sister Cerella’s manic need for martyrdom cost the lives of her squad members when she ignored an order to provide covering fire, instead electing to break cover and charge a battlewagon with a meltabomb taken from her slain Superior. This threw off her squadmate’s meltagun shot, and in the seconds that followed the majority of Cerella’s squad was killed by the battlewagon’s heavy firepower. Now, Cerella agonizes over her sin for perpetuity, and has tragically survived three deployments, never achieving the death she so desperately craves. It is whispered, amongst those who know the truth of her story, that the Emperor has seen fit to deny Cerella the dignity of death, until the day that she again takes the field against the very Orks who killed her squad. Only when her whirling blades are clogged with meat and twisted metal will the Emperor forgive his most impetuous daughter, welcoming her to her rightful place amongst the serried ranks of the pious dead.

The Penitent Engine is a nightmare to put together. I pinned every joint, multiple times in some cases, and it seems sturdy enough, though. I feel like there's a lot of bare metal on here that needs to be broken up, perhaps by oil leaks, blood stains, etc? Any thoughts or advice on this matter? I'm pretty happy with the Penitent, the purity seals and prayer scrolls, and most of the detail, though the yellow nose-hose is too close to her skin color and should probably be switched to something that stands out a bit more. Opinions?

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My order with Zinge Industries was in the mailbox today. The order was placed on November 9th, the goodies arrived on November 16th or 17th- very quick shipping, considering the fact it came all the way from jolly old England. The prices were fair, and the quality of the casts is simply top notch- the guns are all very crisp, very detailed, and there isn't an air bubble or deformity to be seen- which is saying a lot, because the detail on these pistols is extraordinary. Also included in my order was a small bag of promos- a wheel, and three ammo belts. Very cool of them to include these, I can already think of some uses for some of these parts.

Two days ago, I got four other things for the next step of this project- A box of Flagellants, a box of Empire Archers, a box of Free Company, and White Dwarf 292 (May 2004). I'm still waiting on some heads and some submachine guns from Maxmini. Just today, I stumbled upon Black Cat Bases and their Molotov Cocktail bits, and while browsing their store have found a veritable laundry list of bits to order, so this project might not get under way until they're shipped and delivered.

So the plan is to make two mobs of Frateris Militia, using the Zealots rules from White Dwarf 292. Technically, the Zealots are for the Witch Hunters, not the Sisters of Battle, but due to a combination of the facts that 1.) they're not very good, and 2.) my gaming group is fairly casual, I shouldn't have a problem getting a few games in with them.

The Frateris Militia components. Sensing the opportunity to be in the way, Fatcat came running and sprawled out in the middle of the picture. A second after the picture was taken, the White Dwarf and the stack of boxes were on the floor.

I plan on running two mobs. Each will contain 15 ordinary zealots, four fanatics, and will be led by a Priest. I've been looking forward to this project for a while, since it's such a radical departure from the rest of the Sisters of Battle army. Also, it will be fun to have some throwaway fodder in my army. Sisters cost 12+ points per model. These guys, on the other hand, are dirt cheap, useless in a shootout, and will be thrown into the gantlet with reckless abandon. The Zinge pistols, along with some IG laspistols, will be distributed amongst the faithful, many of them on archer arms (sans bow- the archer arm poses seem surprisingly suited for pistols). The Flagellants will provide bits for the entire process, and their bodies will contribute well to those fanatics. The priests are metal priests from the SoB range.

For the 99% of you who don't play Sisters of Battle, a Frateris Militia is an army of fanatics, raised by the Ecclesiarchy in times of need to prosecute wars of faith and smite those who dare stand against the Emperor. Although the Decree Passive bans the Ecclesiarchy from maintaing men under arms, there is a tacit understanding that, in times of great crisis, the faithful will rise to fight alongside the Emperor's own. Whipped into a frothing ecstasy by the inflammatory sermons of the priesthood, this poorly armed, untrained mob makes up for experience with sheer ferocity.

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New York State

So, it's been a while since I updated this blog- I got sidetracked by some chaos minis from Dark Vengeance, and a few models to finish off my Black Templars army. But now I'm back to my Sisters, and determined to finish these 50 Zealots off in the next month or so. These are all WIPs, so I didn't take out my lightbox- please excuse the crude photography.

Here's the assembly line. The Zealots are made with a huge variety of minis/bits, primarily from the following sources: Empire Free Company, Empire Flagellants, Zinge Industries pistols and misc. bits, Black Cats Bases misc bits, Maxminis heads, guns, and misc. bits, Shapeways 28mm minis by artist 'Notnorm', 28mm minis from Ramshackle Games, and misc. bits from my bits box. The minis closest to the front of the assembly line are closest to being finished, the firther back they go the less finished they are- notice the 10 empty bases towards the back; they haven't even been completely assembled yet.

Two random zealots. I try to trim as much flash off as possible before priming (GW Imperial Primer) and basecoating (P3 Thornwood Green (it's brown)), but I always miss a little bit. The paint helps reveal any remaining flash, or any oddly glued bits. Finishing touches are done with a round diamondine file (shown here), and a discoid carver and liquid greenstuff.

Here's a WIP of 8 Zealots that are approaching completion. Painting isn't finished, and one of them has a nasty mold line on his rifle that needs to be addressed. I usually put my minis on resin bases, but since I have 50 zealots in the pipeline, I think I'm going to give them a traditional basing- a bit of sand, whiteglue, and some basing scatter from Secret Weapon or somewhere similar.

How are they looking, so far? They currently lack a unified color scheme: does this help convey the fact that they're a ragtag militia, or does it detract from them as a whole? Does anyone have any ideas for other potential sources of models that would be good for portraying a militia of religious fanatics in the 40th millennium? I've got a few augmented, servitor-like minis coming from Ramshackle Games, but I'm always looking for more additions. Comments are welcome!

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Made in au
Three Color Minimum

I like the paint scheme you're using for the Sisters, it's nice to see something a little different.

I also like the zealots, the bottom WIP picture in particular. They look similar enough to he cohesive without looking too uniform. If you wanted to group them further (or subgroup them into mobs) you could use specific basing schemes.

Looking forward to seeing more!

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Fixture of Dakka


Like the goggles on the zealots are they from Riddicks prison planet?

"That sound? That's the sound of me drinking all my paint and stabbing myself in the eyes with my brushes. "
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Imageshack deleted all my Images Thank you! 
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New York State

Thanks for the feedback guys!

@ Lennymaybe: That's pretty much the effect I was going for. A cohesive mob, if you will. I've gone back and forth on how I'm actually going to deploy them, though I've pretty much settled on two twenty man squads, each led by a preacher. Since I'll be deploying them in tandem, I think I'm going to keep the bases similar, and fairly simple.

@ Jehan-reznor: The goggle thing just sort of came together- I got a pack of heads from Maxmini that were goggled, and I really loved the sci-fi look, very reminiscent of stuff like Riddick. When I saw the goggled gangers, I knew it was going to be my theme.

I've gotten another chunk of Zealots done, and currently I'm working on my Exorcist. Tonight or tomorrow, once I finish weathering it, and get some pics taken, I'll post them here.

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Mellrichstadt, Germany

Great stuff! Like the colour scheme of the Penitent Engine very much. Dark, metallic, used and crispy.

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New York State

Salvation Through Superior Firepower: the Exorcist
The first Exorcists were produced on Mars during the Age of Apostasy. As much a symbol of the Emperor as it as a provider of long range fire support, the Exorcist is a highly venerated warmachine with a highly temperamental machine spirit, requiring constant maintenance and prayer to remain at peak operational efficiency. The arcane technology that powers and guides the Exorcist’s atomantic missiles is only vaguely understood, and maintaining stockpiles of these archaic munitions is nearly as difficult as the maintenance of the tank itself.

This particular Exorcist, the Angelus Domini, is a modified Prioris pattern Exorcist, manufactured on Mars in late M36. After suffering catastrophic damage during the Occlusiad Wars in 554.M37, the Angelus Domini’s wrecked hull was sent to Phaeton for a total refit. The Angelus Domini was returned to service only days before the deployment to suppress the Recividism of Turfan, and has remained in the service of the Order of the Austere Verdict ever since.

The Angelus Domini as a WIP. This is an old pic; I initially got the tank to this level and then it got 'pressed into action,' so to speak.

Palatine Anastasha of Merope is the current tank commander of the Angelus Domini. During the Battle for Foravil Pas on Araphen, Anastasha singlehandedly defended the critically damaged tank from the depredations of the Ork Hordes, holding the monstrous Xenos at bay long enough for reinforcements to arrive and drive them off. Without her heroism, the Orks would surely have breached the pass and plundered the populous lowlands, and worse yet, an irreplaceable artifact would have been lost to the Orks.

A view of the pulpit, showing Palatine Anastasha and the Servitor. Another older pic, and still a WIP at this point.

The missile launchers are from the Forgeworld kit, I loved the image of a tank with a church organ on its back, but never really liked the fact that the organ pipes fired missiles. So I reached a compromise, combining the best of both kits.

I like to imagine that there’s a hyperadvanced targeting processor hidden in there, and the Imperium, completely oblivious to the fact, have simply hooked it up to a pipe organ. Hitting keys on the organ sends impulses to the computer. Through trial and error, the Sisters of Battle have learned which keys in which combinations produce different results. A Bflat might lock on, Fsharp cycles through targeting modes, and D fires a missile. She’s not whaling away randomly on those keys, she knows which hymns to play to get different results. Need to lock onto a horde of boys dead ahead? Play the hymn of ‘Expunge the Meek Assembled Beforest Thou (in C minor)’. Enemy tank at your six oclock? Better switch over to the ‘Canticle of the Lurking Behemoth’. In reality, the note orders of particular hymns happen to send inputs to the computer in such a way that it activates and blasts the enemy to smithereens. But to them, it’s a miraculous device, the manifestation of a temperamental machine spirit that responds to the hymns.

The Angelus Domini, finished for now, sits on my workbench.

In fitting with the fluff I wrote for the tank, I gave the Palatine a powersword, sheathed beside her on the pulpit. I tried to make the gold look less yellow, and threw some touchups on the Palatine and the Servitor, since they weren't as detailed as I'd have liked. I felt the whole model was very 'flat' with little variation in the tone of the color, so I gave it a very light drybrush across the details to try to pick them out a bit more, then gave it a 2 step wash to make it look a bit better (Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade, both watered down, and used in different areas). I used the green glaze to make the painjob more vibrant, and then mucked it up again with Stirland Mud and P3’s oh-so-useful Thornwood Green. The process left the tank overly shiny, but once I'm happy with everything, and have added decals, a layer of dullcote should fix that.

Any suggestions for further steps? This tank is one of the army’s centerpieces, and I want it to look as good as possible.

@ Logan: Thanks! I love the way it came out, it has that dystopian horror element to it that was pretty prevalent in the Witch Hunters codex, which was the aesthetic that really attracted me to the army. However, the White Dwarf codex lost a lot of those possibilities with the exclusion of inquisitorial elements, but I still have a number of half finished Inquisition stuff that I plan on completing, anyway.

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Huge Hierodule

The centre of a massive brood chamber, heaving and pulsating.

I like a good Sisters army. Subbed!

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I've decided that these GW is dead/dying threads that pop up every-week must be followers and cultists of nurgle perpetuating the need for decay. I therefore declare that that such threads are heresy and subject to exterminatus. So says the Inquisition!
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Avenger Strike Fighter WIP
The Avenger Strike Fighter is reputed to be a relic of the Age of Strife, and it is written that thousands of squadrons of these majestic fighters took to the cloud-choked skies of Holy Terra during the wars that defined that dark period. The Avenger enjoyed a mighty resurgence amongst the forces of Sebastian Thor, once more taking to the skies en masse to do their part to end of the Reign of Blood.

Said to be blessed by the great Saint himself, the Avenger Strike Fighter is the preferred air support of the Adeptas Sororitas. Although the Decree Passive prevents the Ecclesiarchy from maintaining their own wings of strike craft, it is perhaps the worst kept secret on Ophelia VII that there exist entire squadrons of Avengers, nominally a component of Imperial Navy but in truth answering only to the Ecclesiarchy. The all-female flight crews are drawn from the Schola Progenium, and like the Adeptas Sororitas are indoctrinated into the Ecclesiarchy as thoroughly as they are into the art of war.

Avenger WIP. Apologies for the low quality...

I’ve had the Avenger since it came out, but I’ve only just now gotten around to getting it started. I originally had an issue with a missing piece (accessory sprue with lascannons, landing gear, etc) and a badly miscast nose. Forgeworld sent the parts out right away, but it still takes 2-3 weeks to get here, so by the time the parts had arrived, the new model excitement had passed and the whole thing ended up in a box. Last month, I had a friend prime it, and since then I’ve gotten to work. The bulk of the hull is Eshin Gray, with Dawnstone details and underbelly, and details picked out in black and gunmetal. The model required a lot of sanding to get everything to fit right, and there’s no way that it would hold together without extensive drilling and pinning, so as cool as this model is shaping up to be, I really couldn’t recommend it to someone who isn’t willing to put in some work just to get the thing glued together.

Next steps for the Avenger- Incorporate some color! I like the drab, industrialist look the grays give it, but I do want to add a splash of emerald green to tie it in to the rest of my army- I was thinking of the L-shaped wingtip panels, and possible the C shaped panels that form the outer edge of the tail stabilizers. Thoughts? I’ve also been steadily working through my Zealots as well as some other odds and ends for the army, and will get some quality pics posted once I have time to get the lightbox out.

@squigsquasher- Thanks! I hope the Green Sisters can keep on delivering!

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Vulcan Mk X Landmines

The Sisters of Battle rarely fight defensive battles, preferring instead to take the fight to the enemy. However, when need be, the Sisters are quite adept at preparing a fortified position. One integral tool in cordon defense is the ubiquitous Vulcan Mk X tandem charge mine. The initial charge blasts the body of the mine up about 1.2 meters; the primary detonation core then erupts in a lethal blast, turning anything within 2 meters to a pulp and hurtling over 200 S-thermite bearings in a 360° radius, with an estimated lethal range of 20 meters. Although primarily designed as an anti-infantry device, the primary detonation core’s blast is often enough to puncture the underbelly of armored fighting vehicles, and the S-thermite bearings are more than capable of shredding the tires, treads, or engines of any vehicle close enough to trigger the mine.

A Vulcan Mk X mine in progress. It’s a regular base, some Tacky Glue, and a hearing aid battery. I put one mine per base, and made 16 bases. Not sure why it came out sideways.

After the tacky glue dried, I smothered on some Stirland Mud, then some P3 Thornwood Green. I wish I’d been a little more careful about smoothing out the edges of the Tacky Glue, the seams around the edges of the glue globs are pretty evident. Half of the bases got detail bits, everything to got washed, drybrushed, etc.

A standard issue combat knife, and a size 11 boot. Although ideally, mine-clearing troops are issued specialized equipment, in many cases, troops assigned to this dangerous duty often must do so with little more than knives, rocks, and pieces of lumber. The boot was probably thrown here when its owner was killed by the blast of a nearby mine. It doesn’t match any standard Imperial Guard uniform and may have belonged to a heretic, a civilian conscripted into engineering duty, or a Guardsman who replaced his worn out boots with a looted pair.

.992 Cal Heavy Bolter shells, possibly from a Astartes MkIIId Heavy Bolter, alongside a standard issue Cadian pattern combat helmet. The MkIIId's impressive rate of fire is matched only by it's propensity to jam, and most loyalist Chapters have phased it out of service. It is still fairly common amongst Chaos forces. The Cadian-Pattern helmet is regarded across the galaxy as nigh-indestructible, often long outlasting the soldier to which it was issued.

A shovel and a combat helmet of unknown manufacture. The shovel was apparently used by the civilian labor squad volunteered to lay the minefield; accidents during the deployment of mines are all too common. Thankfully, civilian Volunteers are always plentiful, largely due to the fact that the Ecclesiarchy maintains the right to forcibly conscript any Volunteers it needs. The helmet is a simple pressed steel affair, unfit for service in the Guard but commonly seen amongst the ranks of PDFs and militias.

A sun-bleached skull, alongside a satchel. The skull is too large to be from a normal human, but of proper size to belong to an Astartes- though it curiously bears no scars of augmentation, and may therefore belong to a Scout, or a Chaos Marine of some sort. Power armor provides a good level of protection against Vulcan mines, though the primary blast is often strong enough to cause traumatic brain injury, lung contusion, and rupture of the gastro-intestinal tract- though these injuries are often only minor irritants for most Astartes. After retrieval, the satchel was believed to be that of Guardsman First Class D.T. Whitcomb, who died seventeen years ago, when the Chaos flanking offensive routed his company and chased them into their own minefield. If so, the satchel would contain an undelivered missive to his daughter, who would now be in her 20th year and likely serving in a Cadian regiment of her own.

The full set of 16 landmines markers. I've added some grass tufts, which were not present in the previous detail shots. Should come in handy in some defensive battles, and they're nondescript enough to do double duty in other Imperial armies.

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New York State

I got some more work done on my Avenger Strike Fighter.

The picture isn't the greatest, I snapped it with my iPad just before a game. The wingtips are dark green, though it doesn't really show in this pic. I'll get in in the lightbox and get some good photos posted as soon as I get a a chance. As expected, the Avenger is an amazing glass hammer. Once I get a few more games in I'll post my thoughts on it.

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Zealots Project: Preacher Bautista Cadena and the Gaultierres Brothers

A Missionary is more than just a preacher. On border worlds, the Missionary is the eyes, ears, and will of the Ecclesiarchy, and in times of great crisis, it is the obligation of the Missionary to raise a fighting force of laymen and supernumeraries, and upon the shoulders of this blessed host rests the sacred duty of prosecuting the wars of faith. Called the Frateris Militia, this informal fighting force of mercenaries and zealots can be found in every corner of the galaxy, fighting with zeal and fanaticism to enforce the will of the Emperor and his Ecclesiarchy.

Bautista Cadena is one of hundreds of Missionaries involved in the Lost Worlds Crusade. Preacher Cadena is reknowned for his fearlessness and iron will, as demonstrated in the unsubstantiated story of how he curtailed a major mutiny on the world of Vauxhall IV. It was Preacher Cadena who boldly strode into the warcamp of Commissar Petrovic, denouncing the man as a traitor and a heretic. And when the Mad Commissar drew his bolt pistol, it is said that the preacher defiantly pressed his forehead to the barrel, proclaiming that the Emperor would protect his own. When the bolt pistol misfired, the Commissar's own men rose up against him, and thus the Preacher resolved the entire mutiny without ever laying a finger on the Commissar. To this day, he still bears the scar from the misfire on his forehead, though whether his survival can be attributed to divine intervention or the normal functioning of his rosarius is presently unclear.

When Preacher Bautista Cadena was first set to take to the stars to spread the word of the Emperor to the faithless masses of the Lost Worlds Cluster, he turned to the Gaultierres brothers to join him in his holy quest. The Gaultierres Household has served as bodyguards and enforcers for the Ecclesiarchy on Segovia Springs for centuries, and a number of the younger members of the Mercenary Household were eager to take their expertise to the stars.

Preacher Bautista Cadena stands in the middle, boldly presenting his Rosarius to the unrepentant as he revs his chainsword for a fatal blow. To his left stands Atillo Gaultierres, able to heft a pintle-mounted chainstubber as easily as another man might carry a rifle. And to his right stands Velasco Gaultierres, carrying a modified Rumelian Pattern manpack flamer. Behind them stand Cesar, Isandro, and Fernan, carrying specialized autorifles. The Gaultierres Brothers are better trained and more heavily armed than most of the Zealots in Bautista’s flock, and have served as his personal bodyguard and enforcers throughout his quest across the Lost Worlds.

Preacher Cadena is a Games Worshop model. The Gaultierres brothers are from Heresy Miniatures. Bases are homemade, using Games Workshop basing supplies. Feedback is always welcome! More Zealots are on the workbench and approaching finished status!

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